21 May 2020 16:39

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A huge sinkhole has appeared on a road in Walsall – sparking traffic chaos. The gaping hole suddenly opened up on a section of Stafford Street, outside homes, on Thursday, May 21. Dramatic pictures show the massive sinkhole cordoned off by police tape after the incident at around 2.30pm. It currently isn't known what has cause the road to collapse but Walsall Council and West Midlands Police have been contacted for more information. Buses from National Express West Midlands are also being diverted as a result of the dramatic hole, which has been described as a 'black hole'.

This is a live blog and will be updated regularly. The hole opened up in Stafford Street after part of the road was seen to be sinking next to Tyre City this morning. The road has been closed at the junction with Proffitt Street and police are at the scene managing traffic. Councillor Matt Ward, who represents the Blakenall ward, said the hole appeared to be due to a collapsed sewer. He said: "Earlier this morning I reported the road in Stafford Street was sinking.

"I headed into Walsall at about 9.45am and I noticed a dip in the road, like a roller coaster, so I contacted the council. "The cars were going down and then up as they went over it. The sinkhole. "We've then had an email to say the road has collapsed and they believe it's due to a collapsed sewer. "The road is going to remain closed for some time. "I didn't expect as much to collapse, it's like a huge crater. Stafford Street, Walsall. Photo: Peter R Downing "Thankfully nobody has been injured as a result, the road's really really busy usually. Advertising "Hopefully it gets sorted out as quickly as possible." Earlier this morning I reported the road in Stafford Street was sinking. It appears to be a collapsed sewer that's caused the problem. Please avoid this area. pic.twitter.com/HbCVy28pJT — Matt Ward (@MWWalsall) May 21, 2020 A spokesman for Walsall Council said: "Our Highways Team are attending to a void that has opened up on Stafford Street in Walsall. "The large hole in the carriageway is believed to have been caused by a collapsed sewer. "The road is being closed to ensure the safety of the travelling public and Severn Trent are expected to be on site later today. "Traffic is being diverted via Leamore Lane, Green Lane and Court Way and turnings from the Ring Road onto Stafford Street will be closed to north bound traffic. "We would ask that drivers also avoid Hospital Street to prevent congestion and unnecessary delays to their journey." Severn Trent has been contacted for comment.


Gareth Kaur May 21 2020 16:46
The Republican National Committee (RNC) has been caught supporting the progressive left-wing billionaire George Soros through its data and analytics firm, Data Trust. The group, which was founded by Democratic activist George Soros, was used by the DNC to collect data on voters in key states. In a revelation uncovered by Mother Jones, the RNC was using Data Trust to collect data on voters in key states
Frances O'Connor-Lloyd May 21 2020 16:51
The British government has warned that major internet service providers could be forced to hand over user communications and data to the National Security Agency, the Guardian has learned. The government has emerged as "the biggest threat to civil liberties in the digital age", according to the former head of GCHQ
Janice Davidson May 21 2020 16:56
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Results: Walsall F.C. EFL League One Walsall F.C. EFL League Two Walsall F.C. EFL League Three Walsall F.C. EFL League Four Walsall F.C
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The requirements for a successful residential tenancy are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act 1991 (TSCA). Treatment of tenants The Residential Tenancies Act 1991 (TSCA) applies to all residential premises including private rentals, lodgers' accommodation and accommodation for visitors. In terms of the TSCA, the tenancy must be in the tenant's name and must be registered and subject to the terms of the tenancy agreement
Alexander Taylor May 21 2020 17:16
Do you think it's a good chance for you to represent Walsall or a chance for you to represent Barnsley? Do you think you'll get more playing time in the EFL League One or League Two? What are you most looking forward to during a pre-season with the Walsall F.C. Walsall F.C. Walsall F.C
Toby Hunt May 21 2020 17:21
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Olivia Thomas-Newman May 21 2020 17:26
The world's first full-length animated documentary from the Turkish director Orhan Pamuk is set to be shown in Turkey, it has been confirmed. The movie, entitled The Change, is set to air on the Turkish television channel NTV on November 16, and will have a length of about 75 minutes
Dominic Gibbs May 21 2020 17:31
Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Share this article: Tweet 0 Better late than never. The most recent news was that Barnsley have signed former Manchester City and Leicester City striker Marko Arnautovic. Arnautovic has left his current club, Stuttgart, for the Championship club. He joined the Bundesliga side in 2011 after a spell at Bundesliga side Hoffenheim
Stanley Dale May 21 2020 17:36
"I guess I have to say I'm not very happy. I think we have a lot of work to do to get back to where we want to be." "What happened last season at the beginning of the season when you lost your best player?" "Well, he's been out of contact for a long time now, so I have to think he's not at 100% as he's been away for the last two or three weeks
Anna Goddard May 21 2020 17:41
Share your thoughts below. The previous page is sending you to http://www.marketwatch
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Who are your top picks for this year's Premier League? What do you think about the teams in the next season's Championship? Do you think the Premier League has any chance of becoming the greatest league in the world? Written by: Chris Walker, editor of the EFL Premier League blog Football Manager 2017 is available now for the Xbox One
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The players booked their flights and said they would be available for Friday's match. A spokesman for the club told the BBC that the decision to miss the match was a "family matter". It follows a series of scandals involving the club's youth academy and the fitness coach, who was suspended in August. The club and the players' union said they were "deeply saddened" by the developments
Jacqueline Brown May 21 2020 17:56
Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. There is nothing I love more than a good movie. There is nothing more I love to see. If I went out and sold my car, I'd be in trouble. If I went out and bought a house, I'd be in trouble. If I went out and found a job, I'd be in trouble
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I know that I look like a nerd when I'm reading these posts, and that's because I am. I love it when people think I'm a nerd because I am. I love it when people think I'm cute, because I am. I love it when people think I'm smart, because I am
Georgia Knight May 21 2020 18:11
The Automated Vehicle Ordinance (AVO) was passed by the Manila City Council on May 1, 2017. The AVO is a comprehensive law that regulates the operation of vehicles in the city. It establishes regulations related to parking, speed limits, parking lots, and the use of certain roads. The AVO was adopted to address traffic congestion, road safety, and traffic safety
William Hall May 21 2020 18:16
It's an F.C. I would like to see. Would you like it if it was a better looking, better organised, more professional team? Yes, I would like that
christopher65 May 21 2020 18:21
What do you think about Barnsley F.C. Walsall F.C
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The History of the Middle Ages The Middle Ages was the period of the greatest intellectual and cultural achievements in Europe, but it was also a period of unparalleled violence. Europe suffered under the greatest waves of invasions, invasions, invasions, invasions, invasions and invasions
Dr. Max Edwards May 21 2020 18:31
"It's a bit of a surprise," said Luke, who is an active member of the Barrow and Looppoo League. "I'm not sure if they'll be making a play for the club, but I'm sure they'll be interested in the players. I don't think they're playing the game in the way they used to, so I think they'll be looking to recruit a few
Rosie Bird May 21 2020 18:36
Now, for the full transcript of the interview, click here. Follow the Independent Sport on Instagram here, for all of the best images, videos and stories from around the sporting world. A group of students at the University of California-Berkeley and the University of California-Irvine have created a new kind of exam that could replace high school history