07 August 2020 08:39

After all, what we've seen is that the finding of Motorboat is the real challenge in Week 8.


We are slowly moving at the end of Season 3 of Fortnite. Are you ready to end the game, right? If yes, here's everything you should know about the Fortnite Season 3 Week 8 challenges. Where to find the Motorboat Mayhem Time Trial and what to do to pass the rings? Fortnite Week 8 challenge: All problems solved!

Fortnite Week 8: Here's Where You'll Find Motorboat Mayhem Time Trial; How to Pass Rings?

Let's admit it. Fortnite has not yet given us 'normal' challenges and seasons for quite some time now. Week 8 is not that different either. But, who cares right? If you are here, you're probably worried about where to find the missing mysterious Motorboat ride? According to Newsweek, the Motorboat Mayhem is actually the real task on Week 8. Unlike other challenges, finding this vehicle may not be easy as you think it is--or if yes, you would not be probably here reading this, right? Here's a simple answer to your question: Where can you locate the Motorboat Mayhem? It is in the Lazy Lake Area! To get there, find the unnamed PoI on the Battle Royale map that is located on the small island northwest of Misty Meadows and southwest of Lazy Lake. Once you are there, find the island with docks on its borders. If you get confused, remember the image of docks with borders, as opposed to the one without it. Get inside the motorboat once you find it. Make sure to ride the one near the starting line, just like a racing track. Park your boat, and the timer will start its count down for 15 seconds. Forbes added another tip during this scenario. Unlike other Fortnite challenges, this challenge seemed to be cooler to have your competitors online. Wait for at least two hours, interestingly. It seemed pretty cool to finish the task with a couple of other boats than just on your own. Once the 15-second timer is finished, make sure to control your boat to make its way through all the rings. Not all of them are alike. Some have larger hoops or big arches. So to complete the Week 8 challenges, the goal is to pass all the hoops as quickly as possible before the time runs out--or the markers will also disappear. Do not worry, though. There is a lot of time to spare during this challenge, so make sure to get in line and get the job done. As said earlier, once you find the Motorboat, you might already ace the challenge immediately. After all, what we've seen is that the finding of Motorboat is the real challenge in Week 8. Who's up for the challenge? ALSO READ: Fortnite's JoyRide: Check Out All Songs You Can Tune in Every Radio Station This article is owned by Tech Times Written by Jamie Pancho ⓒ 2018 TECHTIMES.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.