23 June 2020 14:37

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PureGym shows what gyms will look like when they reopen after lockdown

And yes, large gym chains like Virgin Active and Fitness First will face challenges to keep their members safe. Like many other gyms, we can cater for smaller groups and personal training, control capacity and design the space to ensure social distancing is adhered to. We are also able to close communal areas, operate a no kit sharing policy, clean equipment after each use and space the timetable to provide windows of time to keep people safe in small groups. Gyms were forced to shut their doors at the start of lockdown, and have remained closed ever since - with personal trainers in England now offering sessions in outdoor spaces to keep people motivated. However, hope is on the horizon, as PureGym has shared its plans for reopening, and has released the first images of what gyms will look like inside.


Our new safety protocols are already in place in Switzerland, where we have re-opened gyms, and we've received approval from local authorities and positive feedback from our members. "We recognise the positive role PureGym can play in supporting the health of the nation and our members' desire to build gym workouts back into their lifestyles and look forward to welcoming our members back soon." Stephen Rowe, CMO from PureGym, said: "We've been incredibly busy in the past few months redefining our cleaning and safety standards so that our members can return to the gym knowing that they can work out as safely as possible. WORKING out will be very different when The Gym Group reopens, with customers asked to spend no more than 45 minutes exercising. You'll also be able to see how busy your nearest gym is without leaving your home, thanks to a new app which the gym chain has launched. It's hoped the new tech will help avoid queues outside gyms as they are limited to the amount of customers who will be allowed in at one time.


The Sun has been given exclusive access to The Gym Group's Northampton branch to see how social distancing will work, including screens around treadmills and some equipment turned off completely. The Gym Group doesn't know exactly when it'll be allowed to reopen its 170 sites, as the government has yet to update its guidance for fitness centres. 13 You'll see queue markers outside The Gym Group venues Credit: Damien McFadden- The Sun The first thing you'll notice is new queue markers outside venues - although, The Gym Group tells me they don't expect to see lines of people. Instead, gym-goers are encouraged to use a new capacity tracker on The Gym Group app to see if their nearest branch is full before they leave their home. In the lobby area, only one person will be allowed inside at a time, and the entrance and exit portals - where you enter your unique gym number on a keypad to get into the gym area - have been altered to only work one-way.


The Gym Group also plans to have contactless entry when it reopens, with customers able to use a QR code on their phone. 13 Entrance and exit portals will only work one way, and contactless entry will be in place, as demonstrated by The Sun reporter Levi Credit: Damien McFadden- The Sun As you step inside, you'll be encouraged to use new hand sanitiser stations, as well as wiping down machines with disinfectant after you've finished. Staff will of course be on hand to clean as well, with The Gym Group investing in new electrostatic cleaning guns to sanitise equipment. 13 New hand sanitiser stations will be dotted around gym floors Credit: Damien McFadden- The Sun 13 Gym-goers will be asked to wipe down their machine with disinfectant Credit: Damien McFadden- The Sun 13 The Gym Group has invested in electrostatic cleaning guns Credit: Damien McFadden- The Sun This is because The Gym Group is hoping members will use common sense and give other users the space they need. HERE'S what social distancing measures other gym groups will have in place when they reopen: Fitness First: Fitness First will also have enhanced hygiene measures when it reopens its 120 gyms, including PPE for staff members.

Like The Gym Group, it'll be encouraging members to help clean their machines after use. PureGym: Similarly to The Gym Group, PureGym will space out equipment and turn some machines off to accommodate social distancing. PureGym will also limit the number of customers allowed inside at one time, and they'll have a similar function on their app where you can see how busy your nearest gym is. Like The Gym Group, some equipment has been moved apart to allow for social distancing. It makes me slightly worried that there will be more competition for equipment, but The Gym Group tells me they don't expect to see queues inside, due to their new app. 13 The Gym Group's Barney Harrison was on hand to talk us through the changes Credit: Damien McFadden- The Sun 13 The Sun visited The Gym Group's Northampton site to check out what changes you can expect Credit: Damien McFadden- The Sun Overall, the gym felt like a clean place to be and it's good to know the changes won't get in the way of my workout. Gyms are reopening in Hong Kong - and this is what social distancing workouts could look like PureGym has given members a glimpse of what to expect when gyms reopen. Members will not be able to train together and "spotting" will be prohibited to ensure social distancing. New self-cleaning stations will be provided so members can wipe down kit before and after use. Numbers in the gym will be limited, and members will be able to check the number of people in the gym on the PureGym app to avoid busy times and queues. Stephen Rowe, CMO from PureGym, comments: "We've been incredibly busy in the past few months redefining our cleaning and safety standards so that our members can return to the gym knowing that they can work out as safely as possible. "We will be implementing a number of changes, but will also need our members to play their part too – by wiping down their equipment, only coming to the gym if they feel well, and using the hand sanitiser available. PureGym have created the space members need to work out at a safe distance. To ensure social distancing is possible, PureGym will also be limiting the number of people in the gym at one time. The PureGym app will give visibility of how busy a gym is at given time, so that you can check beforehand and avoid queues. To limit the contact members have with each other, working out closely in pairs or groups and "spotting" will be prohibited. Contactless entry with PureGym's new app or keyfobs will make members' visits safer and easier, with QR scanners installed in all gyms, as an alternative to the keypad system.

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