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4 Vice-President Mike Pence tested negative for coronavirus following Trump's diagnosis Credit: AP:Associated Press Was the debate live-streamed?

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Twitter can't stop joking about Susan Page's debate bracelet

One viewer tweeted, "First Twitter question of the night: What's the bracelet Susan Page has on?" And he wasn't the only one who wanted to know about the standout accessory choice. Someone joked, "What is this neon green bracelet Susan is wearing? Did she go to the pool or a theme park before she decided to show up at this debate to let Pence monologue all over the stage?" Another viewer tweeted, "why is the moderator rockin a 21 plus bracelet u get before u go into a club lol." A different tweeted had a similar thought, posting, "Does Susan Page have a drink bracelet." Probably not, but she might have wished she had one during the debate. A viewer tweeted, "What is with moderator's green bracelet? Is it me or does it look like a hospital bracelet?" Another person chimed in, "Is Susan Page preemptively wearing a green hospital ID bracelet because she's resigned to catching the Rona from Pence?" That was likely a reference to the questions about Vice President Mike Pence possibly contracting coronavirus given his close proximity to others that tested positive, including President Donald Trump.


The internet's hilarious take on Susan Page's debate bracelet If the first presidential head-to-head was a "hot mess inside a dumpster fire," vice presidential debate moderator Susan Page was not taking any chances with October 7. The veteran journalist seemed determined not to have the barrage of rotten Twitter tomatoes flung at her that her colleague, presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace did. Uncompromising, she opened the vice presidential debate. She warned Senator Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence that she would not hesitate to "enforce ground rules;" she admonished the candidates that the United States "deserves a discussion that is civil," and she insisted that "we can and will have a respectful exchange." USA Today's Washington Bureau Chief is a heavyweight when it comes to keeping discussions sternly and professionally, on track. (Take Ivanka Trump's debate day get-up, for example, or as The Washington Post pointed out, the entire Trump team's refusal to wear face masks.) And while Page's wardrobe choice was mostly demure, there is one accessory that the Twitterverse latched onto.

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THE first vice presidential debate took place on October 7 at 9pm. The showdown was moderated by Susan Page, who is the Washington bureau chief of USA Today, and was streamed online on all major networks. ⚠️ Follow our US election 2020 live blog for the latest news & updates 4 Kamala Harris will be facing Mike Pence in the vice presidential debate Credit: AP:Associated Press At what time did the vice presidential debate happen? The vice-presidential debate featured Kamala Harris and current VP, Mike Pence on Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 9pm. Given President Trump's coronavirus diagnosis following the debate against Joe Biden in Ohio, Pence and Harris stood 12 feet apart, according to Politico.

Vice-President Pence tested negative for coronavirus on Friday, October 2. 4 Vice-President Mike Pence tested negative for coronavirus following Trump's diagnosis Credit: AP:Associated Press Was the debate live-streamed? The debate was live-streamed on our website and on our YouTube channel. It was on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and PBS with a cable or live-TV streaming service subscription. ABC News and The Washington Post streamed the debate too. 4 The debate will be at the University of Utah Credit: AP:Associated Press Where did the vice presidential debate take place? The debate took place at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Additionally, it was moderated by Susan Page, who is the author of The Matriarch: Barbara Bush And The Making Of An American Dynasty and the forthcoming Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi And The Lessons of Power. Page said: "The debates are a crucial part of making our democracy work, and I am honored to participate." Yes, there was a live audience during the debate. Students from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City made up the live audience at the debate, according to the school. LATEST ON THE U.S. ELECTION 'DIDN'T RAISE AN EYEBROW' Why do people think Mike Pence has had botox? What topics did Mike Pence and Kamala Harris debate? There was a significant format difference newly adopted by the Commission on Presidential Debates to ensure proper health measures are in place due to the coronavirus outbreak. Susan Page is the moderator for the 2020 vice presidential debate, as Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris face off for the first time. Page has been adept at keeping her political beliefs out of her reporting and not talking about them publicly. Page is the USA Today Washington Bureau chief. She said about being chosen to moderate tonight's debate: "The debates are a crucial part of making our democracy work, and I am honored to participate." Notably, Page is the first print reporter that the Commission on Presidential Debates has chosen as a solo moderator, USA Today reported. Page told USA Today that her focus for this debate is making it "a chance for American voters to take a look at these two candidates and see both what they think of them personally and what they think about their policy ideas. Page of the same age and birth date has a voter registration in Washington, D.C., with an address matching Susan Lynn Page of USA Today. Page started her career as a reporter for a daily newspaper in Long Island, New York, after serving as editor-in-chief of Northwestern's Daily Northwestern college newspaper. In 2018, She Hosted a Reception for a New Trump Appointee, but USA Today Said It Was Common for Female Journalists to Honor Women's Milestones In 2018, Page came under some scrutiny when she hosted a reception for Seema Verma, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator and a Trump appointee, Vogue reported. USA Today said Page didn't know CMS had been billed, and it wasn't unusual for female journalists to host events for recognizing milestones reached by other women, The Washington Post reported. Good news: My sheltered-in-place husband has finished building the Eiffel Tower. Bad news: My sheltered-in-place husband has finished building the Eiffel Tower. pic.twitter.com/ozx1EfophI — Susan Page (@SusanPage) April 7, 2020 While Page doesn't discuss her political beliefs openly, she has shared her experiences sheltering at home with her husband through her social media. My sheltered-in-place husband just noted enthusiastically that we have a cupboard full of jigsaw puzzles. pic.twitter.com/r11WXYpOPM — Susan Page (@SusanPage) April 8, 2020 pic.twitter.com/1PW6xabO2C — Susan Page (@SusanPage) July 22, 2020 Page's Husband Once Wrote That Trump Was 'Banned' From Thanksgiving Discussions in Their Family pic.twitter.com/Roevkp78ax — Susan Page (@SusanPage) October 14, 2019 He wrote that George Bush was an honorable president who had once invited him and Page to dinner and theater.

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