17 November 2019 02:44

‘The’ James Krause put Sergio Moraes away in the third round at UFC Sao Paulo on Saturday night.


Wellington Turman Bests Markus Perez – UFC Sao Paulo Results

The UFC Sao Paulo prelims are in the books and James Krause just earned himself a third round knockout on Sergio Moraes. Randy Brown pulled out a phenomenal finish of Warlley Alves in the second round. Earlier in the prelims, Douglas Silva de Andrade picked up a strong win over former bantamweight champ Renan Barao. Moraes got a takedown right away and landed in side control. They returned to the feet and Krause landed some damaging calf kicks.

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He dropped Moraes at the end of the round, and tried to finish on the ground but ran out of time. The second round saw Green starting to land volume while making Trinaldo miss a bunch. Green was making Trinaldo miss, but wasn't really landing devastating strikes himself. Brown started to land in the second round. Silva de Andrade landed a heavy left hook that staggered Barao.

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Back on the feet, Silva de Andrade landed a big knee to the face that cut open Barao. Barao started to land more volume in the final round, but nothing nearly as powerful as what Silva de Andrade was landing. Silva de Andrade landing some nasty shots on Barao!#UFCSP pic.twitter.com/mNTtzIkU9V — UFC (@ufc) November 16, 2019 She took top position and landed some angry ground strikes. De Padua blasted a takedown and landed her own ground strikes until the bell. At the end of the round, de Padua locked up a reverse triangle but ran out of time.De Padua got a takedown right away to start the final round.

'The' James Krause put Sergio Moraes away in the third round at UFC Sao Paulo on Saturday night. James Krause rode a five-fight win streak into UFC Sao Paulo, split between lightweight and wleterweight. In mere seconds at UFC Sao Paulo, however, Krause was put on his back by Moraes. Moraes then showed some slick transitions, working to take the back, but Krause, no slouch on the ground, reversed, and wound up in guard. They'd eventually move back to the feet, where Krause worked his opponent's leg, and Moraes showed some dangerous combinations. The pair would continue to trade on the feet, and while Moraes stood with Krause, it was the American getting the better of the exchanges. A right hand by Krause landed clean, and Moraes dropped! SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - NOVEMBER 15: (L-R) Markus Perez of Brazil and Wellington Turman of Brazil face off during the UFC Fight Night Blachowicz v Jacare Weigh-Ins at Ibirapuera Gymnasium on November 15, 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Wellington Turman gets the unanimous decision win in a scrap with Markus Perez at UFC Sao Paulo. Wellington Turman defeated Markus Perez via unanimous decision (30-27 x3) at UFC Sao Paulo on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019, live from the Ginasio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Perez misses a round kick. Perez came forward and threw a leg kick. Turman pressured Perez and pushed him back to the cage wall. Some exchanging against the cage wall in a clinch, and Perez reversed the position. Perez landed a nice elbow, but Turman took it well and briefly got Perez down on the mat with a slam. Perez got up, but Turman took his back. Perez avoided another takedown attempt from Turman and broke free from his grasp. Perez landed a spinning back fist, but Turman again ate it well and fired off a couple of his own shots. Perez missed a spinning kick. Round kick by Perez. Turman missed both a big head kick and a follow-up punch. Round kick by Perez, left hand by Turman. FanSided scores the round 10-9 Turman Right hand by Perez and a low kick from Turman. Big right kick from Turman, but not much lands. Perez got back to his feet and landed a big right elbow, but Turman still has his back. Turman landed a couple of knees to Perez's leg. Turman fires off a combination, and he pressures Perez, backing him up with a flurry. Another clinch against the cage, with Turman attempting to get another takedown. Turman had a standing guillotine attempt and landed a knee before the horn. Turman gets Perez in a clinch once again, with the two jockeying for position. Right hand by Turman, and he has Perez's back locked up. Turman transitions into full mount, but Perez reverses into an ankle lock attempt. Turman transitions into side control and lands a strong elbow. Perez gets back to his feet with 60 seconds left. Turman grabs a leg and attempts a takedown, but gets tagged with an elbow. Kick and a knee from Perez. Opening up the UFC Sao Paulo main card is a middleweight bout between Markus Perez and Wellington Turman. Round 1: Perez starts with a missed body kick. Perez defends a takedown attempt and reverses the clinch position with Turman against the fence. He lands an elbow but Turman takes him down. Perez eventually escapes by landing a spinning backfist. Both fighters attempt a number of kicks but none land. Perez taunts Turman after a flying knee attempt from the latter. Turman lands a left. Round 2: Perez attempts a spinning wheel kick but it's partially blocked by Turman. Turman initiates the clinch and takes Perez down. Perez gets up but once again, Turman has his back. The round ends with Turman attempting a standing guillotine before an attempted knee on Perez's head. Perez lands a number of body kicks but Turman responds with one of his own. They clinch again and Turman lands a knee on Perez's head. Turman is now in Perez's guard before moving to side control and lands an elbow. Perez is landing more and is swinging for his life as the fight ends.