15 May 2020 12:42

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BT shares surged 8% today on hopes it could sell a major stake in its £20 billion Openreach engineering arm although an internal memo to staff firmly denied the reports. The memo seen by the Evening Standard is from Openreach chief Clive Selley to his employees telling them the story was untrue and BT would continue as Openreach's owner. In it, Selley writes: "Many of you will have seen the reports overnight about BT being in talks to sell a stake in Openreach. Reports last night from the Financial Times reported that BT was in talks with infrastructure funds to sell a multibillion pound stake in the division, whose vans are a familiar sight on London's streets. The idea was that BT could invest the money in the £12 billion rollout of high speed fibre to the premises broadband.

bt group

BT has set an ambition to cover 20 million homes and businesses by the mid-2020s. However, analysts were sceptical of the story as such a plan would probably have to involve dividing Openreach out completely from BT, and divvying out its enormous pension deficit. Liabilities of the pension stand at around £63 billion and the deficit is up to £7 billion by some calculations. The fund includes some 300,000 workers in three sections and is a legacy of its long history. Despite Selley's memo to staff, put out to Openreach employees on its internal social media platform, BT did not issue a formal denial of the story to the stock market.

bt group

Shares which leaped 8% in early trading, were still up 6% after the Evening Standard first reported the denials. BT's shares have been weak even before coronavirus struck amid concerns about the huge risks the company's investment programme might mean for investors. Rising competition from rival broadband companies laying fibre has also hurt sentiment. Chief executive Philip Jansen then cut the company's dividend this month, citing the need to prepare for its big-spending future, hammering the share price further. The FT said potential buyers of the stake included Australian infrastructure investor Macquarie, notorious for extracting huge dividends from Thames Water when it was a shareholder there.

Macquarie denied it was involved. BT chief executive Philip Jansen bought £2 million of shares in BT yesterday, which would be illegal if he had prior knowledge of such talks. Analysts said that made the story seem unlikely, although Bank of America researchers said recent regulatory changes in the UK made future profitability of fibre clearer for potential investors. The chief executive of Openreach has denied reports that BT could sell a stake in its network division. Clive Selly, who runs the fixed line and broadband network operator, told employees in a memo that BT would remain its owner, according to the Evening Standard. "Many of you will have seen the reports overnight about BT being in talks to sell a stake in Openreach. I spoke to Philip Jansen last night after the story broke in the newspapers. He is very clear – the story is inaccurate. Openreach is staying in the BT group." BT shares jumped as much as 8pc in morning trading following the Financial Times report that the telecoms giant had held talks with the Australian bank Macquarie an an unnamed sovereign wealth fund. BT is reportedly in talks to sell a major stake in Openreach that would fund the company's rollout of full fibre broadband. Openreach was formed in 2005 when BT split its infrastructure division from its retail business and in 2017 became a legally separate company following a major market review by Ofcom. Competitors had argued the ownership model meant Openreach made decisions that favoured its parent and that it had little incentive to invest in full fibre infrastructure, preferring instead to 'sweat' its copper assets. Openreach investment By making Openreach independent with its own budget, strategy and board, BT was able to retain the division and satisfy Ofcom's demand for greater transparency. In the years since, political and market forces have made full fibre a priority for BT, which has pledged to reach 4.5 million properties by March 2021, 10 million by the mid-2020s and 20 million by the end of the decade. The latter two targets are dependent on favourable regulatory environments and government support. However the FT says there is concern that BT lacks the financial capabilities to fund this rollout. The firm's share price has fallen dramatically over the past few years and last week it confirmed it was suspending its dividend in order to focus on infrastructure rollout. While investors would generally accept such a suspension if it meant long-term gains, BT has reportedly held talks with private investors, including Macquarie Capital, in a deal that would value Openreach at £20 billion. This would unlock the value of the Openreach division for investors, provide a boon to BT shares, and help fund investment in infrastructure that would generate long-term gains. If a deal were to materialise, it would mark a significant shift in strategy for BT. Prior to the 2015 Ofcom review, BT's rivals called for Openreach to be spun off entirely so third parties could invest. And since Openreach's independence there have been no pushes for co-investment between BT and other providers such as Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone. The UK has seen a number of major acquisitions and investments over the past few years. CityFibre was acquired by private equity firms for £538 million in 2018, while KKR bought a majority stake in Hyperoptic last year. Macquarie itself, through its Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) fund, recently won a £627 million bidding war for KCOM. MIRA commands tens of billions worth of assets and is a major investor in telco infrastructure. It has invested in Arqiva in the UK and owns TDC – the largest telco in Demark. BT and Macquarie have been contacted for comment. Here are the best BT broadband deals for May 2020


