24 August 2020 12:43

Asuka beat Sasha Banks at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday night to become a two-time Raw women's champion.

In the second emotionally charged match of the night, Dominik Mysterio sought to repay the torment, physical and emotional agony dealt his family by Seth Rollins. The Monday Night Messiah, always taunting, sported tights similar to the Phantom design worn by Rey Mysterio at the 1997 Halloween Havoc pay-per-view against Eddie Guerrero. A spurt of lucha libre-style offense from Dominik gave way to a no-nonsense barrage by Rollins, who then introduced a kendo stick to the match. Rollins wrestled control of the match and continued to taunt Rey at ringside. Dominik unleashed a kendo-stick attack, retaliating against Rollins for a similar assault two weeks ago by breaking the weapon over the former world champion's back.

The fight spilled onto the ropes, where Rollins delivered a superplex, then followed up immediately with a Falcon Arrow for a near-fall as cameras caught a concerned look on the face of the babyface's mother, Angie. The heel retrieved his own kendo stick and unloaded on Dominik, daring Rey to save his son. Rollins teased confronting Mrs. Mysterio when an incensed Dominik attacked. Another 619 left The Messiah stunned but a frog splash attempt ended with Dominik crashing into his rival's knees. The heel again taunted Rey, delivering a stomp to Dominik just feet from the future Hall of Famer, and Rollins took the win to a chorus of boos.

Rollins defeated Dominik WWE returned to the ThunderDome for last night's SummerSlam 2020 pay-per-view, booking two major title changes. The first was Asuka defeating Sasha Banks to become RAW Women's Champion. 'The Empress of Tomorrow' had already lost to SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley in the night's opener but unseated Banks when 'The Role Model' moved away from a hip attack, declining the bullet for Sasha like 'The Boss' had done for her earlier in the night, allowing an Asuka Lock via Banks Statement reversal - because apparently this storyline is incapable of delivering a single clean finish. This came via multiple Sisters Abigails delivered to the ring's exposed wooden boards after Strowman had cut the canvas open, and served as a backdrop for Roman Reigns' comeback. The night's other title fights saw successful defences for United States Champion Apollo Crews vs.

MVP, RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits against Andrade and Angel Garza, and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Asuka beat Sasha Banks at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday night to become a two-time Raw women's champion. The match against Banks was the second of two bouts on the night for The Empress of Tomorrow, as she won a triple-brand Battle Royal on SmackDown to earn a shot at the blue brand's title against Bayley as well. Bayley attempted to involve herself in the match from the ring apron but ate an elbow from Asuka for her efforts. That left her unable to aid Banks when the champion was stuck in the Asuka Lock.

After the match, Bayley appeared to be apologetic toward Banks in the ring, but it remains to be seen whether their friendship will be impacted by events at SummerSlam. The clash between Banks and Asuka was their third singles meeting since last month, as they previously wrestled at Extreme Rules and then again on Raw. Their Extreme Rules match ended in controversy, as Asuka inadvertently misted the referee, resulting in Bayley stealing his shirt and then counting the pin in favor of Banks. The Boss left with the Raw women's title, but her win was not official. Stephanie McMahon announced that in order to determine the true champion, Asuka and Banks would face each other on Raw with the added stipulation that the title could be won by any means, including disqualification or count-out. Banks won by count-out and claimed the title in the process. While she didn't really beat Asuka fair and square, it was enough to earn her a fifth reign as Raw women's champion. With Asuka losing the title and her best friend in the process, she made it clear that she had revenge on her mind and wanted a rematch for the Raw Women's Championship. On the go-home episode of Raw prior to SummerSlam, Banks and Bayley teamed up against Asuka and Shayna Baszler in a tag match. Baszler made Bayley tap out, which meant Banks and The Role Model entered SummerSlam without momentum on their side. That put the champions in a difficult position, but Asuka had a big challenge ahead of her in her own right with two huge matches on the same night. Despite the uphill climb, Asuka beat Banks for the Raw title at SummerSlam, meaning The Boss' unfortunate pattern of short championship reigns has continued. However, Banks and Bayley will need to put any issues from Sunday to one side ahead of their defense of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at Payback next weekend. The WWE staged their annual SummerSlam event on Sunday night - albeit in front of no fans at the Amway Centre. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the likes of Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Braun Strowman were forced to ply their trade inside an empty arena - although a number of wrestling fanatics were present virtually. Next up was a SmackDown Women's Championship showdown between Bayley and Asuka, with the former coming out on top. And after Bayley claimed victory, Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks jumped Asuka and slammed her to the mat in an attempt to gain an edge ahead of her own clash with The Empress of Tomorrow later in the evening. In Raw's Tag Team Championship Match, The Street Profits picked up a victory over Angel Garca and Andrade, which came before a crucial No DQ, Loser Leaves WWE match between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Seth Rollins then emerged victorious in his Street Fight against Dominik Myterio, son of WWE legend Rey Mysterio. And in her second outing of the evening, Asuka became Raw Women's Champion by toppling Banks in a stunning tap-out victory. Drew McIntyre locked horns with Randy Orton in a bout for the WWE Championship and the Scot retained his title, countering his opponent's RKO attempt with a backslide for the win. Then came the main event of the evening - a Falls Count Anywhere dust-up between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship. Wyatt's hand was raised at the end of the contest thanks to a uranage and consecutive Sister Abigails, but Roman Reigns then came from nowhere to spear the new champion while also unleashing a beating on Strowman.