02 December 2020 08:34

A47 Thorney Cambridgeshire

Thick clouds of smoke have been seen pouring into the sky tonight in St Ives after a large fire. An incident near the Esso garage on London Road has led to the blaze. Some people say an explosion broke out after the incident. A number of as of yet unconfirmed reports from locals say that the blaze has been caused by a lorry fire. The fire is on the route where it meet Limes Park Road, according to an eyewitness.

Footage of the incident posted on social media shows onlookers watching on as flames light up the area. People nearby have said on social media that they can smell chemicals and burnt rubber in the air, and people are being advised to close their windows. No details have so far emerged from the emergency services, who are reportedly dealing with the incident. Do you have any information on this incident? Get in touch with us on social media via Facebook or Twitter.

We will be posting live updates throughout this incident. Follow our live blog for more. More than 20 fire fighters battled a blaze which destroyed a truck near a petrol station in Cambridgeshire. Footage from the scene showed flames more than 50 feet into the sky as the HGV was incinerated. Firefighters from five stations wearing breathing apparatus attended the blaze which broke out at around 8.20pm.

A truck exploded into a huge fireball in St Ives, Cambridgeshire earlier this evening, pictured More than 20 firefighters battled the blaze which destroyed the truck, pictured. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue confirmed nobody was injured in the blaze. According to a spokesperson for the fire service: 'More than 20 firefighters, including crews from Huntingdon, Papworth, Gamlingay, Cambridge and Ramsey, including the water carrier, attended the incident. Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service are damping down at the scene. Drivers are being urged to avoid the area around the A1096 and many of the local roads remain blocked.

Witnesses report hearing loud bangs and explosions and some say there is a lorry on fire. The flames can be seen from several miles away and there is thick black smoke. In a statement, Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service said: "More than 20 firefighters, including crews from Huntingdon, Papworth, Gamlingay, Cambridge and Ramsey, including the water carrier, attended the incident. The crews arrived to find a well-developed fire involving a lorry. Wearing breathing apparatus they extinguished the fire using hose reels. There were no casualties requiring treatment for any injury. The crews remain at the scene damping down the area and making sure it is safe. The Hunts Post will bring you more information as we get it. You may also want to watch: Video from Tony McKie A lorry has been totally destroyed in a fire which sent flames and smoke high into the sky above St Ives in Cambridgeshire. The lorry, which was carrying chemicals, caught fire on London Road at around 8.20pm on Tuesday, 1 December. People as far away as Godmanchester reported hearing as explosions as the fire spread through the lorry. Writing on a local Facebook page, Hannah Hance said: "Heard this in Godmanchester...I heard two massive bangs, the first louder than the second." The lorry caught fire near the Esso petrol station on London Road Nobody was injured according to Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue service, who sent over 20 firefighters to the incident. At 11pm they provided an update saying crews had brought the scene under control and were beginning the clear up operation. The statement added: "However, due to the chemical that the lorry was carrying, a specialist clean up operation will be required. "This is likely to take several hours and the road will need to be resurfaced due to the damage." On Wednesday police warned the road was likely to be closed through the morning rush hour People gathered to watch the fire, which spanned the entire width of London Road. Writing on Twitter, Tony McKie said: "Not the usual drive to work tonight. Hope everybody is safe. Really shook me up just watching it and hearing it go up."