20 July 2020 18:30

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Chester Bennington Anniversary: Fans Show Love For Former Linkin Park Singer Three Years After His Death

His most prominent work was as the lead vocalist for Linkin Park, but he was also known for fronting the bands Grey Daze, Dead by Sunrise, and, intermittently, Stone Temple Pilots. The singer/songwriter and musician has been frequently named as one of the greatest rock vocalists of his generation, owing largely to his unique vocal style that blended his tenor range with belted screams that helped seal him as the voice of a generation filled with anguish and in desperate need of catharsis. Bennington first came to the attention of rock fans worldwide in 2000 with the release of Linkin Park's debut album 'Hybrid Theory', which, in 2005, was certified Diamond and became the best-selling debut album of the decade. Singer Chester Bennington of Linkin Park performs onstage during Rock in Rio USA at the MGM Resorts Festival Grounds on May 9, 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images) In honor of Bennington's legacy, here are five songs from the singer during his time with Linkin Park that reveals his brilliance as both a singer and a songwriter. The song, along with equally gut-wrenching tracks like 'Nobody Can Save Me' off the same album, would go on to have an even larger impact following Bennington's death, owing largely to their hopeful message that seemed to imply Bennington was not giving up, neither on his fans nor himself.

This track featured on Linkin Park's 2007 album, 'Minutes to Midnight', and had Bennington share his hope that whenever his "time comes", people would be willing to forgive him for his wrongs and instead, hold on to only the good memories. Paired with the track 'Shadow of the Day' off the same album, which revolves around a person who is near-death and the ones they leave behind coming to terms with the loss, makes for a truly bittersweet way to remember one of the greatest artistes and albums of all time. The song that many Linkin Park fans cite as the one that picks them up when they're down, 'Somewhere I Belong' featured on the band's 2003 album, 'Meteora', and was built on themes of isolation, anger, frustration and beyond. These were emotions listeners instantly connected with, but when paired with Bennington's vocals, they really seemed to strike an entirely different chord and made fans feel heard and like they finally belonged somewhere. The song, along with the rest of the 'Meteora' album, would seal Linkin Park as one of the greatest writers of their genre, with the ability to connect with fans on a level most artistes could only dream of.

This is, ultimately, a song about letting go and moving on, and while it was a perfect response to those hating on the band's musical direction, it also serves as a great reminder of what Bennington and Linkin Park truly stood for. Another track off 'Meteora', 'Breaking The Habit' is arguably one of the band's most popular songs ever. People are sharing an old Chester Bennington tweet slamming Donald Trump on the third anniversary of the Linkin Park singer's death. The tweet resurfaced shortly after Trump was met with backlash for retweeting a campaign video featuring the Linkin Park song 'In the End'. Fans are praising Linkin Park for taking action against the video.

However, now when we think of Linkin Park, we can simply not shake off the thought of the tragedy that struck this band on 20th July, 2017: Lead singer of the band, Chester Bennington lost his life to suicide. KEY POINTS Fans remember Linkin Park's former vocalist on his death anniversary Series of messages paying tribute to Chester Bennington had been tweeted Linkin Park fans pay tribute to its former vocalist, Chester Bennington, on the day of his 3rd death anniversary. "What am I leaving when I'm done here?" is a line from Linkin Park's "Leave Out All The Rest." Released in 2008, the lyrics of the song has captivated a lot of people as it spoke the story of a man looking for redemption. Magazine that the song was "supposed to feel like an apology letter" from a man who's moving on and wanted people to remember the good things he has done instead of the bad ones, Songfacts reported. On the 3rd anniversary of Bennington's death, Linkin Park's fans paid tribute to its former vocalist on Twitter.

Linkin Park reportedly went on hiatus following the death of Bennington but their songs continued to live on. A total of 266 musicians from 35 different countries covered Linkin Park's legendary song, "In The End," on May 5 to 21. Linkin Park's "In The End" became so widely popular until now that even the White House featured the song in their campaign ad. It was earlier reported that Twitter disabled the said video retweeted by President Donald Trump. Fans are remembering the former frontman of the rock band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, on the third anniversary of his death, Republic World reported.

The singer died by suicide on July 20, 2017, at 41 years old. Three years on, Linkin Park fans are expressing their love for the musician. Fans took to Twitter to discuss how much the Linkin Park singer meant to them. An inspiration, we lost Linkin Park's singer, Chester Bennington," one fan tweeted. NME reported last year that the band is not looking to replace Bennington with another singer. The band has not released new music since their 2017 album, One More Light, which was released two months before the frontman's death. The band was originally called Xero, and then briefly Hybrid Theory, before settling on Linkin Park shortly after Bennington joined. Linkin Park is best known for hits such as "In the End," which was on their debut album, as well as "Numb," "One Step Closer," and "Leave Out All the Rest." Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that Linkin Park's management team requested their song "In the End" is to be removed from an election campaign video for President Donald Trump.