12 November 2020 12:40

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Octavian accused of shocking physical and verbal abuse by ex-girlfriend. WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. The rapper appeared to address the claims made by his former partner on Instagram. South London rapper Octavian has been accused of physical, verbal and psychological abuse by a former girlfriend. In a lengthy statement posted to Instagram, a woman named Hana shared her shocking experience with the 24-year-old, whose real name is Octavian Oliver Godji, who she claimed was violent during their relationship.

Octavian has been accused of violent behaviour towards an ex-girlfriend. Picture: Getty She alleges that his behaviour would worsen after taking drugs. Her statement also alleges that a song on the rapper's album is about two men attacking her, and claims he posts images of the dog they shared together to 'spite' her. "I pray to God by story can shed light on the depth of complex manipulation, control and the tactics these individuals use to keep you isolated and coming back to them over and over again," the statement concludes. Hana shared graphic images of the injuries she suffered and claims Octavian physically attacked her while she was pregnant.

Picture: Instagram/@emobaby4real After the statement was released, Octavian appeared to addressed the allegations on social media, writing on his Instagram story, "Liars can't lie forever". Don't beg friend after [sic]." "God is watching Mum is watching this beautiful story Karma is REAL [sic]" he added, before suggesting his former partner had spoken out because he had ended their relationship. "Someone waits, does that right before my album to try ruin my life and I'm the bad guy... Kmt. The truth is coming. Don't beg friend after [sic]," wrote Octavian. Picture: Instagram/@octavianessie "Kmt... all this just cause I broke up with a girl. Evidence that the girl is obsessed and will never let me alone or let me win coming soon [sic]". "Evidence that the video is me trying to get my phone to book an over to leave... coming soon," he added, in response to a video Hana had posted appearing to show an altercation between the pair. This is a developing story. Photo by Ollie Millington/Redferns Everyone's been talking about Octavian's alleged ex-girlfriend on social media after she made various allegations about the rapper on Twitter, but who is Emo Baby? Music artist Emo Baby has been vocal on social media recently as she claims to be famous British rapper Octavian's ex-girlfriend. She has also made claims of domestic abuse and uploaded videos, images and screenshots to her social media accounts. Octavian has not responded to Emo Baby's allegations. Here's everything you need to know about Emo Baby. Who is Emo Baby? Rapper Octavian's alleged ex-girlfriend is a music artist and social media influencer called Hana, better known by her stage name Emo Baby. Emo Baby has released three tracks Work of Art, From the Waist Down and Nights Glow which all make up her self-titled album Emo Baby. All of her music is available to stream on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer. Hana is also big on Instagram, with almost 70,000 followers on her profile @emobaby4real. From her Instagram photos, it appears as though she's been spending a lot of time in Dubai recently. Emo Baby also has a second private Instagram profile @emosprivateislands which she describes as "a safe space for women healing other women". To join, you have to send a video explaining why you want to be in the group or be referred by one of the other members. Meet Octavian Octavian Oliver Godji, better known as just Octavian is a French-British rapper, singer and songwriter from London. He is signed to Black Butter records. The 24-year-old was born in France, but he moved to London at three years old after his father died. He released his first mixtape 22 in 2016, followed by Essie World in 2017. Then, in 2018, Drake posted a video on Instagram of himself singing along to Octavian's track Party Here at the Golden Globe Awards which shot him into the limelight. Since then, Octavian won the BBC's Music of Sound Award in 2019 and has appeared on tracks produced by Diplo, Mura Masa and JRick as well as collaborating with Skepta and A$AP Ferg. This content could not be loaded How long were Octavian and Emo Baby dating? According to information posted by Emo Baby, the pair were in a relationship for the last three years. Hana claims that she left the relationship in April 2020. HITC has reached out to Emo Baby about her allegations although she is yet to respond. In other news, Matt Gaetz flirts with Tiffany Trump on Twitter - this isn't the first time!