16 July 2020 00:42

3 Amar is director of his own travel company, TravelEyes Credit: Collect How did Amar Latif become blind?


AMAR Latif is back on our screens for Celebrity Masterchef 2020 as the first blind contestant on the show. His big break came on BBC2 reality series Beyond Boundaries, which followed a group of disabled adventurers trekking 220 miles through Central America and has since turned to acting and presenting. 3 Amar Latif is a British TV presenter Who is Amar Latif? Amar Latif is a British entrepreneur, motivational speaker, world traveller and TV presenter. He was born in December 1974 which makes him 45 years old.

He has featured on a number of TV programmes including BBC Two documentary Beyond Boundaries as well as directing the Channel 4 documentary Sightseeing Blind which was broadcast in April 2007. It is not known if Amar is married or currently in a relationship. You can find Amar on Instagram @theamarlatif where he is currently posting about his adventures in the Celebrity Masterchef 2020 kitchen. 3 Amar is director of his own travel company, TravelEyes Credit: Collect How did Amar Latif become blind? Amar was just four years old when doctors told his parents he would become permanently blind. The star had lost 95 per cent of his sight by the time he was just 18 because of an incurable eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa. However Amar has never let it stand in his way and has travelled the world, and is also a keen fund-raising public speaker. 3 Amar co-hosts How To Get Fit Fast with Anna Richardson Credit: Channel 4 What is Traveleyes and when did Amar start the company? Amar launched Traveleyes in 2004 after struggling to find travel companies who would accommodate an independent blind traveller. Traveleyes sees visually impaired and sighted travellers embarking on trips around the world together, sharing their experiences. The company now has a team of travel experts and aims to focus on experiencing the world with all five senses. Most Read in TV & Showbiz NUALA CARES RTE's Nuala Carey admits weeks after father passed away 'almost a blur' waiting game Vogue Williams reveals baby girl could arrive this week after doctor's visit DONAL'S DIGS Inside Donal Skehan's new Howth home he shares with wife Sofie and two sons STAR FEAR Ireland AM stars in stitches over Alan Hughes and Brian Dowling on rollercoaster ANNA'S SONS Anna Daly's fans say sons are 'gorgeous' as she shares snaps from staycation GOODBYE BETTY Emmerdale's Betty Eagleton actress Paula Tilbrook dies aged 89 What is Travelling Blind about? The BBC Two documentary follows blind adventurer and director Amar Latif and comedienne Sara Pascoe as they discover Turkey. Sara acts as Amar's 'eyes' on the excursion - describing the scenery - as they both experience all that the country has to offer. And Amar's heightened senses help Sara appreciate things that are going on around her that she may not have otherwise noticed. Like when he encourages the funnywoman to really listen to the sound of millions of bees at a beehive or take in the atmospheric scents of Isanbul's Grand Bazaar. The documentary makes for a stimulating and multisensory exploration of Turkey and may even leave you wanting to put down your camera and really experience your surroundings on your next trip.

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