08 October 2020 18:37

Adam Kovic

Rooster Teeth says it has has parted ways with two employees amid Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic leak controversy

The gaming YouTube collective Funhaus which is managed by Rooster Teeth has been making headlines lately. Two of its employees Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood came under scrutiny when reports surfaced, claiming that both actors had leaked their nude photos and adult videos. Read on to find out, "Is Adam Kovic Leaving Funhaus?" Read | Why is Ryan Haywood leaving Rooster Teeth? Is Adam Kovic leaving Funhaus? According to a report on Reddit, the leaked nude pictures of Adam and Ryan first surfaced on a bodybuilding website.

However, in recent days, multiple allegations surfaced, which claimed that both Adam Kovic alongside Ryan had reportedly been sending these images to minors. A girl named Tessa Graves uploaded a video on YouTube on October 6, claiming that she had been involved with Ryan Haywood when she was 17. Read | Cardi B shares a clip from 'Bet You Wanna'; says 'I got permission to post' Both Adam and Ryan were also accused of cheating on their wives. Following these allegations, Rooster Teeth posted a tweet on October 8, 2020, stating that the company followed a strict Code of Conduct, which was mandatory to be followed by everyone. In the tweet, they further stated that the company had parted ways with two employees whose conduct did not reflect their values.

Although Adam and Ryan's name wasn't mentioned in the tweet exclusively, it still became crystal clear who the two fired employees were. Our Code of Conduct is meant for everyone in our community to follow and that includes our staff and anyone who works or partners with Rooster Teeth. — Rooster Teeth (@RoosterTeeth) October 7, 2020 Following the accusations, Adam deleted all his social media handles. Ryan on the other hand, made his Instagram handle private and issued an apology on Twitter. In his recent tweet, Ryan admitted that he had made some mistakes and needed to redeem himself, but, he did divulge any details.

Image Source: Adam Kovic (Fanpage Instagram) Rooster Teeth hosts Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic have become embroiled in a controversy surrounding explicit photos they reportedly sent to fans. The Achievement Hunter and Funhaus on-air personalities have been the target of numerous leaks this week, with Haywood also having been accused of unknowingly sending explicit photos to a 17-year-old. What happened with Rooster Teeth's Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic? Explicit images of Haywood and Kovic leaked online this week, with the images of Haywood having reportedly been sent to Tessa Graves, who claims she was 17 years old at the time of receiving them. Graves explained in a YouTube video that Haywood "did not know" she was 17, and that the Achievement Hunter star thought she was 18 at the time of allegedly sending and receiving the images.

