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A slap to the face, Sasha hooks the arm and spins her down but Alexa hits a kick.


Braun Strowman is standing nearby his own car and says he doesn't know who did this but it's rdiciulous. Cops shoo Renee Young away, saying this is a crime scene, but apparently referees are allowed to be detectives, because they and Jamie Noble follow only to find Jeff Hardy in the bushes acting bewildered. They are also informed that Jeff has been arrested, and Sheamus says what a shock. Pathetic junkie, says Sheamus. AJ says it sounds like a plan to him; its Bryan v AJ in the finals.

daniel bryan

Sheamus v Bryan v Corbin to face AJ in the finals. Jey points out they both lost and wonders who wants some action, one time. He says this is the IC Title and he's a six time champ, and we've forgotten how good he is. Gable says no one forgot, they just know he's a jack ass. Sheamus takes umbrage with Cole and yells at him, allowing Gable to try and eliminate him.

Corbin is in the corner with some of the Lucha guys while Cesaro and Gulak wrestle on the apron. Corbin hits a right hand, eliminating Lince Durado. Gulak tries to eliminate Corbin, but Drew fights back with some rights. Corbin sends him into the ropes chest first then underhooks and pulls Drew over the top rope, eliminating him in the process. Jey with a kick to Cesaro. Nak goes for a knee in the corner, but Gable moves and tries to lift Nak up and over. He hits them with an elbow, then a splash in the corner. He walks the ropes and gets Superkicked by Dolph, then Corbin eliminates him! Jey kicks Corbin, eliminating him over the top rope! We come back to the match with Gable hitting a tornado DDT to Sheamus off the apron. Gable rolls with a kick to Cesaro. Cesaro ends up with Gable on the apron. Gable tries to take Cesaro down over the top by the head, and does so! Cesaro pulls on Gable, but Gable is able to hold on. He attacks, but Gable enters the ring, only for Nakamura to hit a knee. Cesaro runs into the room, and he eliminates Gable. Jey is able to kick Sheamus away a few times, flies off the top rope, superkick to Sheamus, Jey clotheslines him over the top rope, but Sheamus hangs on! Jey grabs the head of Sheamus, Sheamus shoves the face, locks the head. Sheamus with a right, but it's blocked. hop from Jey. Jey runs the apron, goes for a Superkick, but Sheamus sends Jey into the post back first, then hits a Brogue to send Jey flying. Backstage, Sonya cuts a nice promo about Lacey, but Lacey is behind her and shoves her like a seven year old would shove a five year old, and calls her a nasty. Cesaro tells him that Gable seems lost. Cesaro will do him a favor; he will give Gable a chance to walk away. Gable hits him hard with an elbow, says challenge accepted. Match 2: Lacey Evans vs Sonya Deville Lacey allows Sonya to mount her. Sonya takes advantage, but Lacey with the double leg takedown. They lock up and hit the ropes. She shoves Lacey, stands on the hair of Lacey, pulls the leg up and slams it down hard then kicks Lacey in the chest. Kick to Sonya. She lifts and plants Sonya face first! Gator roll to the outside, and Lacey traps Sonya in the apron. Lacey drops Sonya bhind the apron. Right hands to Lacey over and over. She pulls Sonya up and ref hits 10. Lacey does the same, but she sends Sonya into the corner of the table, ribs first. Lacey enters the ring to yell at Sonya. Sonya grabs a headset and tells Lacey she'll fight her on her terms. Nikki asks for coffee as Bliss welcomes The New Day. Bliss says she'll drink it later. She's with Sasha, and they see a great tag team in the ring, but certainly not the best. Bliss says that the second Bayley started talking, she stopped listening. Alexa targets Sasha directly, saying where her title is. Bayley calls Alexa Charlotte Jr. She pimps up Sasha, saying she is the leader of this division, and since she is the conversation, THEY put the tag team titles on the map. Bayley goes hype man as Sasha talks more with her shoulders than her mouth. Sasha says if they wanted to, they could win the titles right back. But this time and this place, Sasha