21 October 2019 18:34

“That’s where they got to fight the urge to stop the ball,” Fizdale said.

Not only did coach David Fizdale not reveal his starting point guard, he wouldn't even give hints on his starting lineup. "We're going to hold off until the day of," he said. It would seem likely RJ Barrett, Marcus Morris and Randle are locks, but the Knicks coach refused to confirm such a notion. "Nope, I'm not assuming any of that," Fizdale said. Fizdale is starting to put more set plays into the offense, but his bigger focus is ball movement.

Knicks starting lineup is big David Fizdale secret

He felt there was too much isolation and one-on-one play during the preseason. "That's where they got to fight the urge to stop the ball," Fizdale said. "That's what we did in practice today. We just hammered home, 'Move it, move it, move it.' You got a 1 ¹/₂-second hold, then you got to move it. "There's certain guys against certain matchups, they should hold it and take advantage of it, but overall I want that thing moving as much as possible."