17 May 2019 18:38

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Brexit: Petition to remain in the EU hits two million signatures in just one day

The Supreme Court has upheld the objections raised by the Registry against maintainability of a writ petition seeking to recall directions issued in a special leave petition. In an SLP arising out of matrimonial dispute, the Supreme Court had directed the both the parties to withdraw the respective cases filed against each other, in the special leave petition filed by the wife. The court had issued this direction after taking note of submissions made on behalf of the wife that she is not interested in payment of any amount by way of alimony or settlement and would only seek an order from the Court so far as withdrawal of the criminal case filed by the husband is concerned. Writ petitions before the Supreme Court can be filed to enforce fundamental right guaranteed under the Constitution of India. Special Leave Petitions are filed seeking special leave to appeal from any judgment, decree, determination, sentence or order in any cause or matter passed or made by any court or tribunal in the territory of India.

Small number of Isle of Wight constituents support Brexit petition to revoke Article 50

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Whether they support a cause or a candidate, online petitions must have a positive tone in their messages and move away from complaining and moralizing in order to succeed, research from FIU Business finds. "Today, campaign messages are overwhelmingly negative, but people don't like negative messages, and these reduce the chance for actual success of petitions," said study researcher Yan Chen, assistant professor of information systems and business analytics at FIU Business. Posted on the British parliament's website, the petition read: "The government repeatedly claims exiting the EU is 'the will of the people'. "The rate of signing is the highest the site has ever had to deal with and we have had to make some changes to ensure the site remains stable and open for signatures and new petitions." A map of the petition participants showed high numbers of Remainers in Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Cambridge and Brighton. A previous petition which called to "revoke article 50 if there is no Brexit plan by the 25 of February" received 136,400 signatures and was subsequently debated in the House of Commons on 11 March.

New York City-based transit advocate group Transportation Alternatives is petitioning the city to reimplement the transit mitigation plan that was called off with the cancellation of the full L train shutdown by Governor Andrew Cuomo in January. Before a petition for the grant of probate or letter of administration is filed, the person must show that he is the executor or will vests the property in him. The executor or the beneficiary can apply to the court concerned for the grant of probate. A petition for grant of probate can be filed by the executor or the beneficiary. Thereafter, the petitioner receives the probate order from the court and can deal with the assets of the deceased in terms of the will.

Shares that investors believed to be completely tax-free on death will be hit with effective death duties under controversial new rules to increase probate fees by 3,770pc. The changes were expected to be introduced in the new tax year, but have been delayed. Families can inherit up to £950,000 completely free of income tax from 6 April, as the inheritance tax-free allowance rises for people passing on their main home. And next year, this inherited property allowance – which was introduced in April 2017 – will rise to £1m for married couples and civil partners, so long as you follow the rules. The tax-free allowance for estates that include your home – known as the residence nil-rate band – was first introduced in April 2017.

This has been set at £325,000 since 2010-11 and won't change for the new tax year. So, if one spouse leaves the other their full estate, their inheritance tax allowance won't be used up. When the second spouse dies, both allowances can then be applied to the estate (provided none of it has been used), meaning spouses could leave behind up to £950,000 in 2019-20. And when the allowance rises again next year, your estate could be worth up to £1m before paying tax. Live-in partners will need to pay the normal inheritance tax rates, no matter how long-standing the relationship.

If your estate is worth more than your combined allowances, you'll need to pay tax on the excess. The inheritance tax rate is set at 40%, meaning large estates could face a hefty bill. Inheritance tax is generally paid out of the estate, as are any other costs, like funeral expenses, probate fees or solicitors' bills. If you were given a substantial gift and the giver dies within seven years, however, it may also incur inheritance tax – meaning you may need to pay the bill out of your own pocket. While April 2019 could bring down the amount of inheritance tax you pay, other bills relating to estates may go up.

The county will auction seven probate homes this weekend, including Unit 2F at 4007 Calle Sonora Oeste in Laguna Woods on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. The county will auction seven probate homes this weekend, including this lower-level, 994-square-foot condo at 26701 Quail Creek in Laguna Hills on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. The county will auction seven probate homes this weekend, including a 1,437-square-foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo in this building at 1540 S. The county will auction seven probate homes this weekend, including this historic 841-square-foot bungalow in Old Towne Orange ($387,000 minimum bid). The house on Rossmoor's Angler Lane is one of six or seven properties up for auction Saturday morning in a county-run sale of "probate properties." It's the first such sale in more than two years, the result of a new acting public administrator and perhaps a hot housing market from which fewer homes end up in the hands of the government. Acting on orders from the probate court, the administrator steps in to settle the affairs of people who die without a will or a relative able to take care of the estate. Orange County used to have one or two real estate sales a year, each featuring 20 to 30 properties, said acting Public Administrator Elizabeth Henderson, a former top prosecutor who ran the administrator's office from 2014-16 and recently resumed those duties. The previous administrator chose to sell probate properties on the open market, using the multiple listing service rather than auctions. A seventh property, a condo in Fullerton, also could be auctioned Saturday, but Henderson hadn't received documentation authorizing the sale as of Thursday. Owners of homes that end up in probate sales "are more alone than other people," Henderson said. Four voluntary sector organisations have today made a last-ditch attempt to stop government reforms to probate fees that could cost charities an estimated £10m a year. The proposal, first sent to Frazer in a private letter on 12 November, says the government should introduce a reduced or discounted rate on probate fees for estates that include legacy gifts. It says: "If a reduction or discounted rate on probate fees were introduced for estates that include a legacy gift, this would have the effect of both reducing the financial impact on charities, as well as creating an incentive to leave a charitable gift in a will. "MPs would then have to break away from their consideration of Brexit in order to oppose this attempt to introduce a new inheritance tax by the back door."