16 May 2019 10:27

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Runners and riders: Full list of candidates running for election in ABC Council area

There are a total of 72 candidates running for 41 seats in the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council. Both Sinn Fein and the DUP are fielding 15 candidates while the Ulster Unionists are lining up 13. The SDLP have ten in place, while the Alliance Party are fielding a candidate in each DEA with seven in total. The TUV have put forward three candidates while Aontú and UKIP will hope to gain two seats each. Jackie Donnelly Sinn Féin Garath Keating Sinn Féin Darren McNally Sinn Féin Paul Greenfield DUP Vincent McAleenan Sinn Féin Kevin Savage Sinn Féin Catherine Nelson Sinn Féin Michael Tallon Sinn Féin Brona Haughey Sinn Féin Tony Gorrell Sinn Féin Paul Rankin DUP Kyle Savage UUP Keith Haughian Sinn Féin Liam Mackle Sinn Féin Noel McGeown Sinn Féin Sorchá McGeown Sinn Féin Paul Duffy Sinn Féin Callum Ó'Dufaigh Sinn Féin Mom Told Baby With Enlarged Head Won't Survive—50 Surgeries Later, She's Full of Life She underwent more than 50 surgeries, but despite her difficult condition, she still has a love for life.

Little Lydia Rankin is an example of a life filled with suffering from the very beginning. At the 20-week ultrasound, doctors told Lydia's parents, Ruth and Paul Rankin, that their baby wouldn't survive the birth, and if she did, she would live a few weeks at most. Lydia-Joy when she was 3 days old xx Posted by Ruth Rankin on Saturday, September 29, 2012 Today Lydia had her fitting for a new seat,both me and Paul Rankin got tears of joy when we saw Lydia in it,she was giggling and chattering away in Lydia's language xx Posted by Ruth Rankin on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 During the first four years of her life, Lydia had to undergo 40 operations. We've been told three times in her life she was going to die but she's a strong ox. Paul is my rock and we are just living each day as it comes. From day one he said, 'Ruth, I just know she is going to be with us for a long time,'" Lydia's mom, Ruth, said in 2015, according to the Mirror. As a mother I can't begin to tell you what it's like," said Ruth. Lydia today laughing hysterically at Max barking xx Posted by Ruth Rankin on Friday, February 15, 2013 But despite the amount of suffering Lydia experiences, she still has a love of life and gives her parents so much joy. "We are strong and Lydia loves life. Lydia loving her first session at Hope school xx Posted by Ruth Rankin on Thursday, September 20, 2012 Living with a child with such a difficult condition is certainly challenging, but Ruth and Paul love Lydia so very much. Every day Paul and I wake up with Lydia we think, 'Yes!' We might not get her to five years old, we might not get her to six, but we live for now and take each day as it comes," said Ruth. She as you all know has been through a lot,she has had over 50 operations, she has… Posted by Ruth Rankin on Sunday, April 15, 2018 By the grace of God, Lydia has lived past 5, 6 years old. She as you all know has been through a lot,she has had over 50 operations, she has been on the brink of death on occasions, where at least 6 times doctors have pulled the curtains round and told us this is the end of the road for Lydia!!!!!!" Ruth wrote. It's not up to man to take away GOD WILL CALL HER WHEN HE IS READY ….," Ruth continued. A man and woman in the other vehicle, a Volvo XC60, were taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries. Expressing his shock and sadness at yet another fatal crash on the busy road, local DUP councillor Paul Rankin said: "My deepest sympathies and prayers are with the family of victim of the most recent A1 crash." The venue - which was formerly owned by Paul Adams and footballer Steven Gerrard - will trade seamlessly under the new management from today (April 2) and will relaunch as The Metropolitan Bar & Grill Rooms later in the year. His CV includes time with Tom Aikens, Paul Rankin and David Adlard. In fact, all over the world, organisations involved in working at height face huge safety and skills gaps, and the Middle East is no exception. Managing director of the Middle East and international at Rapid Access, Paul Rankin, says the most common safety process that is ignored by contractors is the investment in continuous education. "AWPs are recognised as the safest means of working at height, but the most important service we offer our customers is education," he says, according to Construction Week's sister title PMV Middle East. "Improving site safety is as much about educating company management to make the right decisions, select the right equipment, and ensure the correct processes and procedures are in place, as it is about ensuring operators are qualified to operate machines." Since the beginning of [2018], almost 100 customers have started to use our SkySentry product to help improve their site operations. Rapid Access, which has been operating in the Middle East since the 1990s, has emerged as a reliable supplier of training related to working at height, and says that more than 50% of Middle East operators have received training through the company's programmes. Rankin says the company's rental fleet has grown 40%, to more than 4,000 AWPs, representing about three in every 10 AWPs in the Middle East. We serve as consultants for working at height operations," Rankin adds. Since 2011, Rapid Access has developed more than 25 products to increase safety and efficiency, or to tackle specific customer problems. Since the beginning of [2018], almost 100 customers have started to use our SkySentry product to help improve their site operations," Rankin says. Paul Rankin, Rapid Access [image: pmvmiddleeast.com]. He adds that most of the emerging product development and technological advancements in the AWP industry will be in the fields of electrical systems, and maintenance procedures that will benefit the rental market, similar to those found in the automotive industry. This is important because the number of companies providing AWP rental solutions has increased in recent years, reflecting the increasing standards of health and safety, and the growing awareness about AWPs within the region, he explains. The AWP rental market is growing globally, and there is no reason to expect the Middle East to perform any differently, Rankin adds. He expects that regional AWP fleets will continue to shift towards smaller-sized equipment, as companies become more aware of the efficiency and safety benefits of AWPs in areas such as the facilities management and mechanical and electrical sectors.