17 October 2019 05:50

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What you can buy from Banksy's Gross Domestic Product shop

Banksy has started flogging some of his iconic artwork online for as little as £10 a pop - although, as always with the prolific street artist, things aren't quite as straightforward as you might think. Earlier this month, the mysterious artist opened a 'pop-up shop' in South London called Gross Domestic Product. The store was more of a stunt, which served to function as proof that Banksy was using his trademark as he battled through a legal dispute with a card company. But seeing as the artist isn't exactly the biggest fan of consumerism, he decided not to actually let anyone inside. Now he's switched things up again, having turned Gross Domestic Product physical shop into an online one - where some items will set you back no more than a tenner.

Items range from mugs and aerosol cans right through to Stormzy's bulletproof Glastonbury vest. Credit: Gross Domestic Product/Banksy A 'massive disclaimer' adds: "This is not a proper shop - it is an actual shop, it sells stuff and offers refunds and complies with data protection - but all the products are made in an art studio, not a factory. You are advised that GDP may prove to be a disappointing retail experience - especially if you're successful in making a purchase." The shop has also asked wealthy art collectors to 'please refrain from registering at this time', saying: "The artist has price-fixed the first consignment of releases at a reduced rate for lower income patrons. After a legal dispute, world-famous street artist Banksy was forced to open a physical shop or lose rights to his own work. That didn't stop the shop becoming a big attraction, with crowds forming and people travelling for miles to peer through the window of his Gross Domestic Product store in Croydon.

The new version of the shop - this time online - lets you apply to buy everything from mugs and T-shirts to the actual stab-vest worn by Stormzy at Glastonbury. Due to the limited number of products currently available we are opening a registration system," the new site explains. Items for sale include disco balls made from used police riot helmets and a toddler's counting toy where children are encouraged to load wooden migrant figures inside a haulage truck. For some things - such as the mugs, spray cans and T-shirts - there are unlimited items available and prices start from £10. Others are one-offs or limited supply, with just one stab-vest and 5 children's toy migrant sets available, with prices of a few hundred pounds.

But even these are well below what they'd fetch on the open market, as the artist warned "wealthy art collectors" that they aren't welcome. Banksy fan Mark Jefferies told Mirror Money: "The Croydon shop front was brilliant and fans loved seeing the artworks and also discussing some of the serious messages around certain pieces, but the online shop where you can actually buy items takes things to another level. "Millions of his fans will be trying to buy the prints and sculptures, and it is the chance of a lifetime for a lucky few hundred to own something signed by Banksy. "His work these days is normally only affordable to serious art collectors so it is a great gesture and once again an innovative idea from Banksy. "If you want to be sure of owning something though your best bet would be to choose a mug, T-shirt or spray can which are unlimited editions, but I think most people will want the art prints on offer." The artist did have one more warning for fans making purchases though.

"All the products are made in an art studio, not a factory," the new site reads. Banksy has launched his very own online store. Titled 'Gross Domestic Product', the site allows fans to register to bid for some of Banksy's most famous works: including the stab vest Stormzy wore for his headline slot at this year's Glastonbury festival, an Ultra HD TV, mugs, cushions and his Tony The Tiger rug. The Stormzy-worn "Banksy™ Vest" stab proof vest is currently listed at £850. Many of the products that are being advertised featured at a recent art installation in Croydon, which has now closed even though it never officially opened.

adding that "wealthy art collectors are requested to refrain from shopping at the current time". Some of the products on the site are available for as little as £10, along with signed original art prints which start from £500. To deal with demand outstripping supply and to give everyone a fair chance, potential buyers are asked to register their details and "prove you are not a robot" by answering the question "Why does art matter?" Hoping this measure will help restrict sales to genuine art fans, Banksy adds: "We can't ever weed out all the people who just want to flip for profit, but we can weed out the unfunny ones." A message on the website also warns purchasers: "The shop is not first come, first served. Due to the limited number of products currently available we are opening a registration system. You have until 28th October to browse the shop and register your interest to buy a product. It goes on to say: "This is not a proper shop – it is an actual shop, it sells stuff and offers refunds and complies with data protection – but all the products are made in an art studio, not a factory. As we recently reported, Banksy debuted a dystopian homewares store on October 1, 2019. Making good on his promise to open an online platform to purchase goods displayed in the Croydon pop-up (which was never, in fact, open to the public, and closed this past weekend), the Gross Domestic Product store went live today. Similarly, seemingly in anticipation of those wishing to re-sell their GDP purchases, the ecommerce website also links in the footer to BBay, which describes itself as "your first choice destination to trade in secondhand art by a third-rate artist.' Keep up with the latest from Banksy on Instagram. How many people can say they own a piece of Banksy artwork? Now, everyone has a chance to say just that as the world-renowned artist's online shop, Gross Domestic Product, has gone live. The incredible items available to buy now include the Banksy Clock, Banksy Vest and the Banksy Ultra HD - all of which were displayed in the recent pop-up shop on the corner of Church Street and Frith Road. Although the shop (which never actually allowed customers inside) was dismantled in the early hours of Monday (October 14) morning, everyone now has a chance to buy Banky's artwork, which previously could only be seen by looking through the shop's window. Those wishing to purchase products will have to go through a registration process before actually being able to buy. This process gives everyone an equal chance of bagging themselves a Banksy original. Upcycled from an office supplies store, this timepiece features a trademark Banksy rat and is suitable for home, office or home office. This image has been the jewel in the crown of every Banksy bootlegger for the past 15 years, now the first official version comes with an actual jewel on it. It might look like Banksy has torn the label off an old can of paint, written his name on it, and is trying to market it as a brand new product (just to prevent a paint company from getting there first) – but that is certainly not what's happened, no. This is trademarked Banksy paint, an exciting new addition to the world of branded wall coverings. Banksy Tagged Tee - £30 An attempt to fulfil the trademark requirement to sell clothing with the artists name written on - these tagged tees are made out of charity shop shirts vandalised with stainer ink, spraypaint or oil stick. Banksy Early Learning Counting Set - £750 Banksy Mug - £10 Required to release a range of branded mugs the artist got the kids to do it, then signed the result. Banksy Ultra HD TV - Price unknown Banksy Shredded Tee - £30 The same played-out old image, this time attacked with a knife by the artist. This is Banksy's first experiment with a new technique for making prints - spray the stencil onto processing film and expose the result directly onto a silk screen. Comes as set of three signed and numbered. A black and white hand finished edition will be available at some point. Banksy Vest - £850 Banksy Soft Toys - £600 Made from charity shop kids toys and genuine random beach detritus, so may contain germs/infectious substances. Banksy Goldfish - Price unknown Due to some issues with bubbles that need to be ironed out, this product will be available in the New Year. Banksy Baby Mobile - Price unknown Banksy Rug - Price unknown Banksy Tombstone - Price unknown Visit Gross Domestic Product store here.