will show them what a great ta team they are when Sasha faces Alexa right here and now. Bayley says she'll get her some shoes from the buss. Alexa tosses her jacket at Sasha and dropkicks her. Match 3: Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss Sasha sends Alexa into the corner. Alexa tries to roll her up for.1.2..NO!!! Kick from Sasha. Sasha with a whip to the ropes, goes for an arm drag, gets a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Alexa with a right hand to the face. Alexa rolls then drops some knees. Alexa rushes the corner, goes for a slap. Sasha reverses, swings with some knees. Sasha with a cocky cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha sends Alexa in the corner, slaps her in the face, then stomps her away, and chokes her up. Sasha with a knee to the gut, she snapmares then hits the ropes and drops some knees on Alexa's face. Sasha pulls back the arms of Alexa as Bayley asks for a spray bottle to squirt Nikki. Sasha tries to drive a knee into the back, but alexa stands and turns into the hold. Saha yells at Alexa, says there is no chance in hell that she'll beat her. Alexa fights out of the corner. Sashahops u, locks the head, Alexa pulls back and slams Sasha face first into the mat!!!! A slap to the face, Sasha hooks the arm and spins her down but Alexa hits a kick. Sasha dodges a splash, catches Bliss by the head with her legs, and sends her face first into the corner. Running knees to the face, then she drops some more onto the chest. Sasha locks the chin from behind, Alexa rolls through for 1..2..NO!!!!! Sasha misse a right, and Alexa hits a hurricanrana. Hard right from Alexa!!! Alexa to the top rope. Nikki hops up on the apron, Bayley shoves her into Alexa. Sasha with more knees. She hops over the apron onto the back of Alexa and rolls this into a pin. Match 4: Cesaro vs Chad Gable Gable starts quick with a kick to the chest. He attacks the face then gets whipped to the corner, only to roll over and flip into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Gable grabs the leg and drops a knee on it. Cesaro kicks him away. Cesaro shoves, hits a clothesline off the ropes! Cesaro runs with a leg drop for 1..2..NO!!! Cesaro grabs Gable by the ear. Cesaro wants a gutwrench, and is able to drop Gable on his back. He scrapes the face, pulling on the ar a bit. He locks the arm behind Gable, Gable turns into it, hits a right, Cesaro with a knee. Rope work and Gable hits a dropkick to the knee. Cesaro sits Gable on the corner, back to face. Cesaro sends Gable into the 2nd rope. Cesaro rolls through for a pin and gets a 1..2..NO!!! Gable hits the ropes, rolls up and over for 1..2..3!!! Mandy says she's a little tired. We then get Mandy making out with Otis in the pool, and Mandy saying, "Oh yeah!" He says she talks about Jeff for weeks, and look where it got her. Now she's talking about Riddle, but Sheamus gets results. That's' why he'll enjoy Brogue Kicking DBs face one more time. Sheamus has never won this title, and he won't let AJ or Daniel stand in his way. Bryan kicks him in the shin. He's gotten to know this guy over the past few months, and even got to ref his last match on NXT. Match 5: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan Bryan outwrestles Sheamus to the mat and works the arm, then gets a fast chinlock. Sheamus backs him into the corner. Sheamus kicks Bryan away. Sheamus reverses and locks the arm up behind Bryan, pulling on the face with his other hand. Bryan gets him into the corner to break the hold.Right hands and some YES kicks! He pulls on the nose of Bryan. Bryan flips over Sheamus from the corner. He sends Sheamus to the outside. Bryan hits the ropes. Matt Hardy took to Twitter after WWE aired a segment on Friday Night SmackDown that showed his brother Jeff Hardy getting arrested. While Matt did not directly reference his brother or WWE in the tweet below, many fans on social media took notice of the timing of his message. It's worth noting that Jeff was due to become a free agent at the same time as his brother Matt but more time was added to Jeff's contract due to the time he was away due to injuries.