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UFC 234 Fight Pass Preliminary Card Results and Recap

The 2019 Sanremo Song Festival concluded tonight with its fifth and final soirée. Mahmood won the iconic Italian Song Contest and will to fly the Italian flag at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Mahmood won the 2019 Sanremo Song Festival and will represent Italy at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv with Soldi. After the first round of voting Ultimo, Il Volo, Mahmood proceeded to the superfinal. The 69th edition of the iconic Italian Sanremo Music Festival came to an end and after a long yet exciting night Mahmood emerged victorious with "Soldi"Defeated competition of Ultimo and Il Volo in the final round.

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Eurovision Italy: Mahmood wins Sanremo 2019 and will fly to Tel Aviv!

After an exciting show, Mahmood, Il Volo and Ultimo proceeded to the second round of voting. Eventually, it was Mahmood who emerged victorious and now has the offer to represent Italy at Eurovision in Tel Aviv next May. Il Volo, the 2015 entrants, came third and Ultimo came 2nd. During the press conference following the Festival, Ultimo was asked wether he would represent Italy at Eurovision, a question to which he answered with an enthusiastic "Si, si", thus confirming that he will go to Tel-Aviv. Former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather has been gauging the idea of fighting for the UFC for a while now but whenever the opportunity presents itself the boxer consistently declines. When talks of a fight between him and Khabib Nurmagomedov happened last year, he eventually said he'd only agree to a match if it wasn't in the octagon but in a boxing ring.

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In a new episode of Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls interview series, Mayweather indicated that he knows what type of money he could earn if he agreed to fight MMA-style. "Anything is possible, I can go get a deal right now from the UFC," he told Kevin Hart. "Probably three-fight, four-fight, billion-dollar deal if that's what I wanted." Pressed further, he brushed off the question and just mentioned that he isn't hurting for money so he's not in any rush to get in the Octagon yet. It's rare to see Floyd Mayweather Jr. give praise to anyone but himself, but, in a recent interview with Kevin Hart, the undefeated boxing great had high praise for Conor McGregor. Mayweather, who fought — and beat — McGregor in a PPV-smashing boxing match in 2017, called 'The Notorious' the Caucasian version of himself.

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Back in 2017, Mayweather wobbled McGregor with a barrage of punches before the referee decided to stop the fight in the 10th round. Mayweather recently fought Japanese MMA prospect Tenshin Nasukawa in a three-round boxing exhibition at Rizin 14. Before what's left of UFC 234's main card, the UFC Fight Pass Prelims take place featuring four fighters looking for their first Octagon victory. The featured Fight Pass prelim bout between Lando Vannata and Marcos Mariano was bumped up to the co-main event, leaving two fights for the early prelim portion of the card. The two-fight Fight Pass preliminary card is as follows: Headlining the slate of fights on the streaming service will be prospect Jalin Turner against Australian debutant Callan Potter.

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Turner started his career at a less than ideal 4-3, but then went on a three-fight win streak to earn a spot with the UFC. The 34-year-old Potter is on his best run of his career, winning nine of his last 10 fights. Buren, a Chinese bantamweight, earned a contract with the UFC after accumulating an 11-4 record with seven stoppages. Martinez has not been active lately, fighting just three times since 2016. Check out the recaps of the UFC 234 Fight Pass Prelims below: Martinez started the fight with a blocked body kick, and committed to a kick-first strategy.

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Buren was able to get inside the kicks and trip Martinez along the fence. Martinez worked hard to stand up, and was able to reverse position, pushing Buren against the cage. Buren committed to a guillotine and was slammed to the canvas by Martinez. Martinez passed guard to avoid the guillotine risk, then took the back of Buren. Buren crawled his way to the fence and stood up, eating a few punches as he got to his feet.

