27 October 2020 22:31

Amrita Acharia plays Holly, the wife of Russell Tovey's character Nathan in the spooky new ITV drama.

Who plays Holly in The Sister?

Amrita Acharia is currently playing Holly Fox in ITV's psychological drama The Sister. Some viewers may recognise her from her role in Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen's handmaiden. Who is Amrita Acharia? Amrita Acharia is an actress originally from Nepal. Although she spent the first seven years of her life in Kathmandu, she has also lived in Ukraine, England and Norway.

At the age of 19, Amrita settled in the UK to study drama at London's ARLA. She rose to fame after starring in HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones as Irri. From 2017 to present, she has starred as Dr Ruby Walker in ITV's The Good Karma Hospital. This role saw her longlisted for the 2019 National Televison Awards in the Best Drama Performance category. Read more: Who plays Bob in The Sister?

Amrita is most famous for her role as Irri in Game of Thrones (Credit: HBO) Who is Holly in The Sister? Amrita Acharia plays the role of Holly Fox in the ITV drama. Holly is introduced to viewers as the sister of a missing woman Elise. We subsequently find out she has married Nathan (Russell Tovey). Nathan has been hiding a secret from his wife for over a decade. Holly is unaware of her husband's involvement in Elise's tragic death. Only his strange old acquaintance Bob seems to knows the truth. Why did Nathan marry her? Is she the sister referred to in the show's title? We can't wait to find out more! Read more: The Sister reviews: Viewers threaten to switch off over 'confusing' plot and 'mumbling' characters What has Amrita Acharia said about the role? Speaking about the show to the Radio Times, Amrita explained how just like Holly she has a younger sister. "My sister is – she's my best friend, we literally grew up being best friends and we live together now as well… so the idea of her just not being around and then – and I don't know whether she's dead or alive – it's just horrific. I literally can't imagine it. The actress also praised the plot as "fascinating" for putting ordinary people in exceptional circumstances. Amrita continued: "Then you go into this whole rabbit hole of, if this happened to me, what would I do?… It's like OK, someone has hurt my sister, what would I be capable of as a human being? Read more: The Sister ITV: Is Nathan a murderer? – The Sister episode 2 airs on ITV on Tuesday, October 27. Did you enjoy The Sister? Will you be tuning in on ITV again? The Sister arrived on ITV on October 26th and promises to be a thrilling watch but just who plays the character of Holly in The Sister? Thanks to the filming delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, ITV viewers were left with little more than repeats during the summer of 2020. Now autumn is here, new drama series are finally arriving on the channel to keep viewers on the edges of their seats. After Des, Honour and The Singapore Grip have all enthralled viewers in recent weeks, it's now the turn of new arrival, The Sister. Russell Tovey and Bertie Carvel take on the two main roles but just who plays the character of Holly in The Sister? The Sister on ITV The Sister arrived on ITV on Monday, October 26th, 2020. The four-episode series, which is based on the novel Burial by Neil Cross, tells the story of Nathan as an old acquaintance, Bob, comes back into his life, unearthing a long-hidden secret in the process. Ten years before, the two were involved in the supposed death and burial of Elise Fox but when housing developers announce plans to dig up the forest where her body is thought to be hidden, Nathan and Bob are left with the unenviable task of moving Elise's body before she's found. As ever with psychological thrillers such as The Sister, however, there are plenty of twists and turns to come. Who plays Holly in The Sister? Holly is played by Amrita Acharia in The Sister. Holly is introduced in the ITV drama as the sister of a woman who has gone missing and later marries Nathan who may well have been responsible for her sister's disappearance. Taking on the role of Holly is 33-year-old actresss Amrita Acharia. Amrita is a British actress of Nepalese and Ukranian descent through her gynaecologist father and architect mother respectively. Amrita was born in Kathmandu in Nepal and she spent time in her childhood in Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Norway owing to her parents' work. At the age of 19, Amrita settled in the United Kingdom for good to study acting and she earned a place at London's ARLA (Academy of Live and Recorded Arts). ITV Amrita Acharia: Films and TV Amrita's acting debut came in 2010 when she appeared in an episode of Casualty. However, her first major role came in the hit HBO and Sky Atlantic series, Game of Thrones, where she played a Dothraki handmaiden to Daenerys Targaryen in seasons 1 and 2 before her character was killed off by a fellow handmaiden in the city of Qarth. Since then, Amrita has gone on to appear in roles in Red Dwarf, the animated film The Missing Link and ITV's The Good Karma Hospital where she plays the character, Dr Ruby Walker. The Sister, which stars Amrita Acharia as Holly is airing each night at 9pm on ITV until Thursday, October 29th. In other news, Who plays Holly in The Sister? ITV drama welcomes familiar face Amrita Acharia THE Sister's Holly actress has teased 'extraordinarily terrible things and the stuff of nightmares' in a ghost revenge twist. Amrita Acharia plays Holly, the wife of Russell Tovey's character Nathan in the spooky new ITV drama. 5 Amrita Acharia has teased a ghostly revenge twist on The Sister Credit: EUSTON FILMS/ITV Holly has no idea that her husband was involved in the disappearance of her beloved sister Elise (Simone Ashley), three years ago. That secret, and his subsequent deceptions, are about to be exposed, and Amrita wants him - and his odd acquaintance Bob (Bertie Carvel) to get their comeuppance. 5 Amrita plays Holly, who has no idea her husband has something to do with her sister's death Credit: TV Company 5 Amrita wants Elise's ghost to haunt her husband Nathan and his friend Bob for their part in her disappearance Credit: EUSTON FILMS/ITV 5 Russell Tovey plays Nathan Credit: EUSTON FILMS/ITV Both men are being haunted - sometimes literally - by the ghost of Elise, and Amrita continued: "I just find it fascinating how absolutely ordinary people put into exceptional circumstances can do extraordinarily terrible things. "Then you go into this whole rabbit hole of, if this happened to me, what would I do?… It's like OK, someone has hurt my sister, what would I be capable of as a human being? "How angry could I get, how much – I kind of to an extent really feel like Elise's character, the character of Elise is almost relatable, because you kind of go, yeah, I feel like I would come back and haunt someone, if they'd done all that to my family." The first episode of the drama - written by Luther creator Neil Cross - left many viewers 'sleeping with the light on' or unable to sleep at all. Most read in Drama SPOOKY SISTER The cast of ITV's The Sister including Russell Tovey and Amrita Acharia wide awake The Sister viewers 'sleeping with the light on' after 'terrifying' ghost scenes sister act When does The Sister start on ITV and what is it about? WANTING MORE Will there be a series 2 of Roadkill? SCARY SPOTS The Sister filming locations - where was the ITV drama filmed? LIVING LIFE Cast of BBC drama Life including Alison Steadman and Adrian Lester 5 Nathan's deceptions are about to be revealed Credit: ITV Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Eerily gripping stuff #TheSister can't wait for tomorrow's episode.. but also I might sleep with the light on! effortless acting as always!" Another tweeted: "Well I thought #TheSister was gonna be a classic little @ITV crime drama... 1 hour later I can't sleep because I'm scared of the ghosties." A third added: "Might have to sleep with the light on now #TheSister." The Sister continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.