08 November 2019 20:33

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clemmie hooper

To her nearly 700,000 followers on Instagram, Clemmie Hooper came across as a bubbly mother of four with an idyllic jetset life and a close-knit group of friends. The 34-year-old midwife-turned-'mumfluencer' used her Mother of Daughters account to share envy-inducing images of sun-drenched holidays and scenes of wholesome family life in her perfect Ramsgate home, interspersed with intimate confessions about marriage and motherhood. However, she has now revealed a darker side to the seeming perfection as she admitted she has been living a parallel life as an abusive troll, anonymously attacking other bloggers - and reportedly even her own husband. Her confession came after rumours began circulating that she was behind a caustic account called Aliceinwanderlust on the gossip forum Tattle.life. In recent months, the account had launched a series of withering broadsides at prominent mummybloggers.

Queen of 'mumfluencers' Clemmie Hooper unmasks herself as Instagram troll who attacked other bloggers

In one, it branded Bethie Hungerford, known on Instagram as Hungermama, as "desperate" to be part of another group of influencers, adding "[she] uses them for her podcast [and] documents every social event with them".

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clemmie hooper

Clemmie Hooper

  •  08 Nov 2019