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  • Animal Crossing lets players send Christmas gifts to others in-game as part of its holiday event.

Animal Crossing lets players send Christmas gifts to others in-game as part of its holiday event.

Animal Crossing lets players send Christmas gifts to others in-game as part of its holiday event. To send gifts, you need to be able to wrap your presents first. If you're looking for how to wrap presents in Animal Crossing, you're at the right place. Happy Toy Day, everyone! I hope you get a chance to meet up with Santa's helper Jingle today and join him in delivering gifts.

He'll be here all day long, so it's not too late to hop in and have some fun. pic.twitter.com/NdFqzFjk88 — Isabelle (@animalcrossing) December 24, 2020 To send presents to your friends, first, you have to visit the friend you're planning to exchange gifts with. You can also ask your friend to come to your island. Once done, both players will be registered for mail delivery. Go to the right of Orville in Dodo Airlines to find a display with cards on it.

When you're at the display, you'll be provided with the option to send a letter for 200 Bells. You'll also be able to customize, decorate your letter or leave a note. Once you're done attaching the note, you'll find the option to attach a present in the bottom-right of your screen. That's all you need to do share the joy of the festive season with your friends. Animal Crossing's famous Toy Day comes to New Horizons. What's different? What does Jingle want? Why does everyone suddenly need you to build things? Today, December 24, is Toy Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you've never played Animal Crossing before, Toy Day is the game's non-denominational (yet clearly Christmas-inspired) one day holiday. Now, in the age of the internet you can only access this event today and today only. Setting your system to this date any other time will just give you a cold day on the island. When you first get in the game, the always charming Isabelle, adorned in a festive hat, will announce the appearance of a "certain someone" showing up on the island. That certain someone is Jingle, Animal Crossing's jolliest seasonal NPC and quite possibly my favorite. Especially when the other seasonal NPCs include a turkey that teaches you other things to eat for Thanksgiving so you don't consider eating him and a "bunny" that…just…will forever exist in my psyche waiting to wake me up randomly on a quiet night. When you first encounter Jingle the charming "black-noses reindeer" gives you a duplicate of his magic bag and tasks you with giving out a give to all 10 animals that live on your island. Sadly you can't give it to the other NPCs which I found out as I attempted to give a gift to my girl Sable only to not have that option. Once you have found all 10 residents, you can return to Jingle and let him know you're done. He'll gift you with a set of holiday stockings and suggest you hang them on the walls of your home stating that you might find something in them tomorrow (I'll report back after I test this tomorrow) if you do. Then he'll say he has a few more gifts to give out but he needs festive wrapping paper which he forgot at home. Luckily, he remembers that you can DIY practically anything and asks you to make him some wrapping paper. He gives you the recipe and asks for three rolls of paper. Each one takes one of each of the three ornaments. Red, gold and blue. Luckily you can shake a single tree till you get eight ornaments so you can probably get enough by just violently throttling two trees. Once that's done bring the wrapping paper back to Jingle and he'll reward you with the huge replica of Santa's sleigh that is shown at the top of this article. Afterward, if you've been collecting the gift items from Nook's, you can wrap those and gift the other people on your island with them. In exchange, they'll gift you as well. It doesn't do too much but it does allow you to improve relations with your villagers in a big way so it might be worth doing it. All in all, it is a pretty cute day. It doesn't really ask a lot of you and it's kinda charming just going around and finding everyone on your island and making them happy. Plus, it led to the best line I've ever seen. When I went to give a gift to my beloved squirrel Hazel, she sees that bag and reminded me, "Are you a plain-clothed Santa? You have to tell me if you are." It may be my favorite weird line I've encountered.