16 October 2020 02:44

Channel 5’s Pregnancy Abortion: Our story was praised by fans and labeled “eye-opening”.

natasha kaplinsky

Channel 5's Pregnancy Abortion: Our story was praised by fans and labeled "eye-opening". At the event, celebrities including news anchor Natasha Kaplinsky and actress Lacy Turner spoke openly about their abortion. Natasha said tonight that her husband, Justin Bower, had abandoned her multiple miscarriages. The couple now share a daughter, Angelica, and a son, Arlo, but they have also experienced the devastation of multiple miscarriages. Natasha said: "I felt like Justin was going downhill more than anything.

Natasha Kaplinski feels her husband’s down ‘Justin after a devastating miscarriage

"That's what upset me. I felt I could deal with my frustration, but I could not take that joy away from him. (Image: Getty Images) "So it was especially hard, the sense of being a barren woman, that haunted me, I could never make him a father. "It broke my heart." The show was filled with praise from fans who went to Twitter to share their thoughts. "God, this is emotional. #miscarriageourstory#Channel5, "Someone commented. Another tweeted: "The facts of abortion, I did not know #Mis റGarageArstory. The third wrote: "It's great not to feel alone, it's terrible for others to have to go through this. Thanks to everyone who tells their story. #miscarriageourstory#Pregnancy Abortion. (Picture: Channel 5) "It simply came to our notice then. #Mis റGarageArstory, "Came a quarter. The fifth added: "Already such a powerful program. Thanks to those who shared their stories." East Entertainers actress Lacey recalled on the show: "I felt lonely, I didn't talk about it … we talked to each other about what we should do, but we both really felt lonely because we didn't do it."

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