01 October 2020 00:31

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Mary Berry's Simple Comforts (BBC2, 8pm) MARY explores how families can use food to create their own sense of home, meeting a father-and-daughter team who take their home cooking to the streets with a food van and a family who have created a slice of Sicily in north London. The chef also spends time with a family celebrating Diwali, helping them to prepare the feast and decorate the home. Plus, Mary makes some of her own favourites, including a bolognese bake, a roast vegetable curry and roast chicken with melting onions followed by a wild bramble mousse. The Savoy (STV, 9pm) IT has hosted rock stars and royalty, Oscar winners and world leaders. Now, Britain's most famous hotel is opening its revolving doors to TV viewers.

From the busy winter season to its devastating coronavirus shutdown, we will get a fascinating glimpse into the lives of those lucky enough to be able to afford this iconic slice of luxury – and those who make the magic happen. There are nerves in the basement florists as a young trainee attempts to create her first bouquet for a VIP guest. And The Savoy Grill manager Thierry is determined not to disappoint owner Gordon Ramsay. Ambulance (BBC1, 9pm) IT'S another Friday night in London, and it proves to be a busy shift for Abbie and Ben, Kieran and Mick, and others among the 320 crews on duty. Reports are coming in of an armed male on the loose and Andy is dispatched to the scene to take charge of a stabbing incident.

Across the river from the first attack, there is another 999 call for a patient who has been knifed in the throat. Meanwhile, Abbie and Ben are sent to a patient who was on his way home with his girlfriend before being attacked on a bus. Lawrence of Arabia: Britain's Great Adventurer (C5, 9pm) WHO was the real Thomas Edward Lawrence? This documentary looks at the life of the First World War military officer who united the tribes of Arabia against the Ottoman Turkish army but was also a deeply troubled man. The film delves into his personal torment, the secret his family were hiding, the punishment he endured and the idea that much of what drove Lawrence was a need to escape into a fantasy world. Telly Today: From The Savoy to Trump Tower Television highlights today include Gordon Ramsay, Harold Shipman and Donald Trump, what an eclectic mix. THE SAVOY "The Savoy has two point five staff per guest because people like that attention, they like to be able to talk to people." – butler, Sean In the first episode of ITV's behind-the-scenes documentary at The Savoy Hotel, London, there are nerves in the basement florists as one young trainee attempts to create her first bouquet for a VIP guest, a young butler muddles his way through a pricey cocktail party and there are tensions in The Savoy Grill when owner Gordon Ramsay arrives to do a menu tasting. The episode starts at the beginning of 2020 with staff and guests alike looking forward to an exciting and prosperous year ahead. Opened in 1889, The Savoy has 267 room, four restaurants, the oldest cocktail bar in London and 600 staff members making it all run smoothly. Amongst the staff are ten butlers who serve the 67 suites. Head Butler, Sean, is seen organising and reprimanding his team in the butler's pantry before showing cameras around the royal suite which costs £13,000 per night and runs the whole length of one corridor. At the heart of the hotel is the Thames Foyer where guests can experience the £75 per person champagne afternoon tea. The cameras drop in on those enjoying the sandwiches and cakes whilst the reception staff greet David Hasselhoff as he walks through the hotel on his way to his performance at The Savoy Theatre. At The Savoy Grill, manager Thierry is checking standards in the restaurant and critiquing everything from the table cloths to the curtains. "Your guests are not stupid. They have got so much choice. This is an institution, you need to show a lot of respect. Last year we were very good, this year we have to be even better." – Grill Manager, Thierry Thierry is seen briefing his staff and preparing them for the arrival of owner, Gordon Ramsay, who is coming in to check new dishes for the menu. Thierry is determined not to disappoint, but everyone is nervous as they wait for Gordon to arrive. The Savoy, episode one, tonight at 9pm on ITV, STV and UTV THE SHIPMAN FILES The final episode in the series which re-examines the case of GP Harold Shipman, who in 2000 was found guilty of the murder of 15 people, with the total number of his victims thought to run in to the hundreds.