19 October 2020 22:38

Are you looking forward to digging into new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix?

john p. wheeler iii

Now On Netflix: Ranking 'Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2' From Worst To Best Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2 has landed on Netflix. In Volume 2, Netflix entrusts a series of established documentarians to tell these stories their way. Death Row Fugitive (Dir. by Robert M. Running from justice for nearly 50 years, cracking into the top 15 of America's Most Wanted, and being a confessed child killer who was rumored to be working with kids, Eubanks should be caught. It's wise to focus an Unsolved Mysteries episode on him.

john p. wheeler iii

However, my years of watching the original series suggest there was a way to tell this story that focused on relevant info and action, as opposed to taking wild swings that ultimately promote the prison industrial complex's dehumanizing view of its inmates. Death in Oslo, (Dir. by Robert M. In a posh hotel room in 1995 Norway, a mysterious white woman is found dead by a gunshot wound to her forehead. She booked the room under the name, "Jennifer Fairgate." Yet who she is and how she ended up there is a mystery that persists. This episode follows one journalist who is determined to find answers and her true identity.

Wise's background is in true-crime TV, where he's helmed episodes of Unusual Suspects, The Family That Slays Together, and Deadly Dentists. However, these shows tend to deal in solved cases, which might explain why he struggles with a story structure here. The case is morbidly intriguing, including strange details like clothing robbed of its tags, a unique gun-grip, and a double-locked door. In the classic format, it's easy to imagine this story scratching at such wild theories before sweeping into a fresh vignette. Washington Insider Murder (Dir. by Don Argott) In this 47-minute episode, he aims to breakdown the confounding murder case of former White House aide John "Jack" Wheeler, whose body was found in a Delaware landfill in 2010. Interviews with police, press, and Wheeler's family paint a portrait of a passionate man, who battled mental health issues and may have made powerful enemies. Then, video footage recounts the strange movements on his last days, before ending in a plea for new evidence. It's competently done, balancing tribute to the lost man with details on the enigmas he left behind. Lady in the Lake (Dir. by Skye Borgman) Skye Borgman helmed the much-talked-about Netflix doc, Abducted In Plain Sight, which told a harrowing story of gaslighting, child abduction, and rape. Here, she employs that empathy along with a thoughtful examination of the evidence to walk through the final steps of JoAnn Romain, who went missing in Grosse Pointe one cold, dark night in 2010. The police were quick to dismiss the case as a suicide. However, Romain's family pleads their case with the help of experts in an episode that shines fresh light on the decade-old mystery. Much like in Volume 1's Mystery on the Rooftop, the details here are too strange to just dismiss. However, as she actually knew her mother and those she accuses, this speculation doesn't feel strained or cringe-y like that seen in Death In Oslo. Stolen Kids (Dir. by Jessica Dimmock) Jessica Dimmock formerly helmed Netflix's Flint Town, a doc series that followed Flint Michigan's police force. Here, she takes on cases of child abduction that are strikingly similar. Dimmock transports us to this tragic time with archival news footage and interviews with the mothers who, thirty-one-years later, still hold out hope they'll be reunited with their sons. Like Death Row Fugitive, this episode is heartbreaking, involving a child ripped away from their family and interviews with those still aching from this heinous loss. Then, Dimmock offers cause for hope, pointing to a recent case where a baby snatched from a hospital grew up and found her birth parents on her own. Finally, the episode ends with how you can help, a touchstone of this franchise that feels beautifully hopeful here. Careful artist renderings are offered, hoping you can help reunite a family. Tsunami Spirits (Dir. by Clay Jeter) However, where Death Row Fugitive feels fueled by blind fury, Tsunami Spirits is spun from sadness and remembrance. In new interviews, survivors recount their stories. Stories of the supernatural have long been an integral part of Unsolved Mysteries. Instead, Jeter leans on the monk, who offers oversight, emotion, and a defiant serenity as he shares his stories. But it wouldn't be Unsolved Mysteries without a skeptic. We are a town poor in much, but rich in ghost stories. Their ghost stories were new to me, yet familiar. They spoke to a terror and tenderness I know all too well. For we did not fear the ghosts, just as few of those in the episode do. Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 2 hits Netflix in October 19. While most Netflix originals are released later in the week, the streaming giant delivered a present to true crime fans on Monday morning. As soon as the calendar flipped to Monday, October 19th, Netflix released a brand new installment of the popular Unsolved Mysteries revival series. The new season consists of six brand new episodes, each with another mystery for viewers to try and wrap their heads around. This new batch of episodes comes just a couple of months after the first season was released on Netflix. The reboot of the classic true crime series was an instant hit upon its Netflix debut over the summer. Unsolved Mysteries became a staple of the Netflix Top 10 for a couple weeks after it premiered. This new season deals with cases involving missing persons, unexpected deaths, and spiritual sightings. Below, you can check out all six titles and descriptions for the new Unsolved Mysteries episodes. Police find the body of former White House aide Jack Wheeler in a landfill. Security footage captures strange events in the days leading up to his death. Years later, her identity — and her death — remain a mystery. "Death Row Fugitive" A search turned up nothing — but their families haven't given up hope. Are you looking forward to digging into new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix? Which of the new cases sounds the most interesting? Let us know in the comments! Both seasons of Unsolved Mysteries are now available to stream on Netflix.