12 August 2020 18:38

A-Level results A-level results

College and Sixth form students across Merseyside will today receive their A-Level results on a results day like no other. All exams were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic back in March which has meant that students will be graded based on grades predicted by their teachers which are then moderated by exam boards taking into account historical performance data of students in previous years. On Tuesday evening, the Department for Education announced that if students are unhappy with their final grade that they could instead use their mock exam grades as their final result. The news comes after controversy in Scotland over exam results which saw many pupils at schools in disadvantaged areas moderated down based on historical exam performance. The Scottish Education Secretary later announced a u-turn in the Scottish Parliament and said that all pupils whose grades were downgraded could instead take their predicted grade.

Although many colleges and sixth forms are issuing results online, we will have reporters and photographers across Merseyside as they receive the big news. We'll be providing updates on everything students need to know from the impact of the new grading process, to UCAS Track and clearing places to university choices. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Make the most of your money by signing up to our newsletter fornow A-level students in England and Wales will receive their results in just over a day now, in what would traditionally come as a time for celebration for schools and students alike.

But in 2020 many students have missed exams due to COVID-19, and confusion with grading has them fearful about what lies ahead for them. The Government has provided little clarification, with a pending U-turn likely on the horizon from education ministers. Are E and D grades a pass at A-level? Every A-level student will have set grades they need to attain for a place in university or other post-college avenues. Most will look to get results in the A to C range, which is what most higher education institutions require. But people who get grades below this threshold won't fail, as an E is technically a pass. READ MORE: Charlie Stayt cuts off Shadow Education Sec in furious exam row