Jennifer Stokes May 15 2020 12:53
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Neil Ferguson May 15 2020 12:54
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simpsoncarly May 15 2020 12:58
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Gary Rowe May 15 2020 13:03
No, not at all. It's a very strong entity, a very good company. It's a very good company in the way they work. They're not one of those companies where everyone is against them and everyone is against the company. It's a very American company. It's a very American company in that they're very independent and they have a very goal-oriented approach to everything
Lynne Robinson May 15 2020 13:08
edit: bt group is only 4% of all the coins, so the total money in the community is % of all the coins. edit2: i have not checked the BTC value of the bt group, but i imagine that the amount of btc is much higher than the amount of bt. edit3: i have not checked the % of bt that buy bt group
Arthur Reynolds May 15 2020 13:13
I think that the concept behind group is a good one and a great one. It's not difficult to design the network. The real problem is that it has to be implemented by each vendor (and the government) and by users. In the end, it must be possible to adapt the network to meet the diverse requirements of users in different locations. Which one should you start with? It's very easy to start with the Group Service
Marie Porter May 15 2020 13:18
What do you think about bt group ? I was afraid of tting group because it is 3-way split
Jasmine Clarke May 15 2020 13:23
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Natasha Wood May 15 2020 13:28
Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/technology-news/bt-group-chief-starts-dumping-bt-coins-as-bitcoin-price-plummets-1... Author's instructions This Mod is not my work, it was created by Rave_Troll, I do not take credit for it. Please do not use it without permission
Kayleigh Wilson May 15 2020 13:33
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Christian Foster May 15 2020 13:38
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Pauline Lyons May 15 2020 13:43
You can vote for as many of these as you want, you just have to use the same password for them. You can pick your own group A or B, but you should only use the same password for each one. If you vote for group A, please use the same password for both groups. If you vote for group B, please use the same password for both groups
Aimee Bailey-Banks May 15 2020 13:48
Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 'We are going to turn the page on a sorry chapter in the history of British policing': City Hall statement London Mayor Sadiq Khan addresses a news conference after a meeting of the London Assembly's Policing and Crime Committee in London, on Sunday, April 16, 2017
Ruth Bell May 15 2020 13:53
Advertisements Mothers who choose to wait until their baby's first birthday to have an abortion have been told they will have to pay for it out of pocket, a government watchdog has said. A report to the Home Affairs Select Committee said that the cost of terminating a baby was on average £3,000, while the cost of providing post-abortion counselling, and the cost of hospital treatment was on average £1,000
Helen Woods May 15 2020 13:58
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Ross Cook May 15 2020 14:03
I don't think I agree with how the group is organized. I do not think it is a good idea to have a group that is not making a good effort to promote the good of the virus. In this case, there is no reason to have a group that is not seeing the real benefits of this virus. But I think it is a violation of the reasonableness principle
aaron84 May 15 2020 14:08
Originally Posted by Sichu_Le (Source) Originally Posted by What is the status of the CFC-V? Is it still in active service or has it been decommissioned? This article has been corrected. The Supreme Court of Canada says it's "not a problem" that the Supreme Court of Canada has a small constitutional court, but it would like to see a bigger one
Leah Jones-Barnett May 15 2020 14:13
The US government has been under fire over its secret surveillance programs for years — but now, a new report says that the NSA has secretly set up secret "backdoor" access systems to access data from Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other major tech companies. The report in the Wall Street Journal cites unnamed "intelligence officials" who say backdoors "are basically a backdoor to the system, without the user knowing
Andrea Hutchinson-Davies May 15 2020 14:18
[M]y personally, I think they've grown a lot. I think they've grown a lot, but I don't think they have changed at significantly higher levels. I think they've grown a lot, but I don't think they have changed significantly. I don't think the majority of the user base wants this
