07 November 2019 16:31

Caroline Quentin!

It was a pretty stressful episode, but it was good to see her back. What a cracking series it has been so far! The return of Doc Martin was a highly-anticipated one, and now we've been able to tuck into what it has to offer, we're glad to say it was worth the wait. Since 2004, we've been watching Martin do his thing as he builds relationships with the people of Portwenn. Between then and 2017, creator Dominic Minghella had given us a commendable eight seasons of quality comedy and drama.

However, fans were more than happy to continue along the road for longer with the series' many familiar faces. Arriving back on screens in September 2019, it's been a pleasure to drop in with them all every week, and to shake things up, we've seen some welcome new additions add pressure on the Doc, as well as some more friendly newcomers. However, one of the best things about the new series has been the resurfacing of characters we thought me might never see again... NETFLIX GOLD: Is Greenleaf renewed for season 5? Who plays the vet in Doc Martin? The vet - named Angela Sim - is played by the great Caroline Quentin! She has actually starres in the show before, appearing in such previous episodes as 'Accidental Hero', 'From the Mouths of Babies' and 'Control-Alt-Delete'. Nevertheless, it was exciting to see her come back after so long in series 9 episode 7, titled 'Single White Bevy.' In the episode, she is compelled to go and visit Martin to inquire about a lump in her breast. However, while she's at the practice being treated, she tells him that his dog Buddy is clearly unwell. The dog's state takes a turn for the worst and they both have to head over to Angela's surgery to help him. While there, further complications arise and she's unable to perform the surgery Buddy needs, meaning Martin must perform it himself under her careful instructions. COME ON IDRIS! Has In the Long Run been renewed for season 3? Caroline Quentin: Exploring her TV roles The 59-year-old English actress boasts a wealth of terrific TV work under her belt. As highlighted on her IMDb page, her first role came back in 1980 in the series The Other 'Arf (she played June in one episode). Over the decades, she's delivered some arguably iconic roles across the likes of British Men Behaving Badly (Dorothy), Jonathan Creek (Maddy Magellan), Kiss Me Kate (Kate Salinger), Life Begins (Maggie Mee), Blue Murder (DCI Janine Lewis) and Life of Riley (Maddy Riley). In terms of more recent roles, she did a fantastic job of playing Mrs. Bumble in the 2015 series Dickensian; she reprised the role for fifteen enjoyable episodes. BRING ON THE BUTLER! Why Andy Serkis would make a great Alfred Pennyworth Caroline Quentin films It's not all TV work! Caroline has also starred in a number of films over the course of her career so far. These include such titles as Footprints in the Snow (Julie Hill), Blood Strangers (Lin Beresford), Hot Money (Bridget Watmore), Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire, Party Party and more. We hope you enjoyed seeing her back on Doc Martin. In other news, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland returns!