11 October 2020 22:39

Channel 4 The Bridge Wales

Twelve strangers meet in an isolated spot with the promise of winning £100,000. The money lies beneath a tower on an island in the middle of a vast reservoir. In order to reach it, they must cross 850ft of water - but are not allowed to swim or sail. Instead, they have to build a bridge, in 20 days, with the minimum of tools. Oh, and if they do make it to the island before the deadline, they must choose only one winner to take the prize money.

This is the simple and clever premise of The Bridge (Channel 4), which is based on a Spanish format. But because it is a reality show, it must adhere to certain rules. The location (Llyn Brenig in north Wales) and basic accommodation brought to mind Castaway, the 2000 show in which a bunch of people went stir-crazy on the Scottish island of Taransay. But Castaway was the first and the purest of reality programmes, before they became a passport to fame. The Bridge also has shades of Big Brother and The Apprentice, and some contestants clearly have an eye on a post-show career in the spotlight.

Zac is a performer with the Dreamboys male strip show. If he was an ice cream he'd lick himself. Tara went viral in March with a video from her hospital bed after she was admitted with Covid. Billie is a publicist and daughter of former talk show host Trisha Goddard, who says she wants to be known as more than being Trisha Goddard's daughter while repeatedly bringing up the fact that her mother is Trisha Goddard. She clashed with Sly, the oldest member of the group, whose understanding of basic engineering principles was roundly ignored. Sly came across as a difficult character - whether that's the truth or in the editing, it's impossible to know. The dynamics of the group are interesting: old and young, privileged and poor. At the end of the episode, a young man called Luke was offered the chance to betray the people he'd known for two days and bank £5,000 - a big sum to someone who had been homeless for periods of his childhood. It feels worth tuning in next week to see what he decides. Billie Dee was gutted she had a conflict so early on in The Bridge (Picture: Channel 4) Trisha Goddard's daughter broke down in tears in tonight's episode of The Bridge after clashing with a contestant who she believes 'doesn't like her mum' – and she's gutted about the whole thing. Billie Dee, 30, locked horns with Sly, 30, as tensions began to rise within the group on how best to go about constructing the bridge. Before the war of words, Billie had revealed she is Trisha's daughter during a game of two truths and a lie, to which Sly responded: 'No wonder you're so rude, you take after your damn mother.' Things, however, heated up when Sly, who hadn't been involved in the building of the structure, made suggestions to the others about how to get everyone motivated in completing the mammoth project. Advertisement Not convinced that Sly had grounds to comment, Billie quipped: 'You go and have a go [at building] before you say anything.' But Sly hit back and shouted: 'You don't get down my neck.' The conversation quickly slipped into a shouting match, with Billie snapping: 'I don't think you understand how hard this is', before walking out in tears. Billie locked horns with fellow contestant Sly (Picture: Channel 4) Discussing the situation, Billie told the cameras: 'He just dominates every conversation and then shouts at everybody else who tries to contribute. Just not speak from now on? Anything I say hes' going to attack me. 'I feel like Sly is creating a hostile environment. I don't think he likes me, and I don't think he likes my mum, and that annoys me.' Speaking to Metro.co.uk about the dramatic scenes, Billie said she was 'gutted' to be involved in a conflict so early on. 'I was really quite stern with myself about not getting involved in conflicts and then I was just absolutely gutted I was involved in one so early on, especially the fact he brought my mum into it,' she said. Billie's mum is talk show host Trisha Goddard (Picture: Rex) 'I think that's why I got emotional, because I went on that show to be me and to sort of get away from the whole Trisha's daughter thing.' Billie continued: 'The fact he brought my mum into it, I was just devastated. It had nothing to do with her and I think that's why I got emotional. 'I don't usually get emotional in little confrontations like that, but I just thought if this reflects badly on mum then I've really messed up.' Although tensions between Billie and Sly reached boiling point in episode one, Billie assured us that things do begin to simmer between the pair. Will we see him take a more active role in building the bridge? Only time will tell… The Bridge continues on Sunday at 9pm on Channel 4. Got a story? If you've got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.co.uk entertainment team by emailing us [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we'd love to hear from you.