Phillip Griffiths May 15 2020 14:23
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Dr. Connor Knight May 15 2020 14:28
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garethheath May 15 2020 14:33
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mblake May 15 2020 14:38
gmaxwell I don't think anybody is considering this as a real priority. We want to test the limits of the anonymity set, not the anonymity set as a whole. I think the most important thing to do is to make sure that the network as a whole remains secure even in the face of a malicious miner. Luke-Jr gmaxwell: the fact that you can't tell if a transaction is valid by looking at the input has been known since at least 2007
Ross Johnson May 15 2020 14:43
This is a very interesting question and I am not sure if it will be meaningful. It's very easy to say that you will be told if you buy it, but there is more to it than that
Wayne Nicholls May 15 2020 14:48
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Martyn Murphy May 15 2020 14:53
-------------------- "Everything that's true, comes from the heart. Everything that's false, comes from the head." -John Lennon Posts: 10,001 Registered: Dec 2004 posted 22-01-2006 09:06 AM Thanks, I need to get those tabs... Kjord wrote: We were talking about some of the more common accusations against bt/c
Abdul King May 15 2020 14:58
You can post your views in this thread! I would not recommend using bt group with this software, but it's possible to use it with other software. How much will it cost? It's really hard to say exactly how much it will cost. I'm not sure if it's worth it. I'm not sure if it's worth it
Pauline Webster May 15 2020 15:03
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Dr. Graeme Perry May 15 2020 15:08
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tom20 May 15 2020 15:13
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Shirley Taylor May 15 2020 15:18
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Josephine Vaughan May 15 2020 15:28
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Katie Wallace May 15 2020 15:33
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Nicholas Stanley May 15 2020 15:38
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Georgina Burgess May 15 2020 15:43
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deborah45 May 15 2020 15:48
This is a really difficult question. I have been very happy with both. There have been advantages to having a testnet implementation. First off, it's an open source project, which means that you can give feedback and help fix the problem if you find it. This is something I really value in open source projects
Billy Brooks-Dickinson May 15 2020 15:53
The former CEO of the Toronto Parking Authority says the city doesn't have the money to pay for a City Hall parking garage that would cost $500 million to build. Bob Rae, who served as Toronto's deputy mayor from 1994 to 2001, said the city needs to look at other options to pay for a parking garage near the Yonge subway station. "The city is competing with other jurisdictions for parking spaces
Howard Miller May 15 2020 15:58
Facts 'Bt group of (Z)' has no (Z) suffix 'Bt group of (H)' has no (H) suffix 'Bt group of (I)' has no (I) suffix 'Bt group of (I)' and 'B
Dr. Paula Williams May 15 2020 16:03
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Beth Poole May 15 2020 16:08
TULSA — A judge has dismissed all charges against a Tulsa woman who was involved in a traffic accident that killed a man and severely injured a young woman. The woman's attorney said she is grateful for the decision to dismiss all charges against her client. "We're very happy to have this dismissed and I think that reflects the entire family's satisfaction with the entire situation," said attorney Jay Wood
alexandra46 May 15 2020 16:13
If you are a vendor or foundry, please do not ask other companies to run your experiments for you. If you're the owner of a company and you want to run a bt test on your product, contact us. If you are a consumer who wants to use the bt test, please read the instructions carefully and follow them
ian08 May 15 2020 16:18
This is a good question. A lot of people believe that it makes it harder for Bitcoin to scale. Some people think that it makes it harder for Bitcoin users to use multiple wallets. I think that the argument is pretty weak. It doesn't apply to the situation described above. I think that it is more likely that it makes it easier for any user who switches their Bitcoin wallet to a different wallet. So this was the main argument I heard to support bt group switching
Marion Nash-John May 15 2020 16:23
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Norman Saunders May 15 2020 16:33
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