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Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex Nick Gordon was in 'high spirits' before death

BOBBI Kristina Brown's ex Nick Gordon apparently had "black stuff" foaming from his mouth when a mystery woman discovered his unresponsive body. According to the Daily Mail, the woman called 911 at 5:15 a.m. on New Year's Day but fled the scene before cops arrived to the 30-year-old's room at the Sheraton Orlando North Hotel. 5 Nick Gordon was reportedly foaming at the mouth when he was found by a mystery woman Credit: Getty - Contributor Though first responders attempted to resuscitate Nick - known legally as Nicholas Bouler - he was later "pronounced deceased" at Advent Health Altamonte Springs hospital. 5 Almost 5 years after her death, Nick was found unconscious in a hotel room Credit: Getty - Contributor 5 Nick and Bobbi had been together for 3 years before her death Credit: Getty - Contributor After news broke of Nick's death, his grieving brother Junior Walker wrote on Facebook: "God why did I have to lose my brother on New Year." Nick's death, which was confirmed by his lawyer on Wednesday, comes five years after his fiancee Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston's daughter, died following a drug binge - which he was found responsible for. 5 Bobbi Kristina died under the same circumstances as her mother Whitney Houston Credit: Getty Images - Getty Gordon never faced criminal charges over Bobbi Kristina's wrongful death but was held legally responsible following a civil case.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick grew up together and Whitney considered him her unofficial adoptive son. Nick Gordon opens up to Dr. Phil about the private lives of Whitney Houston and Kristina Brown First Responders battled to revive ailing Nick Gordon after a mystery female companion rang 911 to say she had found him 'unresponsive' in a Florida hotel room, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal. Sources say the woman vanished after alerting the Maitland Police Department at 5:15am on New Year's Day. A fire and rescue team arrived at the Sheraton Orlando North Hotel, gained access to the room and located the ailing 30-year-old, who is believed to have overdosed on drugs. Gordon was secretive about the change but friends believe he was attempting to distance himself from his notorious past and the vast $36million in damages he owes the estate of ex-fiancée Bobbi Kristina Brown after he was found responsible for her 2015 death in a civil ruling. Nick Gordon, 30, died of a suspected overdose after he was found unresponsive in a Florida hotel room in the early hours of New Year's Day Gordon, a prolific drug user, was engaged to Bobbi Kristina Brown - daughter of singers Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown (pictured together in 20120) Gordon was partying in a hotel room at the Sheraton Orlando-North Hotel to celebrate the new year when he allegedly overdosed.

His father Jack Walker Jr. told DailyMail.com he spoke with Gordon on New Year's Eve where 'he seemed happy, he seemed calm, everything was going good' Gordon's grieving father says there was no hint of turmoil in the hours before his notorious son's alleged overdose death, telling DailyMail.com: 'Nick was a great person – everything was good. Jack Walker Jr. said he spoke with Gordon on New Year's Eve, the day before the 30-year-old was taken to an emergency ward in Altamonte Springs, central Florida. Officials have not commented on the cause of death but sources told DailyMail.com the habitual hard drinker and drug abuser was dropped off there by junkie pals who found him unconscious. 'I hope you heard me talking to you at your bedside you are with me and I can feel it I love you I love you I love you watch over me and your nieces.' Gordon's black BMW is still parked at the hotel where he was found unconscious on New Years day Michele was a loyal presence at her wayward son's side throughout the fallout from the 2015 death of his former fiancée, Bobbi Kristina Brown, attending interviews for support and letting him live at her previous home in Sanford, Florida. Bobbi Kristina, a 22 year aspiring singer and the daughter of Whitney Houston, spent six months in a coma after she was found unconscious in a bathtub with a slew of drugs in her system at the Georgia home she shared with Gordon.

He never faced criminal charges but was held legally responsible for her wrongful death in a civil case. 'I just want the world to know that despite everything that they heard negative Nick was a great person,' Walker Jr told DailyMail.com. Gordon never faced criminal charges but was held legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina's wrongful death in a civil case Habachy added in a statement to People: 'My heart is heavy today after learning that my long time client Nick Gordon died at the young age of thirty.' Bobbi Kristina is pictured with her mother, the late Whitney Houston, and father Bobby Brown, in 2004, left. Bobbi Kristina spent six months in a coma and never recovered after she was found submerged in a bathtub with drugs in her system and bruises to her chest in July 2015. However he was held legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina's wrongful death by default and ordered to pay $36million in damages when he failed to fight a civil case brought by her family.

Nick Gordon, ex-boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown, has died after being rushed to hospital on New Year's Eve The 30-year-old was rushed to hospital on NYE Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex-boyfriend, Nick Gordon, has died from a suspected overdose, The Daily Mail revealed on Thursday. The 30-year-old was rushed to hospital during New Year's Eve celebrations after suffering a series of heart attacks in Florida and his loved ones have since been informed of his death. Speaking to CNN, Nick's attorney, Joe Habachy, confirmed his client's death, saying: "My heart is heavy today after learning that my long-time client Nick Gordon died... Nick and Bobbi were both raised by Whitney Houston Taking to Facebook, Nick's brother Junior Walker wrote: "God why did I have to lose my brother on New Year. Nick and Bobbi started dating after Whitney's tragic death Megastar Whitney Houston took Nick in when he was just 12, and raised the youngster alongside her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

An autopsy revealed that intoxication and immersion in water were the cause of brain damage and pneumonia that lead to Bobbi's tragic death. Nick did not face any criminal charges, however, was found legally responsible for his girlfriend's death in a civil case, and in 2016 was ordered to pay $36million to Bobbi's estate. Jack Walker Jr says 'step-son' Nick Gordon was in good spirits the day before his tragic death (Picture: Getty; Facebook) Nick Gordon told his 'step-dad' he was looking forward to 2020, just before his tragic death on New Year's Day. The 30-year-old ex-fiancé of Bobbi Kristina Brown and unofficial adopted son of Whitney Houston tragically passed away from a suspected drug overdose yesterday. 'I spoke with Nick during the day,' he told the DailyMail. Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown were engaged before her tragic death (Picture: Christopher Polk/WireImage) Bobbi Kristina – the daughter of Bobby and Whitney Houston – died on 26 July, 2015 after six months in a medically-induced coma from being found face down in a bathtub. Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown never legally married (Picture: Christopher Polk/WireImage) A year after Bobbi's death, her boyfriend Nick was found responsible for Bobbi's wrongful death and ordered to pay $36 million to Bobbi's estate. Nick was a close friend of the Houston family and lived with them as a teenager. On New Year's Day, Nick Gordon - who was found legally responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown - was confirmed dead at the age of 30. He referred to Whitney as 'mom' and called her daughter Bobbi Kristina 'Lil sis'. It was Gordon who broke the tragic news to Bobbi Kristina, later saying she took it so badly he had to take her to hospital. Gordon became a support to her devastated daughter Bobbi Kristina and their relationship transitioned from platonic to romance - much to the disapproval of their families. Then in January 2015, at the age of 22, Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub at the Atlanta home she shared with Gordon. Her heartbroken family accused Gordon of contributing to her death, saying he plied her with drugs and physically abused her. Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby Brown is said to have banned Nick from visiting his daughter while she was in hospital, and also at her funeral. Speaking after Bobbi's death, Gordon admitted he and Bobbi Kristina spiralled together and alleged they drunk and took drugs together. Sources have claimed he died of a suspected drug overdose while ringing in the New Year. The sad news was also announced by Gordon's lawyer, who said it was a 'tragic end to Nick's troubled life.'