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  • And yet, it is not only directed by him; It is his best rated film on Rotten Tomatoes.

And yet, it is not only directed by him; It is his best rated film on Rotten Tomatoes.

the fugitive

When you think of the 90s, it may seem difficult to name a fantastic year for movies. But if we look at the last year of the decade, 1999 produced a surprising amount of iconic films. RELATED: 10 of the most accurate films based on real events Of course, there were also many cheesy and forgettable movies that came out of 1999. Here are the best movies of 1999 according to Rotten Tomatoes. Hilary Swank became a true Hollywood star in her career change role as Brandon Teena in Boys do not Cry. Although the film was not a big blockbuster, it earned Swank an Oscar for Best Actress and a nomination for Chloe Sevigny for Best Supporting Actress.

10 best movies of 1999, according to Rotten Tomatoes

The film was not without controversy with a brutal rape scene and a sex scene that had to be mitigated to escape the death sentence of an NC-17. It is still a divisive movie to this day, but it certainly won't be forgotten. Matrix it was certainly not Keanu Reeves' first action movie, but it became his most iconic movie (until John wick the series reminded everyone how good it is in this). Choice It may not be Reese Witherspoon's most remembered film, but it certainly hasn't disappeared from the cultural landscape. He even received his own Criterion release last year. RELATED: The politician: 10 best dates of the show The film would not be a big blockbuster, but received a good deal of acclaim. And if director Alexander Payne is to be believed, it is Barack Obama's favorite political film. 7 7 Being John Malkovich (93%) Spike Jonze stormed Hollywood in his first feature film, Being John Malkovich. The results are exactly what you can expect from a script by Charlie Kaufman. He may not have shot anyone else's career other than Jonze, but he was not completely ignored in the Oscar season. Even if Princess Mononoke It was the highest grossing film of 1997 in Japan, it would take a few more years before it splashed in the United States. Unfortunately, the category of Best Animated Film of the Oscars did not yet exist, so it went unnoticed in that regard here. Not bad for a movie that has come out for two decades! 5 5 American film (94%) One of the most interesting documentaries that came out of the 90s was American movie. The document follows a young filmmaker, Mark Borchardt, trying to put together his short film "Coven" and say that everything that can go wrong goes wrong. RELATED: Academy Awards: The 10 youngest actors to win an Oscar (so far!) In some ways, it is also a love letter for movie makers everywhere. It is surprising that just for that reason, the film won no more awards besides winning the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at Sundance. If you were hired today to form a trio for an unconventional robbery comedy, you probably wouldn't think of combining Marky Mark, Ice Cube and George Clooney. But in 1999, they did exactly that. Clooney, Cube and Mark play soldiers who, at the end of the Gulf War, decide to go find gold in bullion stolen from Kuwait. Directed by David O. Russell, the film received some controversy because John Ridley did not receive a screenplay credit. The film was not a great success at the box office, raising only $107.7 million against a budget of $75 million. The first animated film by director Brad Bird would be bombed at the box office in 1999, but since then it has become a cult classic. Some would even say it's his best movie. The story takes place in 1957, shortly after the Cold War, a giant robot lands on earth to be discovered by a child whose most crazy dreams of having a robot friend have come true. RELATED: Netflix: 10 Best Original Animated Movies With Vin Diesel (preFast and Furious days) in the title role, The iron Giant It holds better than more than a few animated films of the 1990s. When you think of David Lynch, you probably don't think about this movie. And yet, it is not only directed by him; It is his best rated film on Rotten Tomatoes. Although Lynch has referred to her as her "most experimental film," it is perhaps the most accessible. Direct story tells the true story of Alvin Straight, who, upon learning of his brother's poor health, decides to go visit him. one Toy Story 2 (100%) It is a rather rare achievement for a film to achieve a 100% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes; It's even weirder for a sequel to get it. Toy Story 2 He defied the odds and did exactly that. When Woody is robbed in a garage sale, Buzz and the rest of the toys are going to save him. Two more sequels followed, but if the franchise ended with this entry, it would still have been a perfect duo of movies. NEXT: 10 beloved films that are now perfect pieces of the 1990s The Office: 10 funny Michael Scott Memes that only true fans will understand

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