26 June 2020 14:39

3 Jenna has over 20 million YouTube subscribers Credit: Instagram What has Jenna Marbles said about quitting vlogging?

Image copyright YouTube YouTuber Jenna Marbles has announced she's leaving the video sharing site. In an eleven-minute video, she talks about what she describes as "shameful" content she's made in the past. The 33-year-old has apologised for racist and sexist videos, including an impersonation of Nicki Minaj. The comedian - who has more than 20 million subscribers - says she's "moving on" from YouTube but doesn't know if it's just for now or forever. Image copyright Getty Images In a teary video posted to her page, she says it's a time when we're all "purging ourselves of anything and everything toxic".

"There's a couple of things that people want me to address and apologise for and I'm happy to do that," she says. After making a number of old videos private, Jenna addresses three in particular. These include a 2011 blackface impersonation of Nicki Minaj. This is where someone who's usually white, paints their face darker to impersonate someone of a different race. "I just want to tell you that it was not my intention to do blackface.

It doesn't matter, all that matters is that people were offended. It's shameful, it's awful. I wish it wasn't part of my past," she says. Jenna also addresses another 2011 video where she makes derogatory comments about an Asian man and a 2012 video where she describes herself as "slut-shaming". Image copyright YouTube Image caption While the videos have now been made private, Jenna played clips of them to her followers. "I ranted about girls that ran around and slept around and that's wrong. I had a lot of internalised misogyny." All of these videos have now been made private. But after years of entertaining subscribers with her content, Jenna says she's not having fun anymore. "For now, I just can't exist on this channel. Hopefully I've taken down anything that would upset someone and I hope you know that's just not my intent, that's not what I ever set out to do. "So I think I'm just gonna move on from this channel for now." Jenna says she doesn't know how long this will be for, but thanked her followers for their support. Follow Newsbeat on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Listen to Newsbeat live at 12:45 and 17:45 weekdays - or listen back here. JENNA Marbles is a famous YouTube star with subscribers from all around the world. However, she has sensationally quit vlogging after being criticised for posting racist videos - here's her story. 3 Jenna Marbles is a world famous YouTube star Credit: Getty Images - Getty Who is YouTube star Jenna Marbles? Jenna - real name Jenna Nicole Mourey - is one of the first big YouTube stars to emerge. The 33-year-old star became a cultural phenomenon in 2010 with her video How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking, which scored millions of views within only a few days. Her successful YouTube channel called Jenna Marbles garnered over 3.3 billion video views. She has over and 20 million subscribers making her one of the most popular accounts that viewers flock to. 3 Jenna Marbles has sensationally quit YouTube What is Jenna Marbles' net worth? Jenna has earned a fortune from her YouTube videos. She has a net worth of $8M (£6.5M). This is earned through advertisement generated from her videos and plugging products. Jenna also makes a huge amount of money from her merchandise, which incorporates a lot of her slogans. The star also grew her star power (and bank balance) by hosting YouTube 15 on SiriusXM Hits 1. She also served as an executive producer for the movie Maximum Ride. 3 Jenna has over 20 million YouTube subscribers Credit: Instagram What has Jenna Marbles said about quitting vlogging? On June 25, 2020 Jenna revealed that she was quitting vlogging after fans criticised her for posting racist videos, sharing that she's "trying to be better." She said that she's "not proud" of her past controversial videos, which included a racist joke about Asian men and using blackface to imitate Nicki Minaj. Most read in Celebrity SICK JIBE Mel Gibson fired from Chicken Run sequel after Winona's 'oven dodger' claims WHO IS SHE? Big Brother's biggest transformations - the stars who look TOTALLY different LEO'S LADIES Has Leo finally found 'The One' in No23 Camila Morrone after a Titanic search? STACE-CATION Inside Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash's lockdown lovenest MUM'S THE WORD Kris Boyson hugs his mum goodbye as he moves in with Bianca Gascoigne KATE'S HOPE Kate Garraway thanks fan who insists critically ill husband will recover A tearful Jenna explained that she can no longer "exist on this channel" and hopes she took down all of her offensive videos. Jenna began: "I feel like we are at a time where we are purging ourselves of anything and everything toxic." Noting that some fans have told her that she's an "unproblematic queen," she said that she has made mistakes in the past and is "not completely unproblematic." She explained that she made the Nicki Minaj video private after learning that some people believed her makeup in the video was blackface, which she said she didn't intend for.