09 February 2020 18:38

“And if it’s lashing rain, he’ll park outside the grave and look in,” Breege told Seán O’Rourke.

provisional irish republican army

The tableau of tragedy that Breege Quinn painted with the brush of her anguished voice on RTE Radio on Wednesday morning would have softened the most hardened cynic. This mother, preparing her youngest child — her baby — for his Catholic funeral, had been unable to weave rosary beads through his hands because his so recently childishly dimpled fingers had been pulverised by the IRA gang who battered him to death. She depicted a cameo of her husband forever frozen in grief, visiting their child's grave every day without fail for the past 12½ years. "And if it's lashing rain, he'll park outside the grave and look in," Breege told Seán O'Rourke. What thoughts go through that man's mind as he does his daily vigil

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