16 September 2020 18:30

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Kanye West Posted A Video Of Himself Peeing On A Grammy Award

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Kanye West isn't easing up off his push for Black ownership in enterprise, or his gripes about not getting a chance to own the masters to his songs. In his new Twitter rant, he says, "We sat back and watched Nick Cannon get canceled and we go to play ball in a bubble with black lives matter on our backs... there is no NBA or music industry without black people... Insisting he's made "multi billions," Kanye says he's one of the few who can openly speak on this issue without repercussion--the implication being he's rich enough to where he doesn't have to worry about a record label trying to muzzle him. Ye brings the convo back to himself and his own fight for ownership of his master recordings, blasting Universal Music Group and alleging they won't even give him a chance to buy them outright--because he feels they know he can probably afford them.

Kanye West tweeted an eight-second video that shows what appears to be him urinating on a Grammy Award. The no-sound video point-of-view shows someone with white and black shoes urinating on a Grammy Award thrown into a toilet. West leaked his Universal contracts Prior to this tweet, West released a series of screenshots that document his ten Universal contracts. Originally, West attempted to release his ten Universal contracts in one PDF, but he later tweeted, "I have to tweet page by page The PDF is not loading on twitter." Before individually tweeting screenshots of his contracts, West explained the two-hour time gap between his announcement and the actual screenshots. For the next 20 minutes, West shared his various contracts one by one.

West also hinted that he'll be releasing new music, but when he uploaded the first song, it just appeared as a title, "01 This Is The Glory – 07.14.20 Ye Edit.mp3" with no download. Before releasing the urinating video, West tweeted, "ALL THE MUSICIANS WILL BE FREE." Shortly after posting the video, West released the contact information for Randall Forbes, the editor of Forbes, after calling him a "white supremacist." His last tweet in the series of tweet reads, "HI GUYS … TRUST ME WE WILL NOT STOP." READ NEXT: Kanye West Accuses Sony & Universal of Slavery KANYE West has shared a video which appears to show him peeing on his grammy, after placing it in the toilet bowl. The rapper, who has taking to Twitter in the last few days to hit out at the record industry, shared the video, and added: "Trust me, I won't stop." 9 Kanye shared video of his Grammy in the toilet His tweet came after he had put record label Universal on blast, alleging he had signed over 10 contracts with the label and that they had tried to "bury him alive." He also put a call out to nemesis Taylor Swift, asking for her support as he tries to obtain his masters. Taylor famously was not allowed to buy back her masters from Big Machine Records before they sold the company to Scooter Braun. 9 Taylor famously tried to buy back her masters in 2019 Credit: AP:Associated Press A third tweet read: "The artist deserve to own our masters...

Posting a screengrab of unofficial merchandise which simply read "Kim is my lawyer," Kanye added the side eye emoji and wrote: "Uh ohhhh." 9 The family of four have been dealing with Kanye's decision to make private issues public Credit: Refer to Caption The drama continued when the rapper claimed on Twitter that he had been trying to divorce Kim for two years and accused the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star of having an affair with Meek Mill. 9 Kim and Kanye wed in 2014 Credit: Refer to Caption Kanye West is still going at it on Twitter, making it difficult to keep up with his rapidly firing thoughts. After sharing over 100 pages of his various business contracts with Universal Music Group/Sony, Ye took it up a notch and decided to really symbolize how much disdain he has for the music industry. On Wednesday morning (September 16), amid his flurry of tweets, Ye shared a video of himself urinating on one of his 21 Grammy Awards. He also shared his phone number and wrote in the since-deleted tweet, "If any of my fans want to call a white supremacist … this is the editor of Forbes" Kanye just put Forbes on blast pic.twitter.com/gNcm1AgaAG — Silvver8Jakke (@28Jake_) September 16, 2020 Kanye believes calling out UMG and Sony will make a significant impact on how all other artists are treated. In one of his Twitter sprees, he asked for anyone signed to the label to volunteer their contracts so he can help get them out of them. related news Big Sean Volunteers To Let Kanye West Sort Out His Sony/Universal Contract September 15, 2020 Ye explained God gave him this mission in another tweet, writing, "THIS MOMENT IS GOING TO CHANGE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY FOR GOOD … I FEEL SO HUMBLED AND BLESSED THAT GOD HAS PUT ME IN A STRONG ENOUGH PETITION TO DO THIS … EVERYONE KEEP PRAYING … ITS WORKING … I AM ON MY KNEES THIS MORNING." "OK GUYS CHECK THIS OUT … I DONT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH UNIVERSAL … I HAVE TEN Rolling on the floor laughing THEY TRY TO BURRY US ALIVE."