29 November 2020 08:31

Big left hook scores for Tyson, followed by some close distance body shots.

mike tyson

Round One: Jones sticks an early jab and stays evasive. Tyson rips a hook to the body then lands an uppercut to the jaw. Right hand to the body from Tyson, then a left hook. Round Two: Tyson delivers a hard left hook high and then to the body to open the second. Leaping left hook scores for Tyson.

Tyson scores some rights in the clinch. Jones lands a left hook in close. Double left hooks finish the round for Tyson. Round Three: Jones lands an early jab, and the two end up in the clinch again. Big left hook scores for Tyson, followed by some close distance body shots. Tyson rips a left body shot. Round Four: Tyson scores a jab then falls into the clinch. Tyson lands some body shots. Right to the body from Tyson connects clean. Round Five: Double jab-right body lands for Tyson, and the two wrap up immediately. Left uppercut glances for Tyson, but Jones ties him back up. Big left hook counter scores for Tyson. Jones lands a couple jabs, back to the clinch. Tyson finds a couple solid left hooks before the bell. Round Six: Jones ducks a jab and clinches to open the second. Good jab from Tyson followed by a left to the mid-section. Clean left uppercut scores for Jones. Quick punches score for Jones, but Tyson answers with a couple body shots along the ropes. Tyson rips a couple rights to the body from the clinch. Round Eight: Jones ducks a right and clinches. Tyson finds a couple small body shots before the next clinch. Tyson closes the fight with one last right to the body. Round One: Robinson explodes into an early left hook. Body jab from Robinson, followed by a wide pair of hooks. Good jab scores from Paul, then another overhand sends his opponent faceplanting! Round One: Jack finds a body jab. Big right hand partially blocked by McKernan, who scores with his own body jab. Jack rips a left hook to the mid-section. Jack sticks a jab and lands his right over the shoulder. Hard left hook puts McKernan to the ropes, but he escapes... McKernan lands an uppercut to the body from the clinch. Hard right to the body, followed by an overhand from Jack. Round Two: McKernan finds an early jab. Jack sticks a jab then rips the mid-section with a straight. Clean right to the jaw from Jack, followed by a good jab. Double hook scores for Jack, and he's really walking his foe down. Jack's cross to the body lands again, followed by a pair of right hooks to the jaw. Right hook to the body scores for Jack, again followed by a right hook moments later. Jack ends the round with a clean jab, Round Three: Jack jabs his foe back early. Right body shot from Jack. Hard jabs landing for Jack with real consistency. Doubled up right hand scores for Jack. Two-body shots from Jack, answered by a jab from McKernan. Digging left hook to the liver from Jack. Hard left uppercut to the jaw from McKernan. Heavy right hook from Jack, followed by a jab. 1-1-2 lands clean for Jack, but McKernan answers. McKernan lands a solid right, but Jack backs him down with more jabs and right body shots. Right body-left hook combo for Jack. Right hand body shot counter scores for Jack underneath a wide swing. Round Five: Stiff jab from Jack hammers his foe, and a right hand soon follows. Left hook scores for Jack. Uppercut-left hook scores well for Jack. Three punch combination lands hard for Jack, followed by a double hook combination. 1-2 from Jack and a body jab for good measure. Clean left to the body from Jack, but McKernan hangs tough. Jab-hook followed by a hard right uppercut from Jack. Jack finishes the round with some clean power shot connections. Round Six: Jab-left body shot from Jack. Good right from Jack, who then scores with a 1-2. Jab-hook from Jack, who is dominating this fight. Two body shots connect for Jack. Two hard left hooks to the liver score for Jack, prompting McKernan to curl up along the fence. Jack keeps digging body shots on both sides, then goes high with a right hook. 1-2 left uppercut lands for Jack. Good left hook to the body from McKernan, but Jack sticks him with a heavier cross. Sweeping body shot from Jack, followed by a right uppercut. Hard left uppercut to the mid-section from Jack. Jack lands hard to the body once more, then a right hand to the jaw connects. Jack scores with an overhand, and McKernan seems wobbled. Jack follows up with power shots to the body and head, but McKernan can take a shot. McKernan double jabs back, but he cannot keep Jack off him. Jack scores with body shots, an uppercut, and overhand to end the round, but McKernan is still there. Round Eight: Heavy right hand swing immediately from Jack. Jack digs the overhand and right uppercut. McKernan body jabs, eats an overhand. Round Two: Segawa lands an early jab and is aggressive early. Lead left Segawa into the clinch, where he attacks the body. Ortiz lands a left hook. Good left hand scores for Segawa. Two body shots from Ortiz scored, but Segawa cracks his foe with a left at the bell. Round Three: Body jab from Segawa. Double jab scores for Ortiz, and he shoulder rolls a cross. Ortiz sticks a jab on the break of a clinch. Segawa jabs back into the clinch and rips the mid-section. Segawa scores with a straight left then hits the body. Clean left hand scores for Ortiz, but Segawa stings him back with a combination. Two jabs score for Ortiz, then an uppercut. Round Four: Segawa presses forward with big head movement, and he sticks Ortiz with a jab. Good lead hook lands for Ortiz, followed by a body shot. Ortiz doubles up on the hook, takes an uppercut. Tow hard lefts score for Ortiz, then he rips the solar plexus. Stiff jab scores for Ortiz. Right uppercut lands for Ortiz. Big left hook to the body from Ortiz. Ortiz lands some good jabs. Round Five: Segawa backs Ortiz into the corner and lands a big overhand. Segawa fires a body jab. Two hard jabs score for Ortiz before an accidental head butt stalls the action. Ortiz finds a good body shot near the bell then finishes with a 1-1-2. Round Six: Segawa lands a good jab early, then rips the body. Left hand counter scores from Ortiz. Another good left from Southpaw scores for Ortiz. Body jab from Segawa. Jab-hook scores for Ortiz. Segawa finds a couple good jabs to the body and head. Segawa digs a body shot. Two hard jabs from Ortiz score. Round Seven: Segawa rips the body early. Good jab and body uppercut connect for Ortiz. Right uppercut from Ortiz, answered by a double jab. Two right uppercuts connect for Ortiz.