23 June 2020 22:42

But I didn’t think she would better Patricia Routledge’s mighty original.

alan bennett

★★★★★ As a frankly gushing fan-girl of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads I was dubious about the remakes. Don't get me wrong, this is a perfect time to turn to these glorious anatomies of sadness and isolation; lockdown is made for the monologue. But why reboot and re-polish already sparkling gems? Meddle with the unimprovable? With Thora Hird's two Bafta-winning Talking Heads they didn't even try because who could follow that?

Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads review — Devastating dispatches take the breath away

I was, though, wrong. The performances by Imelda Staunton and Sarah Lancashire were spectacular. They were take-the-breath-away good. I expected Staunton to impress because, well, she's Imelda Staunton and A Lady of Letters is genius. But I didn't think she would better Patricia Routledge's mighty original. She did though, I think, just. I believed every

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