18 August 2020 12:49

Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Fingers & Orange Giant Buttons!” Kev’s Snack Reviews yelled: “Omg!

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Chocoholics, we bring you joyous Cadbury news this Tuesday (August 18) morning. We hope you're sitting down… The chocolate giant has launched orange-flavoured Fingers and Giant Buttons. The news comes hot on the heels of the revelation that you're now able to pre-order the delicious Cadbury Orange Twirl. Cadbury Orange Fingers and Giant Buttons are on sale now (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK) Who broke the news of the new Cadbury goodies? The foodie bloggers set Instagram alight last night upon hearing the news.

Cadbury launches Orange Fingers and Giant Buttons

NewFoodsUK screamed: "New!!! Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Fingers & Orange Giant Buttons!" Kev's Snack Reviews yelled: "Omg! Read more: You can now pre-order the Cadbury Orange Twirl And their followers were nothing less than delighted. "We need to find these!" said one. "Will be searching the shops," said another. "Need these right now!" declared another. Omg! Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Chocolate Buttons & Fingers are real! Here at ED!, we figured you'd feel the same, so we made it our mission to find out where you can buy these chocolate orange Cadbury goodies. It's the brand's second piece of chocolate orange news this week (Credit: Cadbury) And the food bloggers came up trumps. Where can I buy the new treats? NewFoodsUK revealed: "They are now rolling out into convenience stores, and will be in supermarkets very soon!" Kev's Snack Reviews said he's spotted them in Londis. "TRAINERS ON… INTO CAR… OFF TO LONDIS.. GO GO GO GO GO!" shouted one of Kev's followers. Others were quick to hail the chocolates a "game changer" that had turned 2020 around. Read more: Aero launches new Dreamy Snowbubbles One said: "Now these buttons are a game changer." Another added: "2020 is really starting to look up with this chocolate situation." "It's like the year of chocolate orange!" declared another." What a year!! (Obviously not the rest of it!)," said another." "It's like karma, coming to balance everything out!" another chocolate orange fan joked. "I need these in my life," another declared. "Omg, omg, omg," said another. Last year Twirl Oranges were hard to find, so this year we're doing a presale before they hit the shops. ❤ this tweet to get a reminder about the first release. They're yours for 69p, but you'll have to be quick; it's first come, first served in the #TwirlOrangePresale. pic.twitter.com/J2aulktptQ — Cadbury UK (@CadburyUK) August 13, 2020 "My dreams are coming true," another revealed. Others couldn't decide what they were more excited for, the Giant Buttons or the new Fingers. "Omg the Fingers though," said one biscuit fan. "I'm actually more excited for the Buttons," replied their pal. NewFoodsUK told ED! they bought the Giant Buttons and the Orange Fingers for £1.95 each at Londis. Cadbury told ED!: "It's true! For the first time ever, our fans can now enjoy Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Giant Buttons and Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Fingers. "The new range is currently available in Londis and Budgens stores. The range will be available in One Stop stores from mid-August and in Tesco from September." Which are you most excited to try? Tell us on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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