21 August 2019 12:46

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Aldi releases new unicorn gin – it tastes like candy floss and marshmallow

Gin is undoubtedly one of the nation's favourite drinks and now Aldi has launched a whole new range of the spirit. The supermarket is releasing a unicorn gin liquor which tastes exactly like candy floss and marshmallow. It will feature the mythical creatures on the label and shoppers can make it sparkle by simply shaking the bottle. From August 22, the tipple will be available to all Aldi customers in store and online. The 50cl bottle has a 20% alcohol by volume (ABV) and will cost as little as £9.99.

Meanwhile, the supermarket added new candles and diffusers to its Luxury Collection. On August 29, Aldi customers will have a choice of two scents – Oud Bergamot or Honey and Nectarine. The diffusers feature the same metallic details which help to provide a pop of colour to any home. From tutti frutti to glittery parma violet, Aldi's selection of gin is seriously something else. And now the bargain supermarket is upping its game even further with the release of a brand-new unicorn gin liquor - and it looks absolutely magical.

Said to taste of marshmallows and candy floss, it's a sweet lovers' dream and it even shimmers and sparkles when you shake it. Made by The Infusionist Small Batch, you'll be able to get your hands on a bottle both in store and online from this Thursday 22nd August, just in time to stock up for the long weekend ahead. It'll set you back £9.99 for a 50cl bottle, but we recommend getting as much as your bank balance will allow as we imagine this delicious drink won't last long. Understandably people are getting very excited about this over on Facebook, with one saying: "Got to have it for this weekend!" and another asking "do we even need an excuse to try this?" And the good news doesn't stop there - Aldi will be launching another ten spirits just in time for the bank holiday to celebrate its first ever spirits festival, including rum, cream liqueurs and canned cocktails. Gin lovers will also find a Passion Fruit, Apricot and Coconut flavour (£19.99) as well as a Rhubarb and Bramble gin for £15.99, while there's a Strawberries and Cream flavour liqueur for £9.99, a bottle of pre-mixed Passion Fruit Vodka Martini and can of Raspberry Mojito for £1.29, as well as an online exclusive Tequila & Mezcal (£29.99) which is sweet, fruit and slightly spicy.

Credit: Aldi Aldi is launching a brand new gin liqueur from this Thursday that tastes like candy floss and marshmallow. The delectable-looking shimmery pink drink could well be the perfect alcoholic beverage for anyone with a sweet tooth. Made by The Infusionist Small Batch, one bottle has a 20 per cent Alcohol By Volume (ABV) content and costs £9.99. Note that if you make an online order from Aldi which amounts to under £20, you will have to pay a £2.95 delivery charge. The magical beverage will be hitting the shelves of the budget supermarket chain and is also available to order online this Thursday, August 22 - just a couple of days before the bank holiday weekend.

And if mystical, unicorn-themed drinks aren't really your sort of thing, then you might also be interested in the other beverages in Aldi's new gin range, as part of their first-ever spirits festival. Other beverages will include rum, cream liqueurs and canned cocktails. In fact, Aldi is adding another 10 sprits to their shelves. These will include a Tutti Frutti gin liqueur, Passionfruit, Apricot and Coconut Gin, Strawberry and Cream Liqueur and Spiced Rhubarb Rum Liqueur. Needless to say, customers are already looking forward to getting their hand son the shimmery pink gin, with one Facebook user asking: "do we even need an excuse to try this?" and another saying: "Got to have it for this weekend!" So, if you were planning to have a boozy few days over the long weekend, then you might as well indulge in a yummy, candy floss and marshmallow-flavoured gin - we won't be having another bank holiday until Christmas!

Aldi just announced it will be launching 11 new spirits this bank holiday to celebrate its first ever spirits festival, and it includes everything from gin and rum to cream liqueurs and canned cocktails. The spirits launch on August 22, and will be available to buy in Aldi stores and online (apart from the tequila and mezcal offerings, which can only be purchased online). Here's everything you'll find in the new range: The Infusionist Mystical Unicorn Gin Liqueur - £9.99 Create magical concoctions with The Infusionist's new Mystical Unicorn Gin Liqueur. Crafted in small batches to ensure excellence, this gin-based liqueur has delicious flavours of candy floss and marshmallow. Didsbury Tutti Frutti Gin Liqueur - £13.99 Subtly blending sharp, citrus notes with smooth juniper flavours, this new liqueur will bring shoppers the classic tutti frutti flavour everyone knows and loves. Eden Mill Passionfruit, Apricot & Coconut Gin - £19.99 This bank holiday go coconuts for this delicious tropical gin, with sweet notes of passionfruit and creamy coconut. Greyson's Rhubarb & Bramble Gin - £15.99 With flavours inspired by an English garden, this Greyson's Rhubarb & Bramble Gin is a fresh yet tangy explosion of a classic pairing of rhubarb and berry notes. The zesty and refreshing Quick Gin has big and bold citrus notes, with an excellent balance of juniper and spices, forming a superbly sippable gin that is both distinctive in taste and design. Ballycastle Strawberries & Cream Liqueur - £9.99 The pre-mixed Passionfruit Martini is a silky, smooth mix of passionfruit and vodka, forming an exotic drink that's perfect for getting into the holiday spirit at home. The canned Raspberry Mojito is a sweet and fruity mix of raspberry, lime, garden mint and rum, ideal for taking the taste of summer on the go. Tequila Villa Lobos 100% Agave Reposado - £29.99 (online only) Sweet, fruity and slightly spicy, the Tequila Villa Lobos is a handcrafted spirit made with mellow agave from Los Altos. Mezcal Eterno Joven - £34.99 (online only) Crossbones Golden Rum - £14.99 The Crossbones Golden Rum has been expertly blended to create a premium drinking experience. Master blenders carefully select the finest mix of young and older rums which have been aged patiently in Oak Casks. Crossbones Dark Rum - £14.99 Rich and mellow, this spirit is a bank holiday cocktail essential. Pair with pineapple juice and cream of coconut to create tropical Pina Coladas. Dark Matter Spiced Rhubarb Rum Liqueur (£13.99) (Image: Aldi) This summery Spiced Rhubarb Rum Liqueur which combines both delicious sweet and sharp notes. You can find the new range in Aldi stores from Thursday August 22. Aldi has launched a new own-label rum brand. Crossbones, which enters stores on 22 August as part of the Aldi Spirits Festival, features two limited-release premium rums in dark and golden variants (rsp: £14.99/70cl). Crossbones rum is made by master blenders to create the "finest mix of young and older rums, aged in oak casks", according to the retailer. The new own-label brand will join the retailer's limited-release gin ranges Greyson's and The Infusionist, which will also be bolstered with NPD for the festival. Rhubarb & Bramble Gin (rsp: £15.99/70cl), which has a "fresh yet tangy" flavour combination "inspired by an English garden" will join the Greyson's range. Meanwhile, Mystical Unicorn Gin Liqueur (rsp:£9.99/50cl), which has flavours of candy floss and marshmallow, joins The Infusionist lineup. Aldi is also adding two branded tequila lines to its online spirits store. Tequila Villa Lobos 100% Agave Reposado (rsp: £29.99) and Mezcal Eterno Joven (rsp: £34.99), the first mezcal to be stocked by Aldi UK, will be available ahead of the bank holiday weekend. "Mexican spirits are becoming increasingly popular, with statistics revealing that tequila is the second-fastest growing spirits category after gin," said an Aldi spokeswoman. "The rise of cocktail culture means Brits are becoming more adventurous with their spirit choices, accounting for the growth of mezcal, which is often favoured due to the variety of flavours available."