19 November 2019 18:41

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Channel 5's first ever original drama Cold Call is off to a great start and fans have already begun sharing their theories online - with some claiming a main character might not be as innocent as he seems. The psychological thriller, which aired for the first time on Monday night, is a gripping exploration of how far one woman - played expertly by Sally Lindsay - will go to protect her family after losing her life savings in a telephone banking scam. The series opener introduced the scam victims and teased that there is so much more to the characters than they are letting on. In the show, Sally plays June Clarke, a hard-working single mum, with grandchild one the way, who is targeted in a phone scam. June joins a self-help group where she meets another victim Des, played by Daniel Ryan.

Cold Call fans are convinced Daniel Ryan's character Des is secretly trying to scam June

Line of Duty's Paul Higgins also appears as June's suspected perpetrator. However, some viewers are convinced that Des, who seems hell-bent on helping June, is in fact the scammer and that Kirk, another character, is his new victim. As the show aired, one user tweeted: "Think Des has his own agenda here. Something a bit odd about him." Another added: "Really enjoyed #ColdCall tonight with the lovely @sally_lindsay. Couldn't look at the screen during the last 5 minutes as I was too scared however I have a bad feeling about Des. I think he's in on it." "Is Des a scammer and Kirk is his next target..... #twist #coldcall," said a third. Standard Online were among reporters who got a sneak peek at the series and the show's creators also revealed why it was so important to make. Cold Call is the broadcaster's first collaboration with UK-based production company Chalkboard TV and is written by Karyn Dougan-Buckland and Mark Buckland. Series producer Mike Benson explained that Chalkboard's previous work with factual content informed how it "structured and budgeted the production." "It was actually quite interesting. I think Channel 5 wanted to partner with us because we were young and scripted, and because of our factual background," he said. "We met a lot of people in the drama world and we told them our budget and they were like there's no way you can pull it off. "I think the things we have done in documentaries really informed how we structured and budgeted the production, we did almost half of it as a more full-fact drama and the other half of it as almost more of a documentary team." Lindsay revealed that although the series is fictional, she was a target of a phone scam just a week before she signed up to star in the drama. She explained: "I got a call from what I thought was the gas board. This guy was telling me because I hadn't paid the bill, I was going to be given a county court judgment and be cut off. "Even though I knew it was paid, I was listening and half of me was believing him. "Then the doorbell rang and there was someone at the door so I said, 'I'll ring you back...' and the line went dead." Cold Call is the first of three new drama productions which Channel 5 previously revealed were in the pipeline. Earlier this year, Ben Frow, their director of programmes, said he was hoping to release between six and eight dramas a year, adding that he was "very willing to be experimental with directors and writers." Cold Call returns on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5.