18 November 2019 18:33

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, three people were killed in the shooting, KOKH reported.

Oklahoma Walmart Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Police Say

Two men and a woman were killed outside a Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma, on Monday morning. Unconfirmed reports suggest the shooting was related to an ongoing domestic dispute (Pictures: Google Maps/KOCO) Two men and a women have been killed in a shooting at a Walmart supermarket in Duncan, Oklahoma. Police found the victims dead in the store's parking lot. A man and woman were found dead inside the car, with another man shot dead outside. The shooter is believed to be the man found dead outside the car.

Unconfirmed local reports suggesting the shooting was related to a domestic dispute, rather than a random attack. No identities have been released by police. One local whose son works at the store said: 'Shots were NOT fired inside the Duncan WalMart. The woman said her family had been badly shaken by the news, which comes three months after a mass-shooter opened fire at a Walmrart in El Paso, Texas, and killed 22 people. Local schools were put on lockdown in the wake of the shooting.

A shooting was reported at a Walmart in Oklahoma, officials say. The shooting occurred Monday morning at the Walmart in Duncan, Oklahoma, a town of about 22,000 residents located 80 miles south of Oklahoma City, according to a city news release. According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, three people were killed in the shooting, KOKH reported. Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford told KSWO that the three people were killed outside the store. The shooting happened in the parking lot, according to a police department news release. 1 Female and 1 Male were deceased in the car and 1 Male outside of the car," police wrote on Facebook. Police found a handgun at the scene. The shooting happened about 9:45 a.m., according to a Facebook post by The Duncan Banner. The newspaper reported that the shooter was among the three people killed. Nearby schools were put on lockdown, but that has since been lifted, Duncan Public Schools wrote on Facebook. The shooting comes just three months after police say Patrick Crusius, 21, walked into a Walmart in El Paso and opened fire, killing 22, The Star-Telegram reported. Another 25 people were wounded, USA Today reported. The El Paso Walmart reopened on Thursday, according to CBS. Video from KFOR showed investigators gathered around a car in the parking lot with a large crime scene cordoned off with yellow police tape. Oklahoma Walmart Shooting Leaves 3 Dead, Police Say At least three people were killed during a shooting at a Walmart in Oklahoma on Monday morning, it was reported. Fox affiliate KOKH reported on the deaths, saying the shooting occurred in Duncan, which is about 75 miles south of Oklahoma City. KFOR also reported that the three people were killed. It cited the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford told KSWO that the people were shot and killed outside the store by a vehicle, and one of the people who was killed was identified as the shooter. District Attorney Jason Hicks is on the scene of the crime, telling KOKH that the scene is contained and it is not an active shooter situation anymore. Several people were wounded in the incident, according to The Associated Press, which didn't confirm any deaths yet. The Duncan Banner reported that Duncan Public Schools were placed on lockdown. Children will not be released because of the lockdown protocol. Please use caution when traveling in this aware and be aware of law enforcement as they work to secure the scene," the Banner wrote. El Paso Walmart Reopens About 50 shoppers lined up last week ahead of the reopening of a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, that had been closed since August, when a gunman police say was targeting Mexicans opened fire in the store and killed 22 people. Mourners visit the makeshift memorial near the Walmart where 22 people were killed in a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, on Aug. 12, 2019. The flags show the nationalities of those killed in the attack, including a German man who lived in nearby Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. On the day of the attack, Walmart didn't have a security guard on duty. But as the doors opened to the public for the first time in three months and shoppers streamed into the renovated space, they passed dozens of sheriff's deputies, security guards, and store employees. Workers greeted customers with cheers of "Welcome back to Walmart!" Walmart has quietly hired off-duty officers at its stores in El Paso, Texas, since Aug. 3, when police say Patrick Crusius drove more than 10 hours from his grandparents' house in a Dallas suburb to carry out the attack. More than 3,000 people from largely Latino El Paso and neighboring Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, were at the store when the attack happened. John Furner, Walmart CEO for its U.S. business, said on an earnings call with media Thursday that workers at the El Paso store wanted the location reopened "to get back to a normal way of life." The Associated Press contributed to this report.