01 October 2020 18:34

At launch, Star Wars: Squadrons contains two multiplayer modes: Dogfights and Fleet Battles.

EA's tenure as keeper of the license might have been sparse, but it's been more hit than miss, and after the enjoyable Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, fans will be hoping that Star Wars Squadrons can keep that (Kessel) run going. The prologue to the game's single player campaign takes place just after the destruction Alderaan is destroyed, introducing you to Imperial pilot Lindon Javes who, in somewhat expected fashion, doesn't stay with the Empire for long, what with them being, you know, the bad guys. The main body of the story skips ahead four years to after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, giving you dual perspectives from the eyes of your customisable characters, each from a different side of the conflict, set amongst the Republic's first steps from beyond the Imperial cosh. It certainly looks, feels and sounds like Star Wars, with some excellent voice-acting performances from the cast, but it can feel a little samey at times, with the limited tactical options afforded by the storyline and AI simply unable to reach the same dogfighting ability as you would experience against human pilots in the central multiplayer modes. There's two multiplayer modes for you to take your X-Wing or TIE Fighter into, with Dogfights being your standard, team-deathmatch-in-space type affair, placing two teams of five into a zero-gravity arena to duke it out.

Fans of the classic Star Wars flight combat games like TIE Fighter and X-Wing vs. Fleet Battles expand the scope from the standard Dogfights, touted as a game of tug of war with capital ships. Built on the fundamentals from Dogfights, Fleet Battles is a multi-stage, objective based mode, with the aim being to ultimately take down the opposition's flagship. It's similar to Star Wars Battlefront II's Starfighter Assault mode, but with a push and pull between sides instead of one side always being on the attack or defence. The mode is fleshed out by AI fighters so they do still feel like large scale encounters, though it's a shame it couldn't all be populated with huge numbers of players instead – Battlefront II's Starfighter Assault featured 12v12 battles alongside AI ships, for comparison.

Star Wars Squadron releases with full cross-play across every platform and control setup. When you're nipping through the debris of a rotting space hulk, or narrowly avoiding meteors with an opponent on your tail, Star Wars Squadrons makes you feel like the most incredible pilot that ever lived. There's two earned currencies that you receive from taking part in multiplayer battles, though you don't necessarily need to be playing against other human beings. This is a review in progress, and we're going to spend more time with Star Wars Squadrons so that we can experience a full set of multiplayer servers before putting a final score on it. "Star Wars" flight sims were massively popular in the '90s and early 2000s, but it's been over 15 years since we've seen a full-fledged title featuring starfighter combat.

Fortunately, EA noticed how positively players responded to the Starfighter Assault mode in Star Wars Battlefront II and tasked Motive Studios with creating Star Wars: Squadrons. Suffice it to say that this is a much different kind of adventure that won't appeal to everyone — some players want to become Jedi, after all, but others want to feel as though they're actively involved in the space battles that make "Star Wars" the blockbuster franchise it is today. We went hands-on with a retail code of Star Wars: Squadrons to play several single-player campaign missions and a block of multiplayer to bring you our first impressions of the game. Star Wars: Squadrons for Xbox One (starting at $39.98; amazon.com or gamestop.com Star Wars: Squadrons includes a single-player campaign that stretches over a prologue and 14 missions in addition to two online modes. No matter what takes place in Star Wars: Squadrons, we knew that the Empire would surrender, and roughly 30 years later, the sequel trilogy will occur.

Multiplayer is the central focus of Star Wars: Squadrons, and it features two modes at launch. Each side in Star Wars: Squadrons features four ships: a fighter, interceptor, bomber and support ship. The Imperial and New Republic ships differ in some ways but are well balanced from what we've played so far. It's unfortunate that Star Wars: Squadrons is so limited in its ship selection, though. For its flaws, it's a great callback to the "Star Wars" flight sims of yore, and anyone who loved Rogue Squadron or TIE Fighter will feel right at home here. Star Wars: Squadrons release time news from EA Early review scores look positive for Star Wars Squadrons, which has a release date set for Friday, October 2, 2020. The latest Star Wars game from EA may not be launching against a raft of AAA titles this week but there's certainly a lot of different games being planned for the coming weeks. But it's hard to find much on the list that fits the niche of Star Wars Squadrons, so we expect there will be a lot of interest in finding out when the new space game takes flight. WHEN STAR WARS SQUADRONS COMING OUT ON PS4, XBOX ONE AND PC? Developers EA Motive has confirmed that Star Wars: Squadrons has a release date set for Friday, October 2, 2020. Every other platform gets access at midnight based on your respective region." Star Wars Squadrons isn't only a single-player affair, with options available to group up and cause some real interstellar trouble. Instead, the developer is branching out to encompass robust games in other genres to create experiences that tap into our fantasies about the Star Wars universe, like becoming a Jedi or piloting an X-Wing. With a solid story, tough but rewarding and immersive gameplay and dynamic multiplayer modes, Star Wars: Squadrons stands out from every Star Wars game released over the last decade. Meanwhile, the New Republic has to decide how much it's going to be like the Empire as they attempt to retain control with the help of a secret weapon. For the hardcore fans, the story even includes some recognizable characters like Hera from Star Wars Rebels and Wedge Antilles from A New Hope, as well as a ton of Easter eggs towards other Star Wars games, books, and comics. It justifies itself within the larger Star Wars narrative and feels like a story that needed to be told. It successfully does what not only made the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter games great, but what made titles like Ace Combat and Wing Commander entertaining as well. Once players are in a dogfight, the entire game in and out of the cockpit plays out from the first-person perspective. 'Star Wars: Squadrons' is an intense game that will have players managing all aspects of their Starfighter. At launch, Star Wars: Squadrons contains two multiplayer modes: Dogfights and Fleet Battles. For those without voice chat, Star Wars: Squadrons does feature a ping system to communicate. All of 'Star Wars: Squadrons' gameplay is from a first-person view. Star Wars: Squadrons is exactly what you think it is: a no-frills space combat game set in the world of Star Wars. Star Wars: Squadrons will be released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 2, 2020.