However, Graves noted that she had sent and received nude and explicit images from Haywood after meeting him at an event. Kovic was also the target of the leak, with reports circulating that he was the subject of a "catfish" in which an anonymous individual used a porn actress' images to convince the Funhaus host to share explicit photos and videos with them. Kovic released a statement after locking his Twitter account, explaining that he had been the victim of "an unbelievable breach of privacy and peeling back of my life." However, he also apologized for his actions in relation to those around him, saying: "I'm sorry to my co-workers, my friends, but most importantly, I'm sorry to my wife who I love with all my heart. — Ryan Haywood (@RyanTheTwit) October 6, 2020 Haywood and Kovic have now announced they will be leaving Rooster Teeth, stepping back from their respective roles at Achievement Hunter and Funhaus. Haywood tweeted that he "never did anything illegal," but that "the consequences of my actions are mine to deal with" imploring followers to refrain from harassing his family in the process. Various Rooster Teeth employees have shared their thoughts on the allegations, with Achievement Hunter's Michael Jones calling it a "hurt and betrayal." RWBY and Red Vs. Blue voice actor Lindsay Jones spoke of her "overwhelming feelings of repulsion, betrayal, and rage," while former Funhaus collaborator and actor Rahul Kohli revealed that he had stopped working with Rooster Teeth as a result of Kovic. "I haven't been a part of the Funhaus family for over a year and refuse to make any further content with them," Kohli tweeted. Rooster Teeth has announced that it is adjusting its programming as a result of Haywood and Kovic's dismissals (via Twitter), and both Achievement Hunter and Funhaus have postponed their streaming schedules. Fans have been left baffled over Lawrence Sonntag's cryptic post on Twitter following the allegations against Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic. Rooster Teeth has been in the social media spotlight after the news about Ryan Haywood's departure from the video production company. On October 6th, Ryan Haywood revealed that he was leaving Rooster Teeth, saying that he "made mistakes" and that he wanted to focus on "rebuilding his family and life". Ryan didn't address the nature of his mistakes but the news about his departure came after he and Adam Kovic were caught up in allegations surrounding nude photos being leaked. Now, some fans have been confused over Lawrence Sonntag's tweet after the lead producer at Rooster Teeth and former Funhaus collaborator shared a cryptic post on Twitter. Lawrence Sonntag is a YouTuber, content creator and producer. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has served as a lead producer at Rooster Teeth since February 2015. Lawrence shared a cryptic post on Twitter which has left many of his followers baffled. / When the castle fell (hey), you were not around / Fast friends, slow to learn, you're the one that just got burned / Wake up, mate (hey), who's laughing now?" Lawrence hasn't directly addressed his tweet but some people have speculated that his post was connected to the accusations against Adam and Ryan. Wake up, mate (hey), who's laughing now? — Lawrence Sonntag (@SirLarr) October 6, 2020 A number of Lawrence's followers have shared their reactions in the comment section of his post. Rahul Kohli, star of the television series iZombie and former Funhaus member, responded to the tweet with a GIF. Apart from that, Rahul previously shared a screenshot from his Twitter profile after Adam supposedly blocked him on the site. This content could not be loaded pic.twitter.com/TQWjSfLOOD — Rahul Kohli (@RahulKohli13) October 6, 2020 Should I not be following or supporting Adam? This content could not be loaded pic.twitter.com/1iJWBh94wn — frederik Jakobsen (@frederikJakobs3) October 6, 2020 This content could not be loaded pic.twitter.com/27KEuy7HUU — Peter S (@Yokie_Wartooth) October 6, 2020 This content could not be loaded pic.twitter.com/4zGGZvqGkr — Phoebe Greggor (@Phoebe_Greggor) October 6, 2020 In other news, The Dolan Twins and Ryan Karoly drama explained - YouTubers 'cancelled' over treatment of best friend! Rooster Teeth issued a statement last night confirming it had parted ways with two of its employees as the organization has become embroiled in scandal. The statement didn't name any names, but two of Rooster's stars Adam Kovic, of Funhaus fame, and Ryan Haywood, of Achievement Hunter, have both found themselves at the center of various recent allegations, which led to speculation that they may have been fired. The controversy has been bubbling away for approximately a month now after images of a sexual nature, allegedly showing Haywood and Kovic, were leaked online. The images were shared among 4Chan users and on other online forums and social media sites, which led to various allegations including that the pair may have cheated on their wives. Last night, Rooster Teeth tweeted a statement saying that everyone associated with its brand was meant to follow its Code of Conduct. They then stated: "We have parted ways with two employees whose conduct did not reflect the values we strive to uphold in our Code of Conduct." In a follow-up tweet, the organization added: "We are adjusting our programming accordingly to move forward, and we thank everyone for their support and patience during this challenging time." Rooster Teeth didn't name names The organization blocked any replies to the tweet; however, that didn't stop people responding with quote tweets, which led to many slamming Rooster Teeth for not naming any names. Read More Ryan Haywood leaves Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter amid allegations against him and Adam Kovic Several users referred to actor Vic Mignogna, who had worked for RT but was fired after last year following accusations of sexual harassment. Ryan Haywood leaving Rooster Teeth Ryan Haywood had already tweeted on Tuesday that was leaving Rooster Teeth, telling his followers that he was going to spend time rebuilding his family and life. Adam Kovic has not responded publicly to any allegations. He has set both his Twitter and Instagram accounts to private, and at the time of writing his profile images had been blacked out. Kovic's wife, Jess Kovic, who allegedly appears in some of the leaked images, seemed to reference the scandal yesterday in a tweet, saying: "since you are all so interested in me right now, buy my merch." None of the allegations against Kovic and Haywood have currently been proven. It has also not been confirmed whether the two employees referred to by Rooster Teeth are, in fact, Kovic and Haywood, and if they were fired or left voluntarily.