10 February 2020 22:17

But he usually looks like Academy Award winner Brad Pitt, and nothing gets in the way.

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In recent years we have paid much attention to the story of the great stylist-actor, a multi-day campaign with interviews and Instagrams behind the scenes that imply that someone is sending a big and life-changing message through a crazy suit. We may be suffering from a camp with Camp Burnout, but it all seems a bit thin. Sometimes it feels like so many people have the hand to create this moment that the wearer gets lost in the look, buried under the burden of referring to five different things at once. Unless you work at the Spike Lee level – if talking to you through clothing is not only natural, but instinct too – it is sometimes fine to leave the virtuous tuxedo or whatever on the stylist's rack. Or leave the great stylist completely behind!

Oscars 2020: the biggest explanation for red carpet is to be yourself

Come in, in the words of Billie Eilish during the Oscars of last night, yesterday. Because this year's Academy Awards felt a much more powerful message just to look great. Just look at Brad Pitt in Brioni! There are small Pittian details, such as the shawl collar and the slightly oversized bow tie. But he usually looks like Academy Award winner Brad Pitt, and nothing gets in the way. "I think of my people who take me to the drive-in to see Butch and Sundance. And load my car and move here, "he said in his speech, as if Hollywood were a state university where he popped up to try the basketball team. All of Pitt's formal looks offer a bit: "Go west, young man!" – what he did and see where it ended up! Never forget where you come from – I think of the worn boots he wears almost every other day – but don't forget to tidy up where you are now. Advertisement Brad Pitt at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, February 9, 2020. Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images Al Pacino is a man who bends the will of every event to him. He still dresses like he did in the 80s and 90s, as if he just walked down Rodeo Boulevard a few days before the ceremony and entered Giorgio, the legendary Hollywood New Wave boutique that pulled an inverted Spaghetti Western through Italian fashion to Los Angeles to bring and merchandising between pool tables and chewing gum machines. Wearing the clothes of the other Giorgio – Armani – Pacino looked a bit flashy and absolutely self. You get the feeling that someone has told him how to trim the pants, but stops with other recommendations. (Perhaps they suggested the scarf, knowing that he likes that kind of method-actor-off-duty touch.) "The jacket has a chic ottoman satin blend," noted Armani's press department of the jacket, and if you look at the close-up ups you can almost hear Pacino shout: "FANCY!"