12 December 2019 20:36

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Exit poll 2019: what time the UK general election results prediction is out, and how accurate it is

If you want to vote you'll need to head down to the polling station (Picture: PA) Voting in the 2019 General Election opened at 7am this morning – with long queues having formed at polling stations across the country. So you'll just have to wrap up warm and head down to your polling station to cast your vote. What time do the polls close in the General Election? However, if you're waiting in a queue to vote at that time you'll still be allowed to do so regardless of whether you're inside or outside the polling station. Can the Queen vote in the general election?

Certain people are ineligible to vote in a UK general election – but are the Queen and the rest of the royal family in this small club? That's because certain people are ineligible to vote – but are the Queen and the rest of the royal family in this small club? UK government rules state that every person is entitled to a vote, so long as they are British, Irish or "qualifying" Commonwealth citizen, 18 or over, a resident and on the electoral register. EU citizens cannot vote in a general election or a referendum unless they are Irish, or from Malta or Cyprus, both of which are Commonwealth states as well as EU countries. However, since the last election in 2017, more than 300,000 EU nationals have been granted British citizenship and so will be able to vote on 12 December, according to the BBC.

There are some conditions on who can vote in a general election (Photo: Getty Images) There is no law stating that the Queen and members of the Royal family cannot vote, the Electoral Commission confirmed. No matter who is elected as Prime Minister, the Queen must work with them in her ceremonial role. This means Her Majesty must open each new session of Parliament by issuing a Queen's Speech, as well as providing Royal Assent to legislation and approving Orders and Proclamations through the Privy Council. The Queen is required to be impartial, and so does not vote by convention (Photo: AFP/Getty Images) Exit poll 2019: what time the UK general election results prediction is out, and how accurate it is BBC News, ITV News and Sky News will announce their result of their joint exit poll at 10pm on polling day The exit poll on 12 December will be the first indication about the result of the 2019 general election. It's not something to ignore - for the most recent elections the exit poll has been extremely accurate.

For this election, as with the previous three, BBC News, ITV News and Sky News will join together to produce a single exit poll. "The principal aim of the exit poll is to help viewers and listeners to navigate the initial hours of election night as the first results come in," said Professor Sir John Curtice, political commentator for BBC News. "By comparing the actual results with the forecast of the exit poll, we will be able to point to the political direction in which Britain is now apparently headed." Labour's exit poll prediction in 2017 (Photo: AFP/Getty) For recent elections, the exit polls have been fairly accurate. In 2017, the poll correctly predicted there would be a hung parliament. For the 2010 election, which resulted in the coalition government, the exit poll was highly accurate. But when the exit poll predicted a hung parliament in 2015, the reality was that David Cameron's campaign resulted in the first outright Conservative win in more than 20 years. The poll was also wrong in 1992 when it predicted a hung parliament. Since 2001, new statistical methods have been used to accurately predict the number of seats each party will get. It's General Election Day and millions of people are heading out to vote in a poll that will prove crucial for the future of the UK. The issue of Brexit may finally be decided depending on which parties come out on top while the election result could also determine whether Scotland will go back to the ballot box for IndyRef2. That will provide a pretty clear indication as to which party will be forming the next UK government or whether there will be another hung parliament. All the main party leaders have already headed to the ballot box to cast their vote ahead of a long, tense evening ahead. As polling continues, we will be giving you all the essential information you need to know, from when the political leaders voted to where the cutest dogs are on this momentous day in British political history. As the UK heads to the polls for the 2019 General Election, there's a possibility that the results could end up with a hung Parliament. If there were to be a hung Parliament, the incumbent PM (in this case Boris Johnson) remains in office until it is decided who will attempt to form a new government. In the 2017 general election, which resulted in a hung Parliament, Theresa May was able to rely on a 'confidence and supply deal' with the Democratic Unionist Party.