06 January 2020 04:36

Camila Morrone recently revealed that before she started dating Leonardo DiCaprio, she was a massive Justin Bieber fan.

Camila Morrone REVEALS she was a huge Justin Bieber fan before dating Leonardo DiCaprio

Camila Morrone recently revealed that before she started dating Leonardo DiCaprio, she was a massive Justin Bieber fan. Camila Morrone was a Belieber before she started dating Leonardo DiCaprio. During a recent interaction with W Magazine, the 22-year-old revealed that she was a huge Justin Bieber fan and even tried to be a part of one of his movies. The model asserted that she would spend hours, sitting in the waiting room, looking at Justin Bieber on her phone. She asserted that she bagged a small role in James Franco's film Bukowski and as part of her scene, she had to make out with a 13-year-old kid.

Camila is now one of the most famous faces of the glamour world and is currently dating the 45-year-old Hollywood star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Camila and Leo have been dating since 2017 and have raised many eyebrows because of their age difference. ALSO READ: Leonardo DiCaprio hit the beach with bikini clad Camila Morrone on New Year's Eve So, in honor of Leo hitting up the Golden Globes this weekend, here's everything you ever wanted to know about his 2-year relationship with Camila and what she has to say about their 22-year age gap...other than the fact that she thinks it's nobody's business. Camila made her grand entrance to the world during Gemini season in 1997, but before you fully panic, her love story with Leo did not start there. Actually, their story started around 10 years ago, when Camila was about 12 years old and her former stepdad Al Pacino (Leo's longtime bud) introduced the two.

If you do a deep dive into Leo's entire dating history, you'll notice that the Cannes Film Festival is his favorite time of year to hang out with his current girlfriends that he never publicly acknowledges. Leo and Camila started dating about six months after they reunited in Cannes. Taking a break from filming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Leo chilled with Camila and her mom on a yacht in Antibes, France. If you want to check out the pictures of Leo wearing funny goggles and snorkeling with Camila while on vacation in Italy, may I interest you this installment of Popsugar's "Leonardo DiCaprio Looking Silly While His Model Girlfriend Looks Sexy" series? Please prepare yourself for this wild intel from an anon People source that came about eight months after Leo and Camila started dating: Leo is reportedly "very in love and serious" and he and Camila have "talked about getting engaged" because he has "never loved a girl like this" and is even "ready to have kids." W-o-w.

Camila and Leo went to some sports event and tried and failed to look super incognito, per usual. Leo made his annual pilgrimage to Cannes with Camila, but "as is his custom," according to Vice, "he didn't identify her as his girlfriend to the press or walk the red carpet with her at any events." That said, Camila did walk on the OUATIH carpet and later went to an OUATIH hotel afterparty—she just wasn't pictured with Leo. Camila posts a pic of Hollywood couple Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, who famously shared a 25-year age gap. Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend, Camila Morrone, has had it with the haters. About two years after she started dating Leo, Camila spoke quite a lot about their relationship in an interview with The Los Angeles Times. (BTW, this is an incredibly rare thing for Leo's girlfriends to do, considering the alleged non-disclosure agreements he asks them to sign while dating him.) In this new interview, Camila said she understands why people are curious about her and Leonardo but ultimately thinks, "anyone should be able to date who they want to date." She also hopes it doesn't continue to be ~a thing~ because she wants her own identity.

Camila and Leo hung out on the beach and went for a moonlit cruise with some pals in St. Barts to celebrate New Year's Eve. No word on if they've had the "Jack could've fit on the door" talk, but it looks like their relationship will carry over into the New Year. As Justin Bobby prophesied, truth and time will tell all (if they end up getting married like those sources said or if Leo maintains his questionable 25-year-old precedent. The Mickey and the Bear star reveals in a new interview with W Magazine that, before dating Leonardo DiCaprio, she was a massive Justin Bieber fan--and even tried to be a part of one of his movies. Explaining that she would tag along to her famous parents' auditions--her father is model Máximo Morrone, her mother is Argentinian actress Lucila Solá and her stepfather is legendary actor Al Pacino--the 22-year-old shared how she would spend her time while waiting for them. Leonardo DiCaprio's Girlfriend Camila Morrone Addresses Their Nearly 23-Year Age Gap Camila Morrone on How Growing Up in Hollywood Prepared Her for First Leading Role (Exclusive) Leonardo DiCaprio looked extremely loved-up with his young model girlfriend on their sun-soaked getaway in St Barts.

He's rarely seen without a model by his side, but it's clear he couldn't keep his hands off his 22-year-old lover Camila Morrone as the pair messed about during a beach trip on the Caribbean island. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor, who has been with his girlfriend since 2018, appeared to be in good spirits. Camila recently spoke about the 23-year age gap between her and the Hollywood hunk, who she began dating in 2018. She told the Los Angeles Times: "There's so many relationships in Hollywood and in the history of the world where people have large age gaps. The 45-year-old actor was one of many celebs in attendance at a party to celebrate the movie Parasite and director Bong Joon-Ho. Leo was seen greeting the director during his brief appearance at the event. Leo then went down the street to join girlfriend Camila Morrone at W Magazine's Best Performances party.