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After separating, Buren caused Martinez to slip by landing a low kick as Martinez went high with a kick. After some ground-and-pound by Buren and an armbar attempt by Martinez, the round came to a close. Martinez went right back to the kicks to start the second round, utilizing leg, body, and head kicks. Buren had trouble dealing with the distance management of Martinez before a takedown attempt two minutes into the round. Buren fought through a guillotine attempt to take Martinez down, but Martinez was able to reverse position.

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Martinez spun, but that allowed Buren to take his back. Martinez worked Buren to the ground, ending the round on his opponent's back. The final round started like the first two, with Martinez throwing kicks and Buren landing a takedown. Buren went for an armbar, but Martinez twisted out of it and took the back of Buren, establishing both hooks in the process. Martinez pulled the fight away from the fence and took mount, to which Buren responded by giving Martinez his back.

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Martinez threw a few punches, then went for the choke. Martinez pushed him away, then Buren jumped right into side control and began working for an anaconda choke in a scramble. Martinez broke free and took top control near the end of the round, postured up, and landed heavy ground-and-pound as time expired. Callan Potter started aggressively, throwing a kick, a leaping punch, then pulling Jalin Turner into half guard. Turner stalked him down, landed a counter right hand as Potter threw a kick, then landed a left that sent Potter backward.

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Callan Potter by KO (Punches) in Round 1 (0:53) UFC 234 preliminary card results are underway as the Las Vegas-based promotion holds this latest event on television for fight fans around the world to watch the show. Dong Hyun Ma in a lightweight bout closes the preliminary card on ESPN. In round 1, Paiva rushes forward and dives on a single leg as Kara-France backs to the cage. Paiva rushes Kara-France again but can't get the takedown. In round 2, Kara-France scrambles up and lands a hook.

Kara-France throws a right and shoots in but immediately gets reversed and pushed to the cage as Paiva lands knees. Kara-France lands a huge hook that rocks Paiva. Paiva returns a hard left hook to stop Kara-France's advance. In round 3, hard hook from Kara-France but countered by three shots from Paiva. Paiva eats another hard one and lands a couple in return. Kara-France lands a right hand, tries a low kick, Paiva catches it and throws his own right into Kara-France's cup. Nice combo in the pocket from Paiva has Kara france stung. Kara France returns fire and Paiva keeps walking him down. Good couple left hooks from Kara-France. The judges gave the win to Kai Kara-France by split decision. Callan Potter is next in a lightweight bout.finishes off the Fight Pass preliminary card. A hard right from Turner has Potter hurt bad. Opening the UFC Fight Pass prelims is Wuliji Buren vs. Jonathan Martinez in a bantamweight bout. In round 1, Martinez opens with a headkick, both men looking to open the fight with kicks from outside, but Martinez looks faster there. Buren jumping on a headlock as he tries to pass, but lets Martinez scramble up. Martinez keeps on Buren's hips to get his own double leg as Buren jumps on the guillotine. Martinez passes to side control, with Buren focusing too hard on the choke. In round 2, Buren shoots a double and Martinez jumps on the guillotine to give up an easy takedown as Buren cuts quickly to half guard. Martinez hits the sweep and now he's on top in Buren's guard. In round 3, Buren straight into mount off that takedown and jumps on an armbar. Deep sub, but Martinez wriggles through it to take Buren's back and land some hard shots. Martinez working hard to flatten Buren out and hunt for the rear-naked choke. Settles for cutting to mount in the scramble instead, but ends right back on Buren's back as Buren tries to stand. Martinez now on top in Buren's guard, looking to posture and drop some hard shots as the round ends. Flyweight bout: Kai Kara-France def. Teruto Ishihara by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:59 of Round 1 PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET) Lightweight bout: Jalin Turner def. Bantamweight bout: Jonathan Martinez def. Mahmood has won the prestigious San Remo music festival in Italy. Mahamood won against all the odds, being the lowest ranked in the super final, and beating Il Volo, who came 3rd in the main Eurovision Song Contest in 2015.