06 September 2020 02:34

A hard inside leg kick lands for Saint Preux, who follows it up with a punch.

UFC Vegas 9 video: Michel Pereira calls for ‘BMF’ title shot following submission win over Zelim Imadaev

In the co-feature, Alonzo Menifield (9-1 MMA, 2-1 UFC) meets Ovince Saint Preux (24-14 MMA, 12-9 UFC) at light heavyweight. Azure lands a leg kick and follows it up with a massive punch. Smith starts pitter-pattering Azure with light kicks. Azure lands a leg kick. Referee Smith warns Azure to be more active with his offense against the cage.

Smith lands a right hand but gets a little overzealous with a flying knee attempt. Araujo lands a punch when rushing forward, but De La Rosa largely avoids her attack. De La Rosa throws a left hand and Araujo ducks out of the way. Araujo lands another hard leg kick. Round 1 – Fabinski comes out aggressive and eats two hard punches from Muniz.

Pereira lands a right hand and Imadaev goes down. Pereira misses on an overhand punch and taunts Imadaev again. Pereira lands a hard punch to the body. Pereira lands a leg kick. Pereira lands a jab and follows it up with another punch.

Imadaev covers up and Pereira lands a flurry of punches and knees. His head movement exaggerated, Pereira lands a hard combination on Imadaev. Putting his hands behind his back, Pereira eats a leg kick from Imadaev. Menifield tries a hard, slow head kick, which Saint Preux blocks. Saint Preux throws a lazy leg kick and Menifield makes him pay with a hard punch.

Saint Preux lands a leg kick. A hard inside leg kick lands for Saint Preux, who follows it up with a punch. Saint Preux lands another body kick. Menifield dives in and Saint Preux lands another kick. Saint Preux lands a right hand and follows it up with a body kick. After a dazzling performance featuring kicks and punches off the cage and a number of jumping knee attacks, the Brazilian got the job done with a rear naked choke late in the third and final round in his fight against Zelim Imadaev. Pereira then attempted a Showtime kick off the cage as he continued to throw everything and the kitchen sink at Imadaev. Afterwards, Pereira wasted no time taking a huge leap up the ladder by calling for a title shot of sorts following his second win in the UFC. 5, 2020) at UFC Vegas 9 live on ESPN+ from inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the flashy welterweight ended Russian prospect Zelim Imadaev via third-round submission (rear-naked choke). From superman punches off the cage to spinning kicks to the body, Pereira was creative and efficient for the entirety of the fight. Pereira finished his efforts in the third round when he was able to control Imadaev from behind and go in for the rear-naked choke. Pereira & Imadaev with a little extra as the round comes to a close #UFCVegas9 pic.twitter.com/rENgFB1XqO — UFC (@ufc) September 6, 2020 Alistair Overeem looks to score his second straight win as he takes on Augusto Sakai, sporting a six-fight win streak, in the night's five-round headline bout. Also on the main card is a welterweight bout between Michel Pereira and Zelim Imadaev, and a lightweight fight as Thiago Moises takes on Jalin Turner. Smith gets to his feet but Azure takes his head and controls a clinch on the cage. Azure landing punches to the head while holding him down. Azure with hard knees to the body as Smith tries to get up. Smith takes it to the cage clinch in the first minute and works hard for the takedown and completes it 90 seconds in. Smith to his feet with 20 seconds left but Azure still controlling his back. Azure takes it right to the cage clinch in the first minute. Smith lands a nice shot but Azure drops him with a counter. Azure trying to get to his feet with 30 seconds left but Smith still on his back and pulls him down. De La Rosa gets a takedown at 2:15 but Araujo right up and takes her back standing. Araujo still landing hard leg kicks and De La Rosa is feeling the effects. Araujo right back to the leg kicks to start round 2. De La Rosa with a nice punch/kick combo midway through the round. De La Rosa backs up Araujo with a punch combo in her best flurry of the fight 1 minute in. De La Rosa with a takedown attempt ends in a cage clinch with 45 seconds left. Imadaev initiates Octagon control but Pereira is the one throwing more kicks and punches to start although most are missing. Pereira lands a hard right that Imadaev laughs off. Pereira lands a hard jumping knee and then a hard right that rocks Imadaev with 2 minutes left. Nice punch combo from Pereira with 90 seconds left. Significant strikes landed are 18-4 for Pereira with 30 seconds left. Pereira dancing with 10 seconds left and not even looking at Imadaev. Imadaev landed his cleanest punch of the fight with a nice counter 30 seconds in. Pereira throwing a lot of body kicks this round. Pereira lands a nice punch combo with 45 seconds left that hurts Imadaev. Pereira with hard leg kicks with 30 seconds left. Punch combo from Pereira with 10 seconds left. Pereira throwing leg kicks early in the 3rd. Nice punch/kick combo from Pereira rocks Imadaev with 2 minutes left. Pereira landing nice body kicks. Pereira picking off Imadaev with punches to the head that backs him up to the cage. Pereira with a 41-6 advantage in round 3 in significant strikes landed. OSP with a 14-4 advantage in distance strikes landed with 90 seconds left and most of the round has been them fighting at distance. Menifield gets a nice punch combo with 45 seconds left.