01 November 2019 10:39

Check out the Instagram pics from all the costumed rockers and celebs:

miley cyrus

By DONNA BALANCIA Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson went out on the town, dressing up as "Perri + Billy" (Lister and Idol) on Halloween, taking their new relationship out for a spin. It was a rockin' Halloween for the celebs, who know how to dress it up for Halloween. Bette Midler hosted the New York Restoration project and showed a good time to Michael Douglas and stunning wife Catherine Zeta Jones. The twosome looked slick as leather-clad rockers but they weren't the only ones to take on different identities. Janelle Monae did her best David Bowie, Shakira shook it up with a spiderish brew.

free battle

Miley Cyrus + Cody Simpson Halloween Surprise, Bette Midler, Janelle Monae and Shakira Shake Up the Costumes – California Rocker

Brian May looked magic, Jeremy Scott put a werewolf app on his face and Jason Mraz gathered some green balloons. In one of the most adorable pics out there Lisa Loeb put some intergalactic buns on her ears to be a modern-day princess Leia of Star Wars. Rob Irwin, the spitting image of father Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter also kept in the Star Wars theme with his adorable pug by his side, Jamaican icon Shaggy hit the Clippers game, actress Veronica Falcone donned witchy garb, and rocker Steve Vai and his wife were pirates. Check out the Instagram pics from all the costumed rockers and celebs: