23 November 2020 22:35

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It signaled the president-elect's intention to fill his cabinet with officials who served alongside him in Barack Obama's administration. Mr Obama said: "You're seeing a team develop that I have great confidence in." The former president called Mr Blinken "outstanding, smart, gracious, a skilled diplomat, well regarded around the world." However, Mr Biden's choice of Mr Blinken as chief diplomat was also an indication of how starkly different his view of post-Brexit Britain may be to that of Donald Trump. Mr Blinken is a fluent French speaker who spent some of his formative intellectual years living in Paris. He offered his assessment of Brexit on a podcast, hosted by fellow Obama administration alumni, in March last year. At the time, Theresa May was trying to force her Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament.

Tony Blinken nominated by Joe Biden for Secretary of State

"This is not just the dog that caught the car," Mr Blinken said. "This is the dog that caught the car, and the car goes into reverse, and runs over the dog. And it's a total mess. "It's awful tough to walk that line between interfering in someone else's politics, but also standing up for your own interests, and our interest clearly would have been keeping Britain in."