25 December 2019 02:43

Banksy Bethlehem Christmas Day

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Our specialist operational management and... A new era in car warranties When a car breaks down, it can mean cost and stress for the driver, something... We were going to wish you a wonderful Christmas but then we realised, why do it ourselves when we can ask the best festive pooches on the internet to do it instead? It wouldn't be a Wamiz article if it didn't contain at least some (okay, lots of) pictures of dogs and as it's the most festive day of the whole year, we got in touch with a few of our four-legged friends to ask them to wish you the best Christmas ever. All that's left for you to do is choose your favourite.

Heck, it's Christmas, you can have them all! 1. This Lab invited Santa along to wish you a Happy Christmas This little pup travelled all the way to the North Pole to get Santa to wish you a Happy Christmas, THAT'S how much she cares. 2. This lady got an extra tree because she thinks you're worth it One tree is not enough to wish you a Merry Christmas, she told us, so she got two. 3. This Yorkie knew that she'd be the best present This little Yorkie tried to wrap herself up and give herself to you as a pressie but she got into a bit of a mess with the Sellotape so went for a stocking instead. She says Merry Christmas by the way. 4. These dogs decided that you're Santa's fourth favourite They heard that Santa was choosing his favourites and knew that you were next on the list. 5. This little boy is here to crack nuts, if you require it This gorgeous floof heard that you might eat nuts at Christmas so he's put his best nutcracker costume on and will be very much available should you require his nut cracking services. 6. This gorgeous girl has some festive fashion advice Insta sensation Margaret understands only too well the problems of choosing the right outfit for your festive parties, it's why she's on hand to offer advice. 7. These three for the price of one pooches These gorgeous doggies wanted to wish you the best Christmas ever so they got together to do it. 8. This pup who wants to eat ALLL the festive snacks This gorgeous boy loves Christmas because there's an endless supply of snacks and an endless stream of guests who just might give him some. He wanted to wish you a snack-filled festive season. 9. This pooch guaranteed to melt your heart This little boy is being the very goodest boy and lying here quietly should you wish to stroke his tummy. He's dressed up for the occasion and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. This is a real-life Wamiz dog and he's wishing you a Merry Christmas right now As it's Christmas, this pooch Pablo has put on a festive jumper and covered himself in fairy lights especially to wish all Wamiz readers the absolute best day.