04 August 2020 16:32

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Bobby Shmurda Could Be Released Today Following Parole Hearing

According to Bobby Shmurda's website and its posted countdown to his release, the GS9 frontman could possibly be a free man today following his parole hearing with the board. With the end date set for August 4, 2020, and Shmurda's mother, Leslie Pollard, optimistically awaiting her son's release with the parole board's approval, Shmurda, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, could be back on the streets and in the booth in the next 24 hours. Shmurda accepted a plea deal in 2016, in which he was charged with conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. The charges of conspiracy to commit murder were dismissed and he was sentenced to 7 years in prison and 5 years probation. Advertisement Hip-hop has a few artists that were incarcerated for a while, with fans clamoring for them to be free and make a return to the world of music.

Shyne and Gucci Mane are two rappers who were behind bars for 10 years and two years, respectively, and their loyal supporters kept their name ringing throughout the bid. Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda has certainly joined those ranks. Soon after his hit song "Hot Nigga" dropped in 2014, which led to pop culture fame and a deal with Epic Records, Bobby was arrested on conspiracy to commit murder, drugs and gun charges and reckless endangerment on Dec. 24, 2014. He was sentenced in 2016, and now, six years after his arrest, rumors are that he'll be coming home as soon as Aug. 4 (also his 26th birthday). This all hinges on what happens at his parole hearing today.

With his release imminent (he was originally expected to be released from prison later this year in December), the buzz around his music is returning, with many fans wondering what his voice and songs will sound like now. This got XXL thinking of some artists we'd like him to work with when he's back home. Rap has gone through a variety of changes while Bobby Shmurda has been locked up, with new names and sub-genres popping up left and right. His hometown of Brooklyn now has its own sound, Brooklyn drill, with the late Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign being at the forefront of the new New York movement. Bobby's old friends Migos have risen to the top of hip-hop and only served to solidify Atlanta's place in the game; Gunna is doing the same.

There are also rappers from NYC who are popping up and doing their thing, like Lil Tjay and Sheff G, who are both unique and talented in their own rights. All of the artists named, plus more, would make quality music with Bobby and vice versa. Check out the gallery below for a few collabs that are hopefully in Bobby Shmurda's future. With Bobby Shmurda due in court for a parole hearing today, on his birthday at that, the rapper's fans are speculating that he could be released imminently. There is currently a lot of talk that Bobby could be coming home today and, while he's only expected to be released at the end of this year, anything can happen.

The rapper, who turns 26-years-old today, is currently a trending topic on social media as people theorize about what could happen when he gets released. SHMURDA??? BOBBY BITCH??? I BEEN SELLIN CRACK SINCE THE 5TH GRADE BOBBY??? THAT BOBBY???

RELEASED TOMORROW???" wrote one excited fan on Twitter, getting over 35,000 retweets. "IF BOBBY SHMURDA GETS RELEASED TOMORROW A NAVY BLUE YANKEE FITTED IS GONNA DESCEND FROM THE HEAVENS AFTER 6 YEARS OF FLOATING, CLEARING THE SKIES OF ALL CLOUDS AND GRACEFULLY LAND ON HIS HEAD," said another. It's worth noting that Bobby's official website was updated two weeks ago with a countdown leading us to today. The website was confirmed to be fake, leading to a new app about managing mental health. We'll keep you posted on any potential updates in his case, including his possible release. Are you excited for Bobby to come home? Bobby Shmurda was just on the cusp of superstardom when his career took a detour in 2014, leading to him getting slammed with a seven-year prison bid in 2016. While much of the reports on the Brooklyn rapper's case point to an end of year release, some fans on Twitter are celebrating his rumored release. Bobby Shmurda, born Ackquille Pollard, turns 26 today (August 4) and has been pegged as the day of release for the "Hot N*gga" star. Shmurda was part of a reemerging Brooklyn scene that mixed grim street capers with high-energy production, giving way to a collective of budding rappers and perhaps inspiring the rise of Pop Smoke and other artists from the New York borough. However, Shmurda was sentenced on conspiracy to possess weapons and for possession of weapon charges and has been patiently awaiting his projected December 2020 release. Giving rise to the rumors Shmurda might go free are reports that he's set to face a parole board on Tuesday where he could be granted an early dismissal. We've got some of the reactions from Twitter below. Photo: Getty Emtee has joined the many calls to have American hip-hop artist, Bobby Shmurda, freed from prison, as many of his fans wait to hear if his parole will be granted. Emtee took to Twitter to join the growing calls to have Bobby Shmurda freed from prison on Tuesday, 4 August 2020. This comes as the artist celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday in prison, with many speculating that this will be the last time he celebrates his birthday in prison. Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2016, with many hoping that his parole hearing will yield a favourable outcome for him. Emtee, after calling for the release of Bobby Shmurda, added another hip-hop artist who should be freed. The Waves musician called for Rowdy Rich to be freed too, following his arrest in 2019 on felony charges. See the post below. Sabelo Makhubo [email protected]