21 August 2020 12:53

Aldi Punk IPA

Beer drinkers shared Aldi's Anti Establishment IPA on Twitter. The name of Aldi's take on Brewdog Punk IPA is legendary! Loving Aldi's take down of Brewdog pic.twitter.com/6cvoQFFFCe — Graeme (@astrotomato) August 18, 2020 BrewDog co-founder James Watt responded to these claims with the news of a new brew. Watt tweeted: "Inspired by Aldi's take on Punk IPA from yesterday (Wednesday 19 August), we are making a new beer. Maybe our friends at Aldi will even sell it in their stores?" Inspired by ALDI's take on Punk IPA from yesterday, we are making a new beer.

The store then replied to Watt, suggesting a name change for the beer and asking for some samples of it. It said: "We would have gone with ALD IPA, send us a crate and we'll talk?" We would have gone with ALD IPA, send us a crate and we'll talk? — Aldi Stores UK (@AldiUK) August 20, 2020 Watt responded, taking the suggestion on board. Deal @AldiUK We have changed the name to ALD IPA & we will send a case your way. Looking forward to making this happen — James Watt (@BrewDogJames) August 21, 2020 This comes after BrewDog unveiled a new beer following Government adviser Dominic Cummings driving 260 miles amid lockdown in May. An investigation by national newspapers The Guardian ​​and The Mirror ​​found Cummings travelled to his parents' home in Durham with his wife and child.

Cummings said he had made the trip to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight before driving back to London. BrewDog beer BrewDog co-founder James Watt originally asked followers what BrewDog should call the beer. The options were Cummings & Goings, 260 Miles, Stay At Homes, or Barnard Castle Eye Test. The 'short-sighted beer for tall stories' New England Old School IPA is dry hopped with pineapple, mango and lime, with an ABV of 6%. Watt tweeted: "All profits from the sale of our latest beer, Barnard Castle Eye Test, go to funding our production of free sanitiser for the NHS and health care charities. "Over the past eight weeks, we have made and donated more than £1m worth BrewDog sanitiser to those who need it most." He said a case of the gels had been sent to 10 Downing Street with a note that "it is best enjoyed in rose gardens, while discussing all the latest cummings & goings". Fans of BrewDog have taken to Twitter to rave about Aldi's Anti Establishment IPA, housed in blue cans. Some think the beer is resemblant of BrewDog's Punk IPA and have been comparing the two. Even BrewDog's co-founder joined the action. Twitter users think the non-branded beer looks much like that of BrewDog's Punk IPA, some even believe it is a purposeful replica. One Twitter user saying: "The name of Aldi's take on Aldi vs BrewDog explained is legendary!" It is always amusing how close Aldi sail to the wind with their branding, often creating products that taste the same as the originals. Of course the reason everyone loves it is because it is retailed at half the price. This content could not be loaded The name of Aldi's take on Brewdog Punk IPA is legendary! pic.twitter.com/AY7EHCBT9Z — Joe Coleman (@JOETHECOLEMAN) August 18, 2020 Aldi vs BrewDog explained: Aldi has created an Anti Establishment IPA that fans believe to be much-like Brewdog's Punk IPA. The battle commenced as BrewDog jested they were making a new beer called 'Yaldi IPA'. Aldi is a German-owned discounted supermarket, it is well-known across England as selling replicas of other brands. The chain was founded in 1946 by brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht, when they took over their mother's shop in Essen, Germany. BrewDog is a brewery and pub chain based in Ellon, Scotland. It was founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, who have a passion for great craft beer. Aldi is a lot bigger than BrewDog, possibly why the drama turned to banter on Twitter instead of any legal action. Although some people tweeted that they don't see the resemblance, leaving fans wondering what the big deal was. BrewDog's response to the lookalike BrewDog has responded to the clone beer being sold by Aldi with a tongue in cheek tweet announcing a 'Yaldi' IPA. As usual, BrewDog was straight off the mark with a response to Aldi's rip-off version of their Punk IPA. It was predicted that BrewDog would retaliate to the viral tweets with a marketing-based response. The co-founder of BrewDog James Watt, posted on his Twitter: "I wonder what Aldi would call Elvis Juice?". James came back to Twitter later to post a hilarious picture of a BrewDog X Yaldi IPA, which is apparently coming soon. This content could not be loaded Inspired by ALDI's take on Punk IPA from yesterday, we are making a new beer. pic.twitter.com/lV5bANS5L3 — James Watt (@BrewDogJames) August 20, 2020 The branding of the fake 'Yaldi' IPA has colours on the can which look just like the Aldi branding. James wrote that Aldi inspired the design: "Inspired by ALDI's take on Punk IPA from yesterday, we are making a new beer. YALDI IPA is coming soon! Maybe our friends @AldiUK will even sell it in their stores?" BrewDog announced that their BrewDog X Yaldi IPA is coming to stores soon. Whether it's all just banter on Twitter or we can look forward to a real launch is unknown, fingers crossed we see it on the shelves soon. In other news, TikTok: What is a WASP Mom? They're taking over social media!