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MORE than seven million people have been told to evacuate in Japan as the powerful Typhoon Hagibis hit the country with the heaviest rain and winds in 60 years. The typhoon has maximum sustained winds of up to 111mph and up to 30 inches of rain could be unleashed before it blows out to sea. 19 A destroyed house and vehicle are seen following a strong winds in Ichihara, Chiba, near Tokyo Credit: AP:Associated Press 19 A policeman watches information about Typhoon Hagibis on a display at Shinjuku railway station in Tokyo Credit: EPA 19 Homes in central Japan were flooded after Typhoon Hagibis made landfall Credit: Reuters 19 Surging waves crash into the shoreline caused by Typhoon Hagibis Credit: EPA Shortly before the typhoon made landfall a 5.7-magnitude earthquake was centred in the ocean off the coast of Chiba, near Tokyo. The storm has already claimed two lives, including a a man in his forties died when his car overturned in a tornado east of Tokyo and five others were injured when gales tore the roofs off a number of homes. More than 60 people have been injured across the country.

Japan Typhoon Hagibis – SEVEN MILLION ordered to evacuate homes as deadly 111mph typhoon barrels into Japan – The Sun

Typhoon Hagibis has led to more than 370,0000 homes to lose power, according to public broadcaster NHK. Pictures from today show Japan's Rugby World Cup players wading through a flooded stadium in Tokyo. The team was forced to leave the stadium ahead of their match with Scotland. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued the highest alert level for 12 regions, including Tokyo, warning of amounts of rain that occur only once in decades. Agency official Yasushi Kajihara said: "Be ready for rainfall of the kind that you have never experienced. "Damage from floods and landslides is likely taking place already. "It is critical that people take action urgently to protect their lives and the lives of loved ones." DEADLY STORM Kajihara said people who live near rivers must take shelter on the second floor or higher of any sturdy building if an officially designated evacuation centre wasn't easily accessible. Several people were missing in a town near Tokyo after a landslide destroyed two houses, NHK said. The rough weather has caused 1,600 flights to be grounded, while shops and factories have also been closed. Weather models project the monster storm will continue on a north-westerly path towards as it made landfall this morning. Nobuyuki Tsuchiya, director of the Japan Riverfront Research Center, said Tokyo, where 1.5million people live below sea level, said residents are at risk of storm surges. He said: "We are heading towards high tide. If the typhoon hits Tokyo when the tide is high, that could cause storm surges and that would be the scariest scenario. "People in Tokyo have been in a false sense of security." Hagibis, which means "speed" in Filipino, was advancing North with maximum sustained winds of 111mph, according to the meteorological agency. The deadliest Typhoon to hit Japan was Typhoon Ida, known as the "Kanogawa Typhoon" in 1958 where it killed more than 1,000 people. Rugby World Cup matches have also been changed for October 12 and 13. England vs France in Yokohama is among those to be called off, with Sunday's matches still under consideration. MOST READ IN WORLD NEWS 'NO KID SHOULD BE HUNGRY' Teacher cries as boy's question reveals reality of child hunger BIRTHDAY ATTACK Dad 'raped daughter on 13th bday as "present" as he couldn't afford gift' 'BURN IT WITH FIRE' Terrified woman finds huge spider the size of SAUCEPAN in her house LURED TO HIS DEATH Mum charged with murdering boy, 18, 'who raped her 6-year-old daughter' TIGHT SHIP Cruise liner squeezes through tiny canal in Greece with just INCHES to spare But Scotland are hoping they are still able to play Japan in Yokohama on Sunday, with a quarter-final spot up for grabs. New Zealand secured their place in the next round after their match against Italy - who still had a chance of progressing but now miss out - was cancelled. 19 Typhoon Hagibis has flooded roads in Tokyo Credit: Reuters 19 A man fights with his umbrella against strong winds at a crosswalk in Tokyo Credit: AP:Associated Press 19 A man battles with his umbrella while walking near Osaka Station Credit: Reuters 19 This weather map shows the impact of Typhoon Hagibis will have on Japan as it moves in a north-westernly direction Credit: Japan Meteorological Agency 19 The purple on the map shows the areas of Japan that are under an 'emergency warning' as the typhoon has made landfall Credit: Japan Meteorological Agency 19 Homes have been left destroyed by Typhoon Hagibis in Ichihara, Chiba in Japan Credit: AFP 19 Rescue teams go through a flooded residential area in central Japan Credit: Reuters 19 Vans are left partially submerged during floods ahead of the typhoon making landfall Credit: Reuters 19 People watch from the second floor of their homes the Isuzu River overflows Credit: AP:Associated Press 19 Japan's rugby team were forced to walk through floodwaters ahead of their match with Scotland Credit: AP:Associated Press 19 Japan's rugby team player Jiwon Koo, carries teammate James Moore in a flooded walkway head of Typhoon Hagibis Credit: AP:Associated Press 19 A player from Japan's national rugby union team balances while attempting to pass through floodwater at Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium in Tokyo Credit: Reuters 19 One rugby player makes a run for it in the floodwater Credit: Reuters 19 Another players tries to walk on the benches inside the stadium Credit: Reuters Typhoon Hagibis - Japan Rugby World cup team forced to wade through flooded stadium Super Typhoon Hagibis is fast approaching Japan with disruption to the Rugby World Cup and Japanese F1 Grand Prix threatened What is the difference between a cyclone, typhoon and hurricane? 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