21 November 2019 14:50

According to Martin, these are the top phone providers for deals.


Martin explained that most tech companies aggressively compete during the Black Friday season to grab people's custom. He said: "Tech firms tend to be the worst at stretching the definition of Black Friday. So even though it's eight days to go, mobile phone firms have launched a price war to try and win your custom. "The good news is some of the prices really do live up to the hype - so if like millions you're out of contract (and many still pay extra fees for their handset even though it's paid off) – you may be able to save huge amounts switching to them." Martin suggests that if a person is out of a contract to switch providers, especially if the handset is already paid off. "The real key to this is how much data you use; most people use less than 3GB (but if you can get more without paying more, it gives you a big buffer in high use months), so unless you watch a lot of TV via your mobile signal, stream films, or games then that's probably you.," he said.

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Martin Lewis reveals Black Friday deals - including Boots gift set which is on offer now

"You can find your usage on old bills or use a tool such as Billmonitor - you give it your mobile account login and it assesses your past usage to match you to cheap tariffs." However, Martin pointed out Billmonitor doesn't search for all the brilliant deals out there and there are many out there. According to Martin, these are the top phone providers for deals. READ MORE: Martin Lewis reveals how to double value of Nectar card points at Sainsbury's